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The Birth of Baby JOSHUA XAVIER (A Photo Essay)

The Birth of Baby Joshua Xavier Diaz-37
Finally, Rache gave birth to Baby Joshua Xavier yesterday, November 14, 2007 @ 7.25pm in Makati Medical Center. I’m proud of Rache because she gave birth in a Lamaze way! After 3 push, Baby Josh came out naturally without the swollen look associated with prolonged active labor.

Rache called me at 4pm yesterday and I was in a middle of a couple of meetings. It was totally unexpected because earlier that day, Rache did not mention any contractions. It only started at 3pm and we did not have time to go to Asian Hospital anymore because of the rush hours. I texted Rache that I needed one hour to wrap things up in the office and we agreed to meet in the 4th Floor Delivery Room in Makati Med @ 5pm.

I personally don’t like to give birth in Makati Med but we had no choice. Delivering in Makati Med was like using a desktop PC computer with floppy drives — it is functional and it get things done, but you would not rave about it and you have to be patient with its flaws. In contrast, delivering in Genesis of Asian Hospital was like using a Macintosh with Intel core duo and Leopard OS installed. We gave birth to Aidan in Asian Hospital almost 3 years ago and Makati Med does not come close to that overall birthing experience.

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