Mall of Asia

Manila Bay Cruise by Metrostar Ferry @ Mall of Asia

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-5

Mall of Asia complex is already an integral part of Aidan’s childhood memories. Every time we would go out, Aidan would say “go to SM” or “go to Mall of Asia”. I don’t want to sound like an endorser of SM but it is now part of our daily conversation with Aidan.

Another awesome addition in the MOA complex is the Metrostar Ferry Manila Bay Cruise. For P120, you can enjoy a one-hour round trip around Manila Bay. Aidan love boats too so having a one-hour ferry ride was awesome! Most of the Manila Bay cruises have disappeared already when the Manila Baywalk was cleaned up by Mayor Lim.

The Metro Ferry dock is located beside The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and the Life (Church across Mall of Asia). I would recommend to take the sunset cruise (5.00pm) or the evening cruise (6.30pm) on Fri/Sat/Sun in time for the MOA fireworks. (I need to check the exact time again because the soft opening departure hours are different from the regular schedule. Please comment if you know the actual schedule.)

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Top 10 Awesome Restaurants of the Philippines

More than just serving gourmet food and the right ambiance, these restaurants take the overall dining experience to a higher level
Sunday Inquirer Magazine (September 16, 2007)

What makes restaurants awesome? One would say as long as it serves great food. However, “great food” is subjective and it varies with each person's experience and background. To be considered awesome, restaurants have to take the food and overall dining experience to a higher level. Food that leaves an indelible mark in your taste buds, experience that imprints lasting memories in your mind, and ambiance that carves a special place in one's heart for you to share it with every person that you meet.

Each restaurant is carefully chosen to be prestigiously included in this list. Each one serves gourmet food with the freshest ingredients. It combines nature elements, artifacts or a sense of history in its overall ambiance. Simply, these restaurants have a story to tell which spreads out via word-of-mouth. I can proudly say that you can only find these restaurants ONLY in the Philippines.


Kubli Springs Dinner - 1

The road to Kubli Springs is literally a road less traveled where you'll be glad you decided not to drive your sedan car. Flashlights, candles, mobile phones, and the moon are the only source of light. Occasionally, they would put up Christmas lights connected to portable battery source to make the place special. You will find yourself in the middle of the forest, with boulders as your neighbor. The spring water flows through your feet as you look up and appreciate a clear black sky with twinkling dots. You sit on rocks and make shift benches as you smell the steak grilled on the spot. Ah, this is the perfect time to play the acoustic guitar and sing with the barkada without shame and the fear of disturbing anybody.

For P500/ person, you get fresh salad with flowers, grilled steak, Jay's special rice and fruit platter. The meal ends with friendly Lambanog and special roast of Barako coffee. Water is served from a bamboo "faucet" with mineral water coming from the mountains. Drinking and taking a bath from fresh mineral water is one unique experience. Your dining experience is a mixed emotion of satisfaction, fear, and happiness. Somehow, you wished the night will never end.

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Kinabuhayan Cafe Bed and Breakfast
Tel (042) 565 6828
Jay +63 917 368 0054
Winston +63 917 327 1106


Antonio's , Tagaytay - 15

You'll get excited every time you enter the entrance doors of Antonio's. It is like entering a magical portal to a world where any of the food you choose is something worth raving about. The service feels like you are in a six-star hotel where you don't have to worry about anything. Even going to the restroom is a chance to appreciate nature and its beauty. The positive energy in the place encourages conversation and it bears witness to thousands of memorable life stories.

You don't mind waiting for your food because you know that it is being prepared to perfection. The real flavor of the meat and ingredients stands out without any of the sauce overpowering its taste. Any of the wine selections seems to match with the food that you order. My favorite in Antonio's includes the Salad with Foie Gras, the steaks or sea bass dish, and the soufflé dessert to end the night. I envisioned our silver marriage anniversary to be held in Antonio's because of the food, service and its garden.

