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Balducci Birthday Bash

It was great to capture this photo moment! Thanks to my sister-in-law, Clauds who took this picture — priceless !

Aidan’s Birthday is on January 19– last friday. Coincidentally this falls always within the Sto.Nino celebrations which usually happens on the third Sunday of January. My little Sto. Nino is two years old already and I can’t wait to experience what they call the terrible two stage. We were planning a birthday celebration for him and we thought whether or not to plan a children’s party.

I liked last year’s celebration at Je Suis Gourmand — private and a time when our two families are together once again. I kinda like that setup at the moment, since I’m sure Aidan won’t still remember and appreciate a children’s party. We might just plan a grand celebration on his 4th or 7th year 🙂 I actually told my wife that I prefer to celebrate it with family and if possible to just travel during his birthday. When he is old enough to appreciate disneyland in HK, we might do that on one of his birthdays.

There were two choices for us, the new Tagaytay China Palace Restaurant in MOA or a Balducci Italian Restaurant in Serendra. I preferred the China Palace place but it would be far away from most family members and it was a little bit expensive. When we saw the second floor area of Balducci, we thought that this would be a nice cozy place for the family birthday dinner. A place where Aidan and his cousins can roam around freely without disturbing other customers.

We liked the golden chinese tseongsam that his Sachimpo gave last Christmas. It would have been perfect for China Palace but admittedly, Balducci is relatively cheaper than a chinese lauriat.

Overall, Balducci was not as great as we expected. It was OK for us and we loved the ambiance — very conducive for chit chat and group dinners

Happy Birthday to our Little Sto. Nino, Aidan!! Thanks to all the greetings!! One of these days, he would see and appreciate them. Here is a sneak peek of the Balducci Birthday Bash @ Serendra….

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Awesome Festivals

Wanted: someone who has had a food-borne illness and is willing to share his or her story with Reader’s Digest Asia

Maybe you know someone who fits the profile below…


Dear Mr. Diaz,

Congratulations on your engaging and upbeat blog!

May I request your assistance? I am a freelance writer-editor-photographer who’s writing an article on food safety for Reader’s Digest Asia. It will focus on food-borne illnesses in Asia and how they can be avoided.

And I need to interview someone who has had a food-borne illness (that is, an upset stomach due to microorganisms such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Norovirus, or Vibrio bacteria). There has to be laboratory confirmation that the bum tummy resulted from any of these food bugs.

Would you know of anyone who fits the above description? Please email me or text me.

I’ll be grateful for your help in promoting food safety in Asia.

Thanks and regards,
🙂 Dinna

Passionate about PYRO

Congratulations to UK — 2nd World Pyro Olympics Champion!

Congratulations to UK – 2nd World Pyro Olympics Winner!! Congratulations to China, who won the People’s Choice Award!

Not only did we got the best view last January 7, Sunday of the World Pyro @ Highland Steakhouse, we also witnessed the Champion of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics! Now, the official website of World Pyro Olympics is down so I’m sure most of you are wondering who won during the last World Pyro championship.

Now there was a confusion. In the website, Germany was the first to show their fireworks @ 8pm followed by UK @ 9.30pm. But in the flyers and in the posters, it was UK first and Germany as the last. So now, I am confused which was UK and Germany. I called La Mancha and was told that the flyers and posters were correct. Indeed, the UK show was the most creative one with the awesome finale! They were the ones with the screeching sperms and slow rocket ships fireworks which was imitated by the Philippines as well. See super-exposed shot below and this is the only time I was shooting at 1600 ISO instead of 100 (ouch) .

Congratulations to China for winning the people choice award! I would argue they could have won the contest because of their elegant display and kung-fu like graceful show. Congratulations!!


Awesome Festivals

Memories of Philippine Kitchens

There are the two restaurants I want to feature in the US, one is Cendrilon (www.cendrillon.com) in the Soho District and Bistro Luneta (www.bistroluneta.com) in San Mateo, California. I’m curious that a few readers recommend these places as a must try in the U.S.

So for now, I’ll be contend with reading a book by the owners of the Cendrillon restaurant. I’m intrigue by this book ($23.11 in Amazon) and so far, a perfect 5.0 rating among 9 people in Amazon…

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Opa! Cyma in Greenbelt, Makati!

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Cyma (pronounced as see-ma) is now the hottest place in Greenbelt after it replaced the struggling Magnum bar in the GB2 row of restaurants. At last, you can now hear the greek cheer “Opa!” in Makati; I’m not surprised that this became an instant hit during lunch time for Makati yuppies and during dinner time for the gimmick crowd. The greek fusion food is full of flavor and distinctly different from your usual asian restos. You won’t go wrong from choosing any of the dishes from the menu. Although for a maximum Opa! experience, you should order the flaming dishes which includes the Saganaki – Flaming Cheese and Flaming Mangoes.

