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Wig Tysmans – 10 Secrets in Capturing the Money Shot

I learned a lot of practical travel photography stuff from Wigg Tysmans. Although his expertise is portraiture and commercial photography, he is a master of what he calls as “The Money Shot”. I’m sharing with you the secrets that I learned so that you can improve your own photography and take your own “money shot”.

Caluit Island-18

1. The best way to take panoramic shot using your DSLR is to take panning vertical shots. It is easy to stitch vertical shots of the panoramic scene instead of horizontal shots to avoid the vignetting due to the lens.

Coron Tour-51

2. The pictures that you take is a reflection of who you are. Very philosophical but true. Don’t attempt to copy the works of others because you will only be dismayed with the result. Take photos of things that you love and are passionate about.

Wig Tysmanns Travel Photography Workshop-14

3. The best shot is always taken from an elevation. This is a confirmation of what I also learned from Master George Tapan. Always be ready with a stairs. You can call or inquire from the resort / place to check if they have one.

Wig Tysmanns Travel Photography Workshop-8

4. The Magical Hour. The best shots during sunset is taken during the magical hour — 30-45 minutes after the sun sets in the horizon. Always wait for this magical hour and be ready because the lighting conditions change very fast.

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5. Take the shot, have fun and go back for the right lighting condition. This is the right practical approach to travel photography. You need to enjoy and take the shot even when it is not the perfect lighting condition. You don’t know when you will be back in that place again. If you have the chance to go back during the right lighting conditions, then make every effort to do so.

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