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Mt. Everest Anyone?

Romi posted updates on the post Cho Oyu climb activities and he has an open invitation for all for those who want to try a 20,000ft Nepal Trek sometime in April/March. Here’s the excerpt:

“I’ll be organizing an ‘open climb’ next year for anyone who wishes to try a good trek in Nepal or, experience an alpine climb (20,000ft mountain). Beginners or advanced mountaineers (climb), or office-slaves (trek) are all welcome to join in. Maybe around April or March. Email me if you’re interested ([email protected]). I’ll switch to a different Blog site to cover these next scheduled climbs.” – Romi Garduce

I’ve been contemplating about it but with Aidan still young, it might be difficult. My friend John and Ching tried it and here is there experience: Back from Trekking.


My Winning Badminton Strategies

Finally after years of joining competitions, I won a championship during the recently concluded Hataw Busko 2005. We are the Sophomores B1 Level champions! (Sophomores is an age bracket for early 30s, and B1 is the 2nd to the highest level in the bracket with level A as the highest) For badminton addicts out there, I’m sharing my winning badminton strategies in this post.

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Vegetarians don’t eat Steak :(

I heard a lot of raves about the novelty of eating beside a petron station but I’ve never tried it and probably never will. I’m a vegetarian for 2 weeks now (yes, you heard me right) and I can only read reviews about it. Particularly interesting is Firefly | Zephyr’s review of Everything @ Steak. If my vegetarian experiment works, I don’t mind missing raving about this steak. 2 more weeks…

Mt. Pinatubo

Paying due respect to the Death March Heroes.

I’m ashamed that I did not realized the significance of the Capas National Shrine until I came back and googled it. This is another reason I’m going back to Mt. Pinatubo to pay my due respect to the men who defended our country in Bataan and suffered in the death march. If you know the story, you won’t hesitate to pay the P10 entrance fee/ person and a P20 parking fee and to drive closer to the monument.

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My Wellness Journey

The Mt. Pinatubo Spa Experience

There are only a few write ups about this 7 month old spa owned by a Korean and mostly ad or press releases. I’ll give you the real score on what this is and what this is not. I have a few learnings that I want to share with you so that if you consider to visit this place, you are more prepared on what to expect.

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Can you share a secret place or experience in the Philippines?

Most of the stuff that I post here in my blog come from raves of people about the great experiences they have or secret places or personal scoop on the Philippines. I’ve never run out of ideas, places and restos to visit and the Philippines never fails to surprise me in a lot of ways. I’ve never hesitated to share this secret out in my blog and it would be our secret 🙂 I’m never fond of places that are hyped up or the mainstream restaurants because they are already there and a lot of people knows about it. I’m looking for virgin places, places or restos yet to be discovered, experiences that makes you happy.

Everyone has their own secret place, experience or personal scoop about the Philippines. Can you share it with us?


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