Eating in Cyma is always a “flourishing” experience, as they would claim, with lively crowd, funky waiters, delicious and healthy food. The food presentation makes you hungry complemented by very good service-oriented waiters. With the promise of healthy and appetizing food, you can easily overeat with the large servings good for 2 people.

The Bora branch is still the best while the Makati branch suffers from poor ventilation inside the air condition room. Try to eat al fresco or in the second floor or else you will be singing “smoke gets in your eyes” throughout your meal. The prices in the Makati branch is also a little higher with noticeable 10% increase and as much as 25% for the Salad to share. You can easily spend P600/ person if you decide to order one dish for each person. Anyway, the greek dishes are good for 2 persons so better to eat family sharing style with your friends and companions.

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Cyma in Manila!! Opa!!

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Flickristas @ The Jewellery (Ika-2 Banat)

Aidan putting a favorite blue button sticker on Poppa’s photo.

I’m a member of Flickr Philippines, otherwise known as Flickristas. The Flickristas Exhibit @ the 2nd Floor Jewellery in Greenhills is still on-going until January 31. If you happen to be shopping in the Greenhills area, don’t forget to drop by the Jewellery and check out the photo exhibit.

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The Chocolate Lust Happy Valentines Edition!

Choco Lust Valentines Edition by Ange (P550) — Limited Edition

From Ally:

“I love this version of braso. I’ve loved braso since I was a kid and I’ve tried almost all the versions of braso..ange’s is certainly the best!!! Have you tried her choco-lust? It has one layer of flourless chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate ganache. As a chocoholic, I must say that that ange’s choco-lust is divine. Ask her about it!”

Ever since, I read this comment from Ally, I can’t wait to taste this Choco Lust by Ange (see: Frozen Brazo by Ange). We tasted it today and enjoyed having a slice and then another and another slice. What is it with chocolates that you can’t seem to stop eating it even if you feel you are too full to have another bite of that chocolate on your fork?

This heart shape valentines version is innovative and just perfect for the choco-holic lovers. The photo above would have been perfect, if there was an I Love You written on top and it comes with 3 roses from your boyfriend, lover, or even from your husband!

Ange: +63917 8238198

75 Amorsolo Street San Lorenzo Village Makati.


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Shopping Secrets

The Chocolate Sale (Jan. 31-Feb 4)

Some of you have been asking me the next Chocolate Sale and I promised to inform you the moment I get a notice about this sale. So, here it is!

invites you to its End of Season WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE!

Grab jeans, tops, dresses, tees and more… Enjoy 50% to 70% OFF on all items.

From January 31 to February 4, 2007
at 25 S. Santos St. Sto. Rosario, Buting, Pasig City. See you there!

See attached flyer for details. Bring a copy and get a FREE gift.

Genevieve R. Matabang
25 S. Santos St., Sto.Rosario,
Pateros, Metro Manila 1620
Phone: +632-6436993/94
Fax: +632-6414526


My Wellness Journey

Bing Chua’s 4 Hours Massage Therapy

I was not feeling well after the WPO grand finale last Saturday. If you left immediately after the show, you can go home as early as 1am. As for me, we hang around MOA and was able to be home at 3am+ — and I felt kinda sick after that. I’m tired of all the medicines that I took when I was sick last Christmas season so I called Bing Chua and enjoyed an almost 5 hours massage therapy at home. The therapy is a combination of swedish, shiatsu, accupressure, and reflexology from this Taiwan and Canada trained therapist. If I say it was great, this would be an understatement. It was simply an Awesome Massage!! 4+ hours of home service massage for only P600. I’m glad that he is still in town providing the service.

I featured him way back in October 2005: The Best Therapeutic Massage in Town! P500 ($10) for 4 hours of Reflexology Massage! If you plan to get a 4 hours massage, it is best that you have it at the comforts of your home and just rest. Take the day off!

Bing Chua ( 0916-293.0534. 0919-592.5585)


Passionate about PYRO

World Pyro Olympics Finale: China and the Philippines

Helen Sia and friends.

What a grand finale! The China show was colorful and elegant; it is like watching a Fireworks Show directed by Ang Lee. The fireworks keeps on changing colors; it mesmerizes you. It is very graceful… very asian…never boring and each sequence is a thrill to watch. We were situated directly in front of the barge in the special viewing area (P500). I was also with a big group around 25 people all-in-all and it was a mini- Our Awesome Planet EB.

We should be proud of the Philippines and indeed, it was unforgettable. I love our own version of the screeching sperms, slow rocket fireworks, and the finale of hanging lanterns — I have no doubt that we could win in this contest. It was also a perfect time for fireworks portrait and after 5 days of shooting the World Pyro Olympics, I almost mastered the technique. Thank you also to all the Friends of Our Awesome Planet who joined during the WPO finale!

Lennie and Lito

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