What’s in My Roadwarrior Bag?

I’ve always wanted to do a what’s in your bag post. I want to share with you my roadwarrior essentials:

1. Cath. Blackberry 7100 (Phone with email connectivity)
2. Wilma. Apple Airport ( Portable Wifi)
3. Angelika. Apple Ipod Photo 60GB (Music, Photo and backup needs)
4. Sierra Wireless Aircard 775 / Cisco Wifi Card ( Connectivity anytime anywhere)
5. Sandara. HP Tablet PC TC 1100 ( awesome laptop )
6. Moleskine Reporter Journal ( my idea journal )
7. Katerina. Canon 20D (digital camera — I used a Canon Powershot A400 as a representation 🙂
8. Melissa. Creative Muvo 256 USB Thumbdrive and MP3 Player
9. RSA Secure ID card (connectivity to our company’s network)
10. My blog cards


Awesome Filipinos

Essential Romy Garduce Cho Oyu Links

Romi’s Blogs
Romi’s Cho Oyu Blog
The Road to Everest Blog (by Romi)
Cho Oyu Pictures

News Articles
New Filipino Altitude Record Set by Romi for Climbing Mt. Cho Oyu @ 26,000ft/ 8000m (Awesome Planet)
We are glad you are alive Romi (Awesome Planet)
Garduce’s next stop: Mt. Everest (Manila Standard)
Pinoy reaches peak of 6th highest mountain (Manila Bulletin)
No mountain high enough (yehey)
No Mountain High Enough (Manila Standard)


How much are the pinoy blogs worth?

Just for the fun, I was curious to know how much the popular pinoy blogs would be worth based on Tristan Louis’ valuation methodology using the AOL-Weblogs Inc. allegedly $ 25 Million deal and technorati metrics. Nathan Weinberg also made a benchmark value of his favorite blogs based on $564 per inbound link (based on technorati)

* Engadget: $7.54 million
* Google: $297,000
* Microsoft: $148,000
* Blog Maverick (Marc Cuban): $1.082 million
* Jason Calacanis: $646,000
* Scoble: $6,990,780
* Steve Rubel: $4,290,348
* Jeremy Zawodny: $2,500,212

Pinoy blogs

Yugatech $ 333,888 $ 28,564
Sassy Lawyer $ 234,060
J Spot $ 47,940
Carlos Celdran $ 40,044
Wysgal $ 11,280 $ 14,100 $ 34,404
PCIJ $ 52,452 $ 564 (sigh)

10/26/2005 UPDATED! : Finally there is an automated way to do it!

Check out How Much is your Blog Worth?



“Pinoy 2.0”: The next generation of Global Filipinos

The world is now flat (Thomas Friedman). The playing field is now leveled and Filipinos have access to knowledge-pools and resources the same with any developed country out there. Everyone is connected via the web or the mobile phone and you can instantly converse with personalities and thought leaders all over the world via their email address or via their blogs. Web 2.0 (Tim Orielly) is emerging and Filipinos now have the opportunity to take the lead in this emerging trend. I was inspired by the book 12 Little Things every Filipino can do to Help their Country (Alexander Lacson) and I want to push the concept on what Filipinos can do in a flattened Web 2.0 world (with a little effort of course). I truly believe that if we leverage on our Filipino strengths, learn breakthrough ideas in a flattened world, and develop our capabilities in Web 2.0 emerging trends, then we will become a super power in the knowledge-driven global arena.

What does it take to become a Pinoy 2.0?
1. Establish your Pinoy Identity with a .ph
2. Apply People Power Strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pinoy Sites
3. Learn to speak and read Mandarin
4. Become a Pinoy Netreprenuer
5. Explore the Philippines and be a Virtual Tourist.

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Taal Volcano Crater Experience!

Amazing Taal Volcano Crater!

How can it be soo nice and nasty at the same time? There is a feeling of serenity but also the feeling that you are on the dark side. The mirror lake entices you to come down and flirts with you to hike further down a 1 hour path to the crater lake. Red rocks, blue skies, white clouds, green mountains, dark blue waters welcome you to Taal volcano’s island. You can feel and see the awesome power of the volcano with its steamy rocks and vents that oozes out with white smoke just patiently waiting for the perfect time to erupt.

I’ll be sharing with you more postcards shots of the Taal Volcano and will share in a separate posts on what does it take to get to this place.

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Ming’s Garden: Only for Mums Not for Food

The food is expensive for a canteen style of menu/ serving.

Ming’s Garden is located along the Sta. Rosa Road going to Tagaytay and I’ve always wondered what can you see in this place since it has a big sign along the road. Another Sonya’s Garden? I would save you the trouble of wasting your time checking this place out, if you are looking for mums, and ornamental plants then check this out and this is for you. Don’t go here if you are looking for coffee or culinary treats — please please save yourself the hassle. I’ll tell you why…

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The best view of Taal Lake!

Magnificent Postcards from Taal Vista Lodge

Inarguably this is the best view of the taal lake and the volcano. What makes it soo amazing is that you can enjoy the view less the mass crowd or weekend crowd. It would be good if there was a before and after photo but maybe some of my readers would still have photos of the old taal vista that is packed with people. I love taking pictures of Taal Vista Lodge and here are the postcard shots that hmmn, maybe I can sell them to Taal Vista Lodge as postcards. Check out the rest of the postcard shots.

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Anton’s Awesome Planet — BLOG-O-RAMAed :)

At some point in your blogging career, you know that somehow you have touch some people’s lives and your voice is worth listening to if you get Blog-a-rama-ed by AJ (Annalyn Jusay) blogging @ for Manila Bulletin. She’s becoming the fast defacto authority for blogger profiling in the Philippines. Check out AJ’s appreciative inquiry on Anton’s Awesome Planet in MB’s technews both online and on print this week (10/17/2005). I did not realize that the blog-o-rama’s printed edition would contain half a page of MB’s technews. At least this was a personal awesome moment for me 🙂 Thanks AJ!


On Being Discovered:

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