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Recently I neglected to update Aidan’s blog for two months. I got a lot of complaints not only from my wife but from regular readers of that blog. Finally, I was able to update it and I can’t believe that for 10 straight months I was able to keep up with the volume of pictures at that photo blog. There are a few days in those months that I don’t have any pictures but safely about 90% are covered. Check it out at! Hopefully I can update it until he grows up to update it himself 🙂


Christmas is in the air!

Aside from the chrismas parols that you started to see on the streets and the christmas carols you hear on the radio, have you noticed that it’s getting cooler already? We live in a 10th floor condo and the breeze are cooler now and you could feel that Christmas is in the air ! Got to buy my christmas gifts and avoid that christmas rush 🙂

My P&G Days...

One of the Best Consumer Product Companies in the World

Miguel Paul Riano had a post on “A look into Procter & Gamble” and I would reserve my comments since some of the information in his post is already out dated. Just for instance, P&G now has 21 billion dollar brands with the addition of Gillette billion dollar brands with over $50+ Billion in Sales in 160 countries. It is one of the Top 10 Global Companies by Market Capitalization among which Gillette is #1, Exxon #2, Microsoft #3, with P&G alternates in #7-9 with J&J and Walmart on any given day. His sister’s MBA paper is right on and we have significant advancement already on e-Commerce. I’ll shut up now before I get into conflict with our blogging policies 🙂


Musik Fun @ Kindermusik :)

Aidan started his first fun class @ Kindermusik by teacher Jeannie last Saturday in Greenhills Learning Center. Mommy Rache and Aidan had fun! This was photo heaven for me because of the cute little babies (less than 1 year old). This post is a complete information on what Kindermusik is about.

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#Philippines, Palawan

Next Stop: El Nido, Palawan

We have been planning to go to El Nido Palawan ever since and we are scheduled to go their with Maong/Di and the gang in January. Then came this offer from Ann (one of my blog readers) of a special El Nido Gift Certificate for 3 days/ 2 nights for P14,000/person good for two person already (a lot cheaper than the P17,500). I hesitantly passed on it since we are already set to go in January. The only caveat is that it is only good until Dec. 17, 2005. Let me know if some of you might be interested specially for balikbayans out there who wants to go and explore Palawan before dec. 17.

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Shopping Secrets

Caught in the shopping act!

Gotcha! After 2 hours of shopping, we’ve got 4 plastic bag of clothes, out-of-budget credit card charges, 2 adobo rice toppings lunch packs, and a smiling happy face wife — priceless 🙂 The great garment sale still on going until tomorrow in Meycauyan, Bulacan.


Mama Tina Ristorante – Another Italian Favorite

I love Italian! Specially when I started to try out to be a vegetarian, pizzas became part of my normal diet. I particularly like the Amici de Don Bosco type of pizza, or Bravo’s thin crunchy crust pizzas and I’m looking out for that authentic Italian taste. Here’s another favorite which is Mama Tina Ristorante along Edsa.

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Awesome Filipinos

Mt. Everest Anyone?

Romi posted updates on the post Cho Oyu climb activities and he has an open invitation for all for those who want to try a 20,000ft Nepal Trek sometime in April/March. Here’s the excerpt:

“I’ll be organizing an ‘open climb’ next year for anyone who wishes to try a good trek in Nepal or, experience an alpine climb (20,000ft mountain). Beginners or advanced mountaineers (climb), or office-slaves (trek) are all welcome to join in. Maybe around April or March. Email me if you’re interested ([email protected]). I’ll switch to a different Blog site to cover these next scheduled climbs.” – Romi Garduce

I’ve been contemplating about it but with Aidan still young, it might be difficult. My friend John and Ching tried it and here is there experience: Back from Trekking.


My Winning Badminton Strategies

Finally after years of joining competitions, I won a championship during the recently concluded Hataw Busko 2005. We are the Sophomores B1 Level champions! (Sophomores is an age bracket for early 30s, and B1 is the 2nd to the highest level in the bracket with level A as the highest) For badminton addicts out there, I’m sharing my winning badminton strategies in this post.

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