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Mobile No.: +63917-899-2866


Ugu Bigyan - 2

It still continues to be a secret place in the Tiaong area because Ugu never advertises the place. There are no road signs that points you to it and even their neighbors never realized that such place exist. One of the amazing things about Ugu's Pottery Garden Restaurant is that the entire place is a labor of love of the entire family. They designed everything from the huts, layout of the garden, the pottery designs, and its food concept.

Ugu is known for his dishes namely, Kulawo and Lato. Kulawo is charcoal grilled banana heart with a smokey flavor taste and it taste like Tuna while Lato is seaweed in vinegar. Both are traditional Filipino dishes that you seldom find in Metro Manila. It is home cooked Filipino food artistically presented and served in Ugu Bigyan's signature pottery. I do hope it remains to be a secret.

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Ugu Bigyan
Address: 490 Alvarez Village , Brgy Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon
Telefax: +63 42 545-9144
Manila #: +632 250-8416


Isla Naburot Breakfast - 6

Isla Naburot resort is like wine – the older it is the more exotic it becomes. Electricity is supplied by solar panels that can only support the incandescent bulbs in the room. Your mobile phone will be lucky to survive after one day because there are no charging stations nearby. All you have to do is swim in the clean beach, play sunka, and spend quality time with the family.

The main attraction is doing nothing and eating gourmet Filipino dishes prepared the traditional way. Fresh seafoods are patiently grilled in a way that their natural juices are kept intact inside the meat. You enjoy each meal with home made sinamak vinegar. Fruits are abundant specially the famous Guimaras mangoes. The taste of the food is enhanced by the fresh air environment and by the love of the people cooking it. It is a foodie heaven and I can’t wait to go back this summer.

Isla Naburot
Mobile #: Ana +63920-9275372


The very satisfied family

As you enter the gates of this old mansion, you can't help but be transported back to the Old Rich ambiance in the Malacanang area. You are welcomed with drinks and pica pica in the patio before starting with the mini-tour of the mansion. You'll be fascinated with the antiques and the old-fashioned design of the living room, bedroom and especially, the bathroom. The dining area is small enough for a big group to easily dominate with their presence and laughter.

It is a treat to enjoy Spanish food cooked from recipes handed down from generations. You will leave La Cocina raving about its paella and its bread pudding. The former could rival the paella’s in Manila’s Spanish restaurants. The latter tastes like milk bread leche flan that melts in your mouth. The service is slow but sure. What is important is that they serve you with a smile and put every effort to make the experience memorable. I never forgot our La Cocina experience ever since January 2005.

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La Cocina
Address: 315 San Rafael Street, San Miguel, Manila Philippines
Telephone Number: (632) 734-2141, 734-2146
Mobile #: (63917) 538-3490

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Awesome Festivals

Pink Kitchen Diary

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 2
Lunch Time Crowd @ Pink Kitchen

As I expected, the Pink Kitchen was very successful. We spent Saturday Lunch, Merienda and Dinner at the Pink Kitchen. It was a one-of-a-kind food trip that we will never forget. First time that we stayed in a place to eat for almost 8+ hours. The best way to describe it is by this equation: Pink Kitchen = The Best of Salcedo Market + The Best Home-Based Desserts and Catering + The Best of ABS-CBN’s Chef + Chefs and Student’s Service of Enderun. All of the foodies and chefs came out to fully support The Pink Kitchen for the benefit of ICANSERVE for the early detection of breast cancer.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 31
Cooler Dinner Night @ Pink Kitchen

It was impossible to eat everything. It got confusing at some point which food you would get. Despite the high price of the food, it was OK because we know that the profits would go to a breast cancer cause. We had to rely on the “buzz” and “word-of-mouth” from table to table as each one votes which are the best food in the Pink Kitchen. I tried to capture that “buzz” so that you can order from some of them and enjoy them with your family and friends. What’s your favorite food in the Pink Kitchen?

