Surprising your Kids Who Love Planes and Helicopters

PAF Museum-25

We love to surprise Aidan these days. I would bring home surprise pasalubongs (cupcakes…) , or treat him to surprise restaurants (Haagen Dazs, Kozui…) or (our favorite) bring him to surprise places he would enjoy (Global Fun Carnival, etc.). He loves airplanes and helicopters, and we bought him helicopter / airplane toys to play with. Occasionally, we would go sunset airplane watching at the Heritage Park: Sunset Air Plane Watching | Heritage Park Sunset Airplane Watching.

The ultimate surprise for any kid who loves Airplanes / Helicopters is to bring him in close encounter with the real thing! Of course, you need to set it up as a surprise and bring him to the Aerospace Museum of the Philippine Air Force in Villamor Air Base!

PAF Museum-22

The world class Aerospace Museum opened its doors on the 60th founding anniversary of the Philippine Air Force last June 29, 2007. It was a long awaited opening after 10 years of planning, design and construction. The first floor has interactive displays of modern aerospace science. The second floor houses the Air Force heritage and the history of Aviation in the Philippines. The third floor has a view deck to see excellent views of the air base and its surroundings. Our favorite part of the museum is the display of the 18 kinds of military aircraft permanently towed in the museum for public viewing! The museum is located in the intersection of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 and Villamor air base complex. For P20 per person, you can enjoy this museum with your kids! They are open on weekdays and halfday on Saturdays.

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