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[Unique.Stores.5] Exciting Vintage Shopping @ Marni’s Room

Maarni’s Room – 11, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This vintage shopping trend was started by the
I love You Store and I’m now sharing another secret Vintage shopping place called Marni’s Room. This is the fifth in the series of unique stores in Manila, and we loved this store even though most of the stuff are pre-owned, some are on consignment basis. The fashion dresses are carefully selected by designer Louis Caparol and his business partner Bobby Carlos ( thanks to Jenni Epperson’s Shopper Keeper article for the lead on this) . Louis is very hospitable and you can really take time selecting the dresses, and to top it off he serves drinks sometimes beer if you go late at night or “early” in the morning. This redefines the concept of a shopping gimmick. So where is this place? Who is Marni?

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Queens: Best Indian/Fusion Food I Tasted in a Long Time!

Queens, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

When Queens opened along Jupiter St. in Makati, there was a lot of buzz about how great the food and a bit on the pricey side. It has a fine dining atmosphere, that is not intimidating, and perfect for that dinner conversation with friends. I’m glad Vivian and Marge treated the entire barkada to a Sunday Dinner treat at Queens! It was a perfect dinner event for that priceless reunion with friends.

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Shopping Secrets

[Unique.Stores.4] Souk Gallery Surprise

Unique Stores, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I will not attempt to describe what is in store for you in Souk Gallery. Much has been written about this off mall store, and its unique fashion finds are enough reason to visit their two stores. One in Ortigas (covered in this post) and the other one in Estrella in Rockwell.

Lets just say that my wife loves the trendy outfits and I’m glad she think twice about buying it — Aidan’s clothes vs. a trendy christmas dress ? 🙂 You pay the price for getting unique fashion but this is one store that you should check out this Christmas season. Let the photos do the talking, here’s a virtual tour of the Souk Gallery.

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5 Foodie Reasons to go to Tiendesitas

tiendesitas – 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I’ve never been fond of Shopping Malls and Tiangge’s because (1) they are waste of time, (2) expensive since their retail prices are not direct from the source, and (3) it is not unique since anybody can get it. Tiendesitas is no exception, which means “little stores” located along Ortigas corner C-5 and has been in operation for 3 months now. It is owned by Ortigas and Company Ltd (same owner as greenhills shopping center), and it is envisioned to be the Chatuchak equivalent of the Philippines. This three (3) hectare flea market mall area is part of the bigger 2 billion, 18.5 hectare Fontera Verde Development which would also houses an Super SM Hypermarket and MC Home Depot in the future. You can go here for Fashion, Food Delicacies, Pet Shops, and Antiques with Free Parking and ATMs available.

So why would I go to Tiendesitas where the prices are touristy expensive, and each visit would be a workout in the gym ? They are living up to their equity of being able to acquire the True Taste of Pinoy and here are five reasons why…

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Beat Ateneo, ANIMO Lasalle!

Lasalle Ateneo Nightmare Games?!

Lasalle Ateneo Dream Game 2005, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

It was so painful to watch it that you got to wake up from the dream. The dream game that you don’t want to remember and one of the worst Ateneo-LaSalle game that I’ve seen.

First the facts, the games ended in a split. In the legends game, Lasalle won 63 to 59 of Ateneo with Sta. Maria 15pts and Jong Uichico 14pts leading the Lasallian Legends. In the All stars, Ateneo won finally at 88 over La Salle’s 85 led by Fonacier at 28pts, and Villanueva with 27 pts. including the game winning 3 points shot with 1s left in the game. You can say its good karma for Rico who was punched by Yeo earlier and shot the game winning 3 points.

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Sunset View

Equinox Sunset View, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Magnificent view of Singapore dusk taken from the tallest building in Singapore 🙂 I’m glad I had the chance to eat in Equinox Restaurant in Swissotel The Stamford. I’ve been traveling the whole week so I’ll leave you with this photo from my travel 🙂


[Unique Stores.3] The Little Chinese Store

Little Store – 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This store has been in operation for 5 years, and going strong with a loyal following of its yummy P40 chinese lumpia. This is an oriental store that serves canteen style chinese food with lumpia as the “killer” food that draws dine in and take out guests. This is my first time (can you imagine that) to visit this store which my wife’s family raves about because of its assortment of oriental goodies and seasoning. Although, according to my wife, her grandmother’s lumpia is still a lot better and more delicious than the Little Store’s version. Here is a peak at the Little Store in Greenhills.

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My Wellness Journey

The Neo Spa Experience

The Neo Spa Experience, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Finally, we were able to try out Neo Spa in their original place in Greenhills — Thanks to Jay and Portia 🙂 This is our first time in Neo Spa, and we tried out the Zen Bodywork — Neo Spa’s signature massage. For the first time, my wife and I was able to have a spa together and a massage for 90 minutes. If you have a 10 month old son, you know how hard it is to schedule a spa massage together because this would be the last thing on your mind. Here is our experience…

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My Marathon Story

Healing Foods Diet – the best diet so far

pyramidmed, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Thanks for my brother for pointing me out to the Healing Foods Diet. We had a debate on vegetarian vs. atkins/ south beach diet and the best diet was a good compromise using University of Michigan’s Healing Pyramid. My brother was a die hard atkins/ south beach diet practitioner for more than a year and I’m on my first month of vegetarian experiment. Also, Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live follows the same principle and will migrate to this diet in 2006 🙂 So far with eating 95% vegetarian, I feel good and light 🙂 I bowel more regularly these days, although I’m able to just maintain my weight.

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