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MOE’S New Rice Meals, Mexican Pizza & All-Day Cocktails?! @UptownMall_

Tex-Mex lovers rejoice! With over 600 locations worldwide, Moe’s Southwest Grill–one of the US’ most popular Mexican chains famed for serving their famous burritos, quesadillas, salads, and tacos–is spicing it up in the kitchen with their new, best value-for-money menu items!


Moe's New Menu

The Uptown Mall branch has something prepared for everyone, from rice menu items Pinoy’s would rave about and combo meals of their classic favorites, down to one of BGC’s most affordable drinking lists! It’s perfect for office workers on the go or those just looking for a place to hang out after a busy day at work.

We also love Moe’s all-day P65 cocktails and the cheapest bucket of beer you’ll find in the area! And did I mention a bucket of beer comes with chips and salsa?!

Check out what’s new at Moe’s…


Level 4, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City (near Texas Roadhouse)
Operating Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM (until 12mn on weekends)
Telephone: (+632) 777-2924
Facebook: MOE’s Philippines

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TACOS CHINGONES: Cool Mexican Street Taco Cart in Manila :)

Taco Chingones
TACOS CHINGONES is a street taco food cart by Aljor Perreras of A’ Toda Madre fame, who is passionate about bringing authentic Mexican food experiences to the country. 

The taco cart is inspired by the street taco carts of Mexico and a spin-off of A’ Toda Madre’s yummy tacos. 

Tacos Chingones Street Cart
5923 Algier, Makati, Metro Manila
(right next to Som’s Noodle House)
Mobile: +63 998 998-2267
Operating Hours: 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
FacebookTacos Chingones
Email: [email protected]

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A’TODA MADRE: Tequila 101 in the Most Extensive Tequila Bar in Manila!

A Toda Madre Tequila Bar-22.jpg

A’TODA MADRE Tequila Bar is the most extensive Tequila Bar in the Philippines, with now over 105+ tequila varieties. It’s the 2nd Tequila Bar to open in the country, next to Maya in Cebu (which we’re still waiting to expand in Manila).

Most of us have bad memories of tequila from our college days. We were drinking the Jose Cuervo Mixto kind–a blend of 51% blue agave tequila and 49% sugars, which is notorious for causing bad hangovers. I’m also willing to bet that the only way you know how to drink tequila is to put some salt on your hand, down the tequila in one shot, lick the salt, and suck some lemon

A’Toda Madre offers the authentic tequila experience. Using only 100% blue agave, you smell the aroma of the tequila, then sip and enjoy like wine–just like how they do it in Mexico. 

Thanks to Francis of our Ex-P&G IT Mafia for introducing us to A’Toda Madre. 

Check out this Tequila 101 post and what to expect…

A’ TODA MADRE Tequila Bar
GF Sunette Tower, Durban St. corner Makati Ave. Makati City
FacebookA’Toda Madre
Contact: Aljor Perreras 
Mobile: +63 998 999-1521, 
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours
Monday – Saturday: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sunday: 6:00 pm – 2:00 am

Notes: Special limited time introductory prices – No VAT, No Service charge

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EL CHUPACABRA: Yummy Street Tacos and the “Goat Sucker” Reinvention of @Mexicali!

EL CHUPACABRA is the hottest street tacos hang-out place in Makati conceptualized by Dixie Mabanta of Mexicali, Cafe Mediterranean, Fishbar Boracay fame. It is located in the current commisary of Mexicali which turned into a street tacos resto with a Mission St. Sanfo vibe.

It is named after the legendary crypid El Chupacabra which literally means Sucker (Chupa) + Goat (cabra) that sucks blood out of livestock, especially goats.

We love the tacos and the whole streetfood with an expat hangout vibe. Check out El Chupacabra:

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My Chipotle Experience

My Chipotle Experience-23.jpg

Chipotle is named after the Mexican seasoning made from smoked Red Jalapeno peppers. I’ve always wondered why foodies keep raving about Chipotle and why it inspired Ristras, Chihuahua and Faburrito here in Manila.

It’s been said that it changed the way people look at a burrito — “It’s not just a burrito. It’s a foil-wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting, food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness.” – Chipotle.com

I made sure to try it when we were in Santana Row in San Jose. Here is my Chipotle experience…

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Faburrito Mexican Grill — Healthy, Eco-friendly & Christian

Every time we eat a burrito in Mexican restos in Manila, we always feel full and bloated after. Faburrito intends to change that by offering healthy burritos that you can enjoy without the guilt.

Promising to only serve natural ingredients with no sugar, no MSG and no preservatives, they also prepare everything fresh daily. Biodegradable packaging and utensils are used whenever possible.

Faburrito is designed to be a Christian business where employees are treated well, part of the proceeds go to a good cause and customers are assured that the food is made only with the good stuff. It’s an interesting concept but very niche.

Here is our Faburrito experience:

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Chihuahua Tex-Mex and Hot Sauce Battle :)

Chihuahua’s Hot Sauce Bar!

I like my Mexican food hot and spicy, and that’s exactly what Ines Cabarrus and Elian Habayeb offer. They have just created the perfect hangout with good Tex-Mex food (and Margarita to match!) 🙂

Since Ines and Elian wrote the coffee table book, Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, and created the annual MBKRS Awards, this place received a lot of attention — and expectations were indeed high for the authors.

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Órale! Ole!

Ever since the man behind the once-popular Tequila Joe’s opened Ristras, a Mexican Revival has swept Manila and has led to the opening of really good Mexican restaurants (Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, and other Mexican variations) in the metro. The market has even come to accept buying really good burritos at the P250-P300 range.

One of Manila’s recent favorites is the home-style Mexican place in the Fort Strip called Órale!, which is named after the Mexican expression for “OK!” or “Alright!” or the slang for “Hell yeah!” or “Right On!

The husband and wife team of  Nikki and Lexandra Confiado did a great job of creating a street food-inspired taqueria from Mexico and Northern California. 

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MAYA Cebu: My Birthday in the Best Mexican Restaurant

Last August 24, I crossed an age milestone. Technically, I am not “young” anymore. In most award giving events for the “youth”, age 35 is the cutoff to qualify. So we celebrated my last year of being “young” in what I believe to be the Best Mexican Restaurant in the Philippines – Maya Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar.

The BEST of Cebu City Series:

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