10 Reasons why Star City is the place to be…

Our company is having our Family Christmas event at the Star City. This is a preview of the excitement that awaits us this coming December. The official Star City website is not updated ( but I will refer to some of the basic information from that site. If you haven’t been to Star City for some time, this is a preview of what is in store for you in one of Manila’s matured Carnival.

10 Reasons why Star City is the place to be…

Star City-3
Star City is pioneer in introducing the concept of mixing retail with amusement, a trend being followed by most malls today where they integrate rides with shopping. Star City combines maximum shopping with maximum enjoyment attractions all focus on serving our target market, the Filipino family, schools, and companies. Here, our visitors will escape to a friendly stimulating sequence of worlds field with a mixture of maximum value shops and spectacular world-class attractions. (according to Star City 🙂

1. Indoor Carnival. 100% of the kiddie rides are indoors so you can enjoy the Carnival even when it rains. For events, it is easy to plan since you remove the rain factor from ruining your awesome time. However, the adult thrill rides Surf Dance, Star Flyer, Zyklon Loop and Wild River are located outside.

Star City-8 Star City-9

2. Unique Adult Scary Rides. I didn’t know that Star City had these awesome adult thrill rides.

Star City-52
The Surf Dance, the first and only of its kind in the Philippines, is a family gondola ride that is about the height of a five-storey building. The 44-seat ride swings upwards, downwards, and sideways.

Star City-64
Star Flyer is the newest addition to the Star City family. It is the first inverted roller coaster ride in the country! It was imported from California and it is now operational at SC in time for Christmas season.

3. Awesome Snow World in the tropical paradise of the Philippines. If you are already inside Star City, you only have to pay P100 entrance fee to experience Snow World.

Snow World @ Star City-16
See the Ice carvings of World Ice Sculpture Arts Champion Frankie Lee. World Ice Art Championships is an ice sculpting contest in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Snow World @ Star City-8
Slide in the longest Ice Slide in Asia (about 68m).

Snow World @ Star City-9
Experience real snow in this -15 degrees centigrade environment.

4. Peter Pan and Land of the Giants Attractions. I enjoyed these attractions more than Aidan who got scared because of the loud noises/ sounds inside. There’s still a child inside of me after all!

Star City-23 Star City-20
Land of the Giants. See the physical world literally in a bigger picture when you visit the Land of the Giants. Be amazed by the experience of seeing smaller animals in a shape bigger than you are.

Star City-27
Peter Pan. Visit Neverland and experience the story and relive the adventure of the boy who never grows old, Peter Pan.This is a walk-though spell binding fantasy attraction bringing to life the tale and adventures of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the rest of the kids.

5. More Attractions! I do feel that you get your money’s worth for the ride-all-you-can because there are more attractions and horror rides for the family! It would probably take the whole day to enjoy all the rides and attractions. Even Enchanted Kingdom, does not have these kinds of attractions.

Star City-38Star City-43Star City-42Star City-41
(Clockwise from Top) 1. Dungeon, 2. Kilabot ng Mummy, 3. Time Tunnel, and 4. Gabi ng Lagim

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