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Bing Chua’s 4 Hours Massage Therapy

I was not feeling well after the WPO grand finale last Saturday. If you left immediately after the show, you can go home as early as 1am. As for me, we hang around MOA and was able to be home at 3am+ — and I felt kinda sick after that. I’m tired of all the medicines that I took when I was sick last Christmas season so I called Bing Chua and enjoyed an almost 5 hours massage therapy at home. The therapy is a combination of swedish, shiatsu, accupressure, and reflexology from this Taiwan and Canada trained therapist. If I say it was great, this would be an understatement. It was simply an Awesome Massage!! 4+ hours of home service massage for only P600. I’m glad that he is still in town providing the service.

I featured him way back in October 2005: The Best Therapeutic Massage in Town! P500 ($10) for 4 hours of Reflexology Massage! If you plan to get a 4 hours massage, it is best that you have it at the comforts of your home and just rest. Take the day off!

Bing Chua ( 0916-293.0534. 0919-592.5585)


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World Pyro Olympics Finale: China and the Philippines

Helen Sia and friends.

What a grand finale! The China show was colorful and elegant; it is like watching a Fireworks Show directed by Ang Lee. The fireworks keeps on changing colors; it mesmerizes you. It is very graceful… very asian…never boring and each sequence is a thrill to watch. We were situated directly in front of the barge in the special viewing area (P500). I was also with a big group around 25 people all-in-all and it was a mini- Our Awesome Planet EB.

We should be proud of the Philippines and indeed, it was unforgettable. I love our own version of the screeching sperms, slow rocket fireworks, and the finale of hanging lanterns — I have no doubt that we could win in this contest. It was also a perfect time for fireworks portrait and after 5 days of shooting the World Pyro Olympics, I almost mastered the technique. Thank you also to all the Friends of Our Awesome Planet who joined during the WPO finale!

Lennie and Lito

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World Pyro Olympics: Denmark and Canada

The World Pyro Olympics last night was different:

The traffic was easy.
Both fireworks started exactly on time 8pm and 9.30pm respectively.
There were only a few people who watched the show.
Both Denmark and Canada were just standard big fireworks which was disappointing, relatively.
I can’t believe that I left my spare battery so I was not able to take decent firework shots.
Our view was fantastic, directly in front of the barge since we are in the special viewing area.

I’m sure today’s world pyro will be more exciting because everyone is expecting that China’s show will be a prelude to Beijing Olympics Fireworks. Also, we will support our very own as the finale of the entire World Pyro Olympics.

My fearless WPO vote?

People’s Choice would be Germany.
The winner will be:
1. USA
2. China
3. United Kingdom

Check out the view from the special viewing area below…

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WPO Fireworks Photography Tips!

This is it! Last day of the World Pyro Olympics and I know most of you are coming today on the last day of WPO. You don’t have time to experiment on taking firework photos and you got only two chances: One, during the much-awaited China Pyrotechnics show and two, for our very own Philippines Exhibition Show!!

Here are the ultimate tips on Fireworks Photography updated with some of my learnings from the earlier shoots:

1. Bring a tripod. If you are serious in taking clean firework shots, then bring or borrow a tripod. Otherwise, you’ll get blurring, bleeding, or shaking shots of the fireworks.

2. Use Bulb, f8 or f16. For SLR cameras, use manual mode, Bulb settings as your shutter speed, and either use f/8 or f/16 as your aperture. Once you use the Bulb setting, you will have the creative freedom to determine when to close the shutter or not. Use f/8 throughout the fireworks show and start using f/16 during the finale.

3. Learn from overexposed fireworks. A good shot of the fireworks is usually clean and colorful. If your photo came out white, it is overexposed and keep a mental note of these mistakes (how long you exposed it, etc.)

4. Frame with a good foreground. Anybody can take a decent and even by-chance shot of the fireworks. What makes a winning fireworks shot is a good framing and a good foreground. A foreground could be silhouettes, lovers watching the show, people taking photographs, etc.

5. Use ISO 100. I’ve made this mistake a couple times already where I set my ISO to 1600 and all my fireworks shot came as over exposed. Use the less sensitive ISO setting in your camera.

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Passionate about PYRO

World Pryo Olympics Photography Field Lessons and EB – Jan. 12 and 13

Join us on Jan.12 and Jan. 13 and Lets have fun @ the World Pyro Olympics! Here are the details:

We will watch from the Special Viewing Section (P500). The tickets are sold out and we secured a few tickets so please confirm asap!
Via Mare Merienda Food served in the Special Viewing Section.
FREE Photography Lessons on Fireworks Photography by Our Awesome Planet
Get a chance to have your portrait taken with the awesome fireworks as background!
A mini EB with Manila’s famous bloggers including Abe of and many more.
Guaranteed that you would have an Awesome Time @ The World Pyro Olympics!

If you are a photographer, please bring or borrow a Tripod.


