Copper / Brass Mask Wearable Art by Filipino Artist Vitty Gutierrez (A Review)

I love this Copper / Brass Mask by Filipino Artist Vincent “Vitty” Gutierrez from Antipolo. Copper material is best known for its microbial properties that kill bacteria and viruses upon contact with the material.

It’s the best gift for Father’s Day that looks cool, functional and can be your memento of the Covid War.

Watch our Awesome! LIVE chat with Vitty himself to share the story behind the copper/brass mask, his first-gen mask, and future copper artwork designs.

Watch 🎥: Copper / Brass Mask Wearable Art by Artist Vincent Gutierrez

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ALBERGUS Salu-Salo & Cusina: Party Trays and Frozen Meals to be Enjoyed at Home!

Missed those dishes you tasted during special celebrations?

Albergus is one of our favorite catering companies that’s been serving the wedding and planning industry for 40 years. Their Food-To-Go (FTG) line has been operating since 2017, offering convenient frozen meals that are easy to store, heat & serve. They are great for sharing (can serve from 1-3 persons, depending on your appetite!). They offer a wide range of choices from Pinoy classics to those favorite menus you get to enjoy during special occasions perfect for  the family.

16 Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines
Website: albergus.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/albergusph

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Best Steak Delivery in Manila! (for Father’s Day in Quarantine)

Make no miSTEAK, and pre-order your dad’s favorite “handa” on his special day!

Here’ a list of Manila’s top steak places…


LA CABRERA is an Argentinian Steakhouse and the Manila branch of Parrilla La Cabrera by Chef de Cuisine Gaston Riveira. Argentinians are best known for their steaks, how they cook it and enjoy it with their signature chimichurri.

Recently they introduced La Cabrera Al Paso, the new signature line of Grill Ready Steaks Pre-Grilled The La Cabrera Way. Using only wooden charcoal, they sear in the flavor and give it that smoky La Cabrera touch. The steaks arrive frozen with easy to follow cooking instructions. Enjoy fresh off the pan, perfectly grilled La Cabrera beef right at home.


How to Order: (8:00am to 5:00pm)

LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar
Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11am-3pm/5:30pm-10:30pm
Mobile: +63 905 290-0703
Facebook: La Cabrera Manila

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Manila’s Best Chefs on Reinvention, Pivoting and What’s Next?

As we start the General Community Quarantine in Manila today, let’s listen to Manila’s Best Chefs and their inspiring stories of hope and resilience in the post-Covid World. It’s an intimate conversation on how to reinvent and pivot your restaurant business, taking those that matter most—chefs, employees and customers—into consideration.

You get to know the different personalities of the chefs and their take on what’s next.


1. Gallery by Chele | AT HOME Story by Chef Chele Gonzales

Watch YouTube Video here: Chef Chele Gonzales

Chef Chele provides his point of view on what’s next in the fine dining scene in Spain, Manila and the world. He walks us through his latest Gallery by Chele | At Home project and shows us how to best experience fine dining at home with his Spanish and Filipino specialties. You’ll learn a lot on how great chefs think in the face of post-Covid world challenges and how they are turning their businesses around during this time.

Related blog post: 10 Awesome Quarantine Date Night Ideas in Manila! (Restaurants)

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Wilbern David: How OAP Made Him Fat and How He Transformed?

Transformation Triumph Thursday features the awesome transformation story of Wilbern David.

This is a special story of an OAP reader who got very fat because of my restaurant recommendations. I felt a bit guilty and some criticize OAP for promoting being fat even to my family. Featuring transformation stories is one way I can give back and inspire foodies to be healthy.

Watch in Facebook: The Transformation Story of Wilbern David
Watch in Youtube: The Transformation Story of Wilbern David

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