43 Things We Love About Brobo!

Dearest Kuya Yin,

Even though you are far far away,
It feels like you are only an arms away,
Your laughter, kindness, and personality,
Are always remembered by your friends & family.

Happy Birthday! Hope you love our gift below!

43 Things We Love About Brobo!


How to beat the free account limits in Flickr!


Uploading 100+ pictures / month even with a 10MB bandwidth limit!
A free account in flickr is limited with a 10 MB monthly upload (bandwidth) limit which refers to the amount of bytes you upload to flickr and not the amount of disk space. So any pictures you upload in flickr is already included in your 10MB limit even if you delete the pictures in your flickr account. But after each month, you’ll get a 10MB again.

The way to beat this limit is to resize all your photos to 800pixels in size before uploading it to your flickr account. This should be OK since you would only want to show the pictures via the web and not really print it. Also, a free account assumes that you keep your original sized pictures in your hard disk. I use Picasa 2 to resize a batch of pictures to 800 pix in size. Download Picasa here , then once installed just select the all the pictures you want to resize, click on export and in the image size option: resize to 800 pixels. Here is a proof of concept of uploading 100 pictures with only 84% of the bandwidth used for the month –>

Use the Power of Tags to classify your pictures instead of using sets.
A free account is only limited to 3 photosets, so if you want to survive and have more classification of photos — use Tags. Here is the tags I use to classify my pictures –> Tags. Remember that the more pictures that are tagged with a tagname, the bigger font it will be. Also, carefully used your sets that can be used with whatever photos you upload. I would recommend naming your set as follows: “my favorites, all about me, all photos.”

Create an “All Photos” set
Photostream views is limited to the 100 most recent images for a free account. But if you want to view all your pictures at one go, create an “All Photos” see all your pictures.

Don’t use flickr free account to store your original image online.
Storage of smaller (resized) images is the default for a free account. So it is useless to upload a 1-2 Meg picture files since you won’t be able to see it. Might as well resize it already. Of course, there’s an upgrade option for the serious ones (like me) who would want to store my original pictures online as backup and for printing later on. For only $42/year, I can store all my pictures online with unlimited disk space with 1gb of bandwidth/mo!

Enjoy these cool flickr groups/tags
1. Squared Circle with Mosaic of Squared Circle
2. Long Line with Mosaic of Long Line
3. In Numerical Order
4. Stick Figures in Peril
5. Street Art
6. Flapface
7. Self Portrait
8. Sunset
9. B&W
10. Ballistics

Here are more power tips on making the most out of flickr
> Upload Bandwidth Usage
> Create an email address for uploading via phone/email
> Create your own flickr address
> Tips for Flickr Beginners [Life Hacker]
> Digital Photo Tips [Life Hacker]


Di and Maong’s Zoobic Detour

Picture 015
Originally uploaded by _Anne.

My friends had a fun time in zoobic and here are the exerpts of their adventure as narrated by Maong:

“As planned, Diwat and I manage to leave my place a little after 5am and was in Pampanga 45 minutes later. Though we missed the first part of the show, we managed to still catch the last few balloons lifting off. Entrance was P100 so a lot of people, including us, opted to watch from the parking lot. Though we did enter the grounds a few minutes after to join Joy and her family. A few hours later, after a BIG breakfast of salted eggs, tomatoes, spam, pampanga’s best, fried eggs, rice and tuna-i think (provided by Joy), we decided to leave the air field and explore north. After exhaustively searching Lonely Planet, we just decided to go zoobic.

Zoobic, is an experience by itself. For those of you who has visited the tiger safari in calatagan a few years before, you’ll be reacquainted with some of their resident tigers and then some. For P295 you will first ride an enclosed jeep inside an enclosed field where you will meet some of the adult tigers. To make them come near the vehicle, one of the guys will lure them with a live chicken. By this time, Diwat and I were screaming at the guy who was baiting the tiger–he was, in our opinion, very sadistic as he was torturing the chicken before the tiger ripped the poor bird in half. After that we went to the serpentatrium then the petting zoo. In the zoo, there was this very interesting bird called cassowary. What makes this bird interesting is that after the female bird lays the egg, she sets off to find another mate leaving the papa bird to take care of the egg.–hmm…..we might not be the most intelligent species after all!

The petting zoo was like avilon but better since some of the animals are free-roaming. After that, we were able to take a picture with an 8-month old tiger cub. And then, we set off to see the tigers that were caged. Apparently, there are 2 groups of tiger in the zoo, they are kept separate because they will kill each other. So after a month the caged tigers are set free at the enclosed field and those who were free are caged.

After the cages, we went to savannah where they keep the ostriches, pot bellied pigs, goats and sheeps. Basically, it is also an enclosed field where all the animals are free-roaming. After a day at the zoo, we were brain-dead. We got a bite to eat, recharged a little and started our way back home. hope you guys can join us the next time around.

>i posted some pictures from our trip at”


Talking Stick, Joy of Fatherhood, RED Valentines

Anton_75k__1One of my resolutions in life is to count my blessings and reflect on life’s lessons. Awesome planet have given me an avenue to reflect on these things and at the same thing hopefully my readers will be able to learn a thing or do.

Talking Stick. I learned a valuable lesson on Friday on emphatizing and seeking first to understand then be understood. Very simple concept that we have learned from 7 habits but very difficult to apply specially in conflict situations. It is very dangerous that we act before we understand a person and this could make a situation blown out of proportion. Last friday, I finally had a chance to talk with my co-worker who I had a word war I. We used a talking stick approach to settle our big misunderstanding and it helped alot. I learned so much about her and how I totally misjudge and misread her. I learned the extreme value of communication and the lack of it. Listening to her exhaustively until she gives me the talking stick was very powerful because I was force to learn and absorb whatever she is saying. When it is my turn to talk, I would have the right to talk my heart out without the fear of being rebutted in the middle of what I was saying as long as I have the talking stick. I came out of the dialogue, an enlightened man and I thank God for giving me this blessing.

The Joy of Fatherhood. My life changes as soon as Aidan was born into our lives. You’ve probably heard of the cliche more than once but its different when you experience it. The joy of becoming a father is when you see your son smiling, hugging you, looking at you, or stops crying everytime you carry him. He becomes a priority and going out with friends becomes less but you don’t miss it that much. The best part of my day is when I get to spend some time with my son and during the time that he would sleeps on my chest. I’m soo excited to see him grow up and so that we do fun things together. I can’t wait.

RED Valentines. This year’s valentines is not only RED with roses but also RED with blood as three bombs detonated in a bus traveling edsa under the LRT station in Ayala, one in Davao and another one in Gen Santos. Just when the Philippines is starting to enjoy a 19th month low of 54.56 exchange rate to a dollar, this situation could affect again all our efforts to rebuild a good image for our country. Thank God, we celebrated V-day at home this year with my wife, son, lolo popc and lola momc.


Finding my first Geocache in Philippines!

Geocaching is the widely popular, high-tech game of treasure hunting. This is really interesting and I’m really curious what can you find in the Geocache in the Philippines. Of course, you need to have a high tech gps gadget to solve the treasure clues –> GPS Map/Receiver . I’ve checked the cost and it’s like owning a brand new cellphone which costs about $500. In the US, this is a very mature sport where you can use Geocache, Google Maps, Terraserver to help you in your treasure hunting.

I do hope I can find people who are also interested in this type of sport. This is also a good idea for team building, hmmn…


The 43 Things Challenge! Getting things done in a collaborative & fun way.

Let’s make our life exciting and fun with the help of each other! As the cliche goes, life is short and we have so much things to do and so little time. Maybe, just maybe with the help of each other, we will be able to accomplish our goals in life. The challen43thingsge goes like this, post 43 Things that you want to accomplish this year at and by the end of the year, who ever was able to accomplish the most tasks wins a surprise gift! Here are three (3) simple principles for this challenge:
1. The things to be accomplished should be meaningful and worthwhile.
2. We should collaboratively help each other to accomplish each other goals by positive reinforcement and encouragement.
3. We respect each individual’s integrity, sincerity, and honesty.

So that we can keep track of people who wants to join in the challenge, please post your interest to join the challenge in the comments, leave your email address so that we can include you in the [email protected].

Link: anton on 43 Things.


I want to die a meaningful death- The Tumour Diary by Ivan Noble

This is a very touching story. It is not because of the 2 years he was blogging about his battle with cancer but because of the impact it created on other people. As I read on the comments, you would cry with how Ivan was able to touch other people’s life. He died last January and you can read his online diary in BBC –> Ivan Noble’s Tumour Diary

I want to die the same meaningful death as Ivan by touching people’s life in more ways than one.


Be a better person via 43 Things- Awesome Site!

Awesome! I love the net and stuff like keep me hooked and addicted into the “new” internet. With the help of other people, you can actually be inspired to accomplish the things you want to do in life. I’ve already posted 20 Things that I need to do in life and I plan to come up with my 43 things. My top 10 things to do are part of my mission in life and will be my lifelong pursuit. This is my journey to complete my 43 things. Thanks to the robot co-op and keep it up, guys! Try it out for youself. Article on Tagging the web and 43 Things


Life’s lesson in Self Denial

Anton_75k_As I was listening to the gospel, last ash wednesday 5:30pm mass, the following verses struck me:
Jesus said to his disciples, “Take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them; otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly father.” When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, to win the praise of others. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing, so that your almsgiving may be secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you. (Matthew 6:1-6)

This was reinforced by Father Bernie in his homily and said that the ultimate sacrifice for lenten season is self-denial. Deny yourself with burst of pride, thoughts of revenge, and urge to say bad words to other people.

I had the ultimate test of self-denial today. One of my co-worker in the office put me to the tests. She said alot of bad things in email to my co-workers, my boss, and other people that it started a Word War I between us. I cannot take the libelous accusations, character assasination, and personal harrassment that she is doing to people and now to me. My dark side is telling me to fight back, return all her accusations with words like “bitchy”, “evil one”, and “sales witch”. Specially during occasions where she would ignore my attempts to reach out to her. I wanted to fight back and I was already planning a revenge plan for the next few months. Indeed, this was an ultimate test of self denial for me. I’ll pray that He would guide me to the right way to handle the situation and that He enligthen my colleague to have an open mind and heart so that we can have a chance to reconcile. I learned a big lesson today — deny yourself and do it in secret.


Warning! My CRV Spare Tire was Stolen!

Warning_2WARNING! I know that some of you in one occasion or another will be trying to visit us in our condo at Taft Ave. Last Sunday, my brother parked his car directly in front of the building directly right across the street. When he came back to his car after a few hours visiting Baby Aidan in our condo, he found the spare tire of his CRV stolen! He asked around and of course nobody knew who took it and we even asked the guards.

As a learning experience, here are some tips when parking in condos such as ours:
1. Park directly in front of and on the side of the road where condominium is.
2. If you have to leave your car, ask the guard to keep an eye of your car.
Please be careful, and this reminded us that there are evil people lurking around in the streets.

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