Passionate about PYRO

Tips for an Awesome World Pyro Experience on the January 12th and 13th

Exit Traffic after the World Pyro Olympics last Saturday Jan. 7, 2007

There will be lots of people on the 12th, Friday and definitely on Saturday, the last day of the World Pyro. Friday schedule is Denmark and Canada and on Saturday, it would be China and the much-awaited Philippines fireworks show.

1. Don’t park in MOA or near MOA if you want to escape early after the fireworks show. There will be a mass exodus of people and the traffic will be a lot worse since it is a Friday gimmick night and even on a Saturday Night. I’m surprised by people parking in the MOA area and then later on complain of the exit traffic afterwards.

2. I suggest that you park in Blue Wave and HK Sun Plaza. You just walk to Esplanade and Mall of Asia and it is an easy cool walk. Just make sure that you walk with your friends.

3. Bring Water, Flashlight and Extra Clothes if you plan to go near the Esplanade.

The Crowd at MOA and the General Viewing Area on a Sunday.

4. Mobile/ SMS signal can be unreliable within the esplanade area so don’t depend on it. Agree on a meeting place and time with the groups you are going to meet.

5. It would be fun eating while watching the fireworks. Here are suggested restaurants: Highland Steakhouse, Azul, Gerry’s Grill both in MOA and Blue Wave and Josefina / Seaside Macapagal Restaurants.

6. Fireworks usually start at 8-8.30pm and the second one at around 9-9.30pm. On the last day, expect that there will be some delays.

The North Overpass has one of the nicest view of the World Pyro. I think these are tables from Azul restaurant.

7. If you are a photographer, you should be in MOA to get the best spots at around 5-6pm. Most of the people arrive 7pm so avoid this mad rush of crowd.

8. If you are not interested with Fireworks at all, avoid CCP, Roxas Boulevard, and Mall of Asia area. Expect that traffic to last starting from 6pm to 12mn.

9. We need to cheer for the Philippines and support our own! Go this Saturday to support the Philippines and see the much awaited China show which should be a prelude to the Beijing Olympics.

10. Join us on Friday and Saturday, We will be in the Special Viewing Area at P500. I have a few tickets with me and it is already sold out. Email me @ [email protected]

One of the Best View of Fireworks from Highlands Steakhouse because of its elevation and great food.


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Pan Fried Mameng @ Portico 1771, Serendra

There is an email going around about Portico 1771 @ Serendra offering Pan-fried Mameng which is an endangered species. I’m glad that Portico already removed it from their menu and website. Here is the official press release:


After being informed that Napoleon Wrasse, or more appropriately Humphead Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), referred to locally as “Mameng” is an endangered species throughout the Asia Pacific region, Portico 1771 in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City has immediately stopped serving the fish and has taken it off the restaurant’s menu.

As a member of the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants that includes such reputable fine dining addresses as Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo Ortigas, Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 and Sidebar, El Pueblo Ortigas, Portico 1771 takes pride in its dedication to help preserve the environment by consciously prohibiting the sale of protected and endangered species of plants and animals.

The management of Portico 1771 was unaware of Mameng’s endangered status but deliberately removed it from the menu after it got information about the species’ precarious condition. Portico 1771, along with its sister restaurants under the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants, has taken steps to ensure the public that no such oversight takes place in the future. The Chateau 1771 Group reiterates its commitment to the preservation of the environment and its endangered flora and fauna.

Meanwhile, the public is invited to sample Portico 1771’s other culinary delights–a delectable selection of East Asian cookery prepared in the grand haute cuisine tradition. Here, diners are given the option to order individual servings or larger family portions to avoid leftovers. In the true Asian tradition of dining, family members, couples and friends can share and enjoy food that inspires togetherness. This is the essence of Portico’s culinary offering–Global Asian Cuisine that combines the best of Asian and European cooking cultures to bring about feelings of warmth, sharing and goodwill. For reservations and other information, please call us (02)8560581.

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World Pyro Olympics Photo Gallery during the Field Photography Tour

It doesn’t matter if you have a SLR or a point and shoot; or if you have a tripod or not; you can still shoot great firework photos. These are some of the shots from the groups I was with last weekend. If you want to join us on this Friday and Saturday, just email me: [email protected] We plan to go to the P500 special sitting area for the last two days of the World Pyro.

Norman Tiongson

Sir Brian Medina

Jayvee Fernandez (

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[I Love Boutique] The Essential Guide to The Boutique

I Love Room Patio

I miss this favorite spot already at The Boutique. We stayed here for two nights from Dec 30th till the eve of New Year. I would like to share it as my favorites and share with you my Awesome The Boutique experience. The Boutique have only seven rooms with unique features to consider: 6 rooms have Taal Lake view and 4 rooms are located on the second floor. Privacy is very important since the intent is never to leave your room until check out time. The best rooms are the I Love room located in the ground floor with a lovely patio (shown above); the I Lust room where you have a separate bath tub and the most secluded room; and the I Dream room, also located in the second floor but has the best view of Taal lake. (We stayed in the first two rooms and see pictures below).

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