Unplan Shinjuku: My First Capsule Hostel Experience in Japan

On all my trips across Japan, I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those tiny yet cool looking capsule hostels that you see all over Tokyo. You know, those small pod-like sleeping spaces that are just big enough to fit a single bed and a couple of your belongings.

Luckily, after our family vacation in Tokyo, I had an extra day and some alone time to spend a night in a popular capsule hostel in Shinjuku.


5-3-15 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 160-0022
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @unplan_shinjuku/
Facebook: UNPLAN Shinjuku
Website: https://unplan.jp/shinjuku

Check out low Unplan Shinjuku rates and availability from their website.

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