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Quezon Culinary Series 8: Sariaya’s Ancestral Houses

Great Ancestral house and a cultural highlight for the tour :)

After eating soo much already at this point, we were looking forward to the Tagayan that Tina promised us in this ancestral house. I’m not really fan of old buildings or structure but I was quite impressed with how this ancestral house was maintained. Of course, the tour guides who just comes in just for us was dressed in barong and saya which transports you back in time.

I let the pictures of this ancestral house to do the talking of how it feels like to be in that house. Frankly, there’s a creepy feel to it, and I cannot imagine living in this house 🙂 This reminds of La Cocina de Tita Monings house. Too bad, they are not serving food inside the house though– if ever food is arranged it is at the back.

The interesting part of the house is the cellar which is where the people would hide from Japanese and there are clothes, beds, and products from that era. Check out the old bottles of consumer products during that time from old coca cola bottles, to baby oil, etc.

The great part is the escape from the cellar as you can see my brother is escaping through a narrow opening 🙂


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Quezon Culinary Series 7: Super Delicious Lunch @ Kamay Palaisdaan

Ang sarap sarap! Really super delicious lunch :)

I do not mean to use alot of superlatives but this is how we felt about the food. It’s alot better than Exotik Restaurant in Laguna. But you need to make sure you have a reservation specially during lunch time. You eat in kubo huts in the middle of a fish pond where there are lots of Tilapia.

Our lunch started with a serving of fresh buko juice and we were glad that all the food was pre-ordered by Tina 🙂 She ordered fresh tilapia, spare ribs and ginataang kuhol — all of them was very delicious. I can’t restrain myself from eating the spare ribs or the ginataan sauce or the fresh tilapia. Truly superb in all aspects and this is the perfect lunch I imagined in a culinary tour of Quezon province. Lastly, the dessert was equally good — it’s like inipit made out of flour and pumpkin with sweet sauce.

At this point, we are all satisfied and we are starting to feel that the tour was worth it. But the best is yet to come 🙂


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Quezon Culinary Series 6: Quezon Sidetrips

There were a few sidetrips along the entire tour which are worth noting:

Pahiyas Samut Sari, Lucban
Buying pahiyas inspired products is perfect during offseason. We bought a weaved pandan throw pillow worth P120.

Graceland Estates & Country Club, Tayabas, Quezon
It’s has a nice clubhouse, sports facilities and amenities plus the main attraction of man made lagoon. All in the heart of Tayabas, Quezon.

Earth Keeper’s Garden, Tiaong, Quezon
Nice and cozy country feel ambiance. Worth noting is the dining area amidst the forest — really nice.


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Quezon Culinary Series 5: Kamay ni Hesus better than Field of Faith?

This one is really really awesome healing church and rosary hill!

This is one of the places that I would surely go back. This shot is taken while it is raining outside so we did not have a chance to savor the beauty of the place. When we are approaching Kamay ni Jesus, we just saw Jesus Christ statue on top of the mountain. Later we realized that it was a rosary garden where you have to climb 200+ steps as you pray the different rosary mysteries. As you can see in the bottom, there is the last supper and on top, the crucifixion. The Field of Faith never came close to the beauty of this rosary hill.

Kamay ni Hesus features a healing church with Fr. Joey Faller giving a healing mass every Monday and Saturday 9.30am. Approximately the place is just around for a year but there have been some pilgrimage already to this place. When we arrive there are still alot of construction going on in the parking lot. This is still in Lucban and would definitely be in our next itinerary when visiting Lucban.



A Fresh Resto in Glorietta — Heaven & Eggs!

Not something to rave about but at least a new resto in Glorietta !

When I was passing by for lunch to Modern China in Glorietta yesterday, I happen to pass by and see heaven & eggs opened already. I guess it is opened for just a week and this is the 2nd branch of this resto chain by the same owner of the Red Crab chain. The 1st branch is in Tomas Morato and there are always alot of people lining up similar to this Glorietta branch during lunch time (located beside bread talk)

Fortunately today, the IDS team had a scheduled birthday treat for me 🙂 Its been a tradition that the bday boy is treated (for free) during lunch time by the team to a resto of his choice. So this was a chance to check out this interesting resto. The reason I wanted to eat here is that I missed Country Waffle’s Angus Tapa and I know that Heaven & Eggs serves this kind of food as well.

Upon entering the resto, you are welcomed with winged waiters, wall of clouds and these swinging chairs similar to Herrick’s. The menu really feels like country waffles where in fact, they serve small pancakes as complimentary. The star in the menu is the P230 Angus Tapa or the P205 Angus Burger which I ordered. After the meal, I did a quick poll if the food is worth raving about or if it really taste anything special — consistently, it is just OK. I’m expecting alot more given the price but looking for a killer taste for their Angus. (But I guess my expectations where a lot higher) But I’m glad that it was a bday treat where I enjoyed my Angus for free 😀

Thank you very much for all my office mates who joined for the lunch treat: Noel, Chris, Carlo, Susan, Zandro, Daniel, Kats, Candy, Andie, Meann, Karen, Jayan, Christian 🙂 Thanks alot guys!!


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Quezon Culinary Series 4: The secrets of Kiping & Longganisa Luban

Now I know how to make it…

After breakfast, we went on the culinary demo by Milada Dealo Valde (Ka Mila), owner of the koffee klatch and head of the Quezon provincial tourism council. Did you know that Kiping is made from Rice Galapong and can be eaten like kropek? Yes, it can be fried or grilled and perfect with a vinegar dip (see yellow kiping below). We liked the grilled one alot better 🙂 As you can see my focus is still food and not really how to make it. I guess I have admitted to myself that I don’t like cooking so I leave it up to my wife and her friends to figure out how to make it. BTW, kiping is the popular decoration they used during the pahiyas festival and almost all the houses in lucban knows how to do it.

The next demo was about the longganisa lucban or according to Mila, shortanissa because I began to be shorter than they used to make it. She stressed on using no preservative, using oregano, and making sure that it is air dried. Also, according to her, a longganisa without fats would be dry and that it why they still used pork with fats normally the neck part of a pig. My wife had a chance to pack a longganisa and it’s not an easy task — you need to have patience 🙂

Special for my blog readers, I have the recipes for making both so just email me at [email protected]


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