Enjoy this list of the Best of Pink Kitchen…

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Awesome Festivals

Pink Kitchen For A Cause

Outstanding Chefs for a Breast Cancer Cause — this is a not-to-be-missed food festival cum charity event of the year!!

The Chefs of Pink Kitchen, a benefit food festival

August 11 and 12 Saturday and Sunday
Rockwell Tent, Makati City
Entrance Donation: P200

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I Can Serve Official Website: Pink Kitchen
Details on the Chefs of Pink Kitchen

Experience the country’s top private and gourmet chefs whip up their signature dishes!
To donate and get your tickets in advance, call the I Can Serve hotline at 687 3942 or email/text [email protected] / 0920 903 5053


ICanServe foundation and ABS CBN Publishing invite you to tickle your taste buds at “Pink Kitchen,” a benefit food and drink festival this August 11 and 12, Saturday and Sunday at the Rockwell Tent. All day eating from 11am to 10 pm for the whole family.

There’s artist Wyn Wyn Ong who will offer Burmese cuisine while dressed in a Burmese ensemble! First rate chef Reggie Aspiras does Spanish, so does Marilou and Ramon Senn. Innovative Filipino dishes will thrill like bangus chorizo care of Anne Castro who will showcase anything bangus.

No need to go to Pampanga to catch delicacies like Pindang Damulag (Tapang Kalabaw), Batute (stuffed frogs)Camaro (mole crickets) care of Poch Jorolan of Everybody’s Café. No need to go to Laguna to taste crispy dinuguan of Kanin Club by Toni Cancio. Lots of other unique Filipino dishes like pusitcharon from Money Munoz, fried dalag fish with tamarind & bagoong sauce by Ofie Benavides.

It’s not everyday one comes across Moroccan cuisine — Couscous bil Khoudra (assorted vegetables & chickpeas braised in Saffron scented Tomato Ragout and Buttered Couscous),Djajj bil Barkouk (Chicken with Apricot & Almonds) It sounds as good as it tastes made possible by Wendy Ozamis.

Half Spanish and Half Cuban,Katrina Padilla, youngest chef at the festival and a student at Enderun, introduces the guests to authentic Cuban home cooking. She promises to have her Cuban grandmother at the festival who taught her the hearty delicious meals.

Be seduced by french cuisine like Canard Al’orange (Duck al’orange on Braised Red Cabbage) Paillard D’agneau with Pesto(Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Pesto ) by Michele D’Orival. Be intrigued by Tippi Tambuting’s Braised Snake River Farm Wagyu
Cheeks besides her continental dinner and sought after paninis for merienda.

How can anyone resist unique sandwiches like Brandied Chicken Liver Pate or Torta Mascarpone from the sandwich bar of multi awarded chef and host of “Chef TV” Myrna Segismundo along with Jill Sandique? How bout all kinds of wraps including Bangus Tocino and Atsara by Jill Busuego?

Not to be outdone are Mona Valdez preparing Indonesian dishes, Maj Lazatin offering Italian, Ying Villanueva doing Thai, and Suman Gogna making authentic Indian dishes. There will also be a noodle and dimsum bar courtesy of Chef Law of Mr. Choi’s Kitchen.

Chef See Cheong Yan, Department Chair for Culinary Arts at Enderun will offer breads freshly baked from Malaysia, under licensed from Hiestand of Switzerland with no preservatives and considered Halal which will be retailed for the first time in Manila. Normally, this is only available at hotels. He leads the more than 50 Enderun students who have volunteered for the Pink Kitchen.

Old reliables will be there too like Maricel Cunanan and her ensaymadas, Nana Meng’s hot tsokolate, Vargas Kitchen pastries and merienda fare, Baba Ibazeta and all time favorite Nono’s chocolate oblivion. Pixie Santos and her dulce de leche cheesecake.

For the sweet tooth, feast on mouth watering Truffle Torte (rich velvety chocolate ganache mixed with Coffee and almond joconde layers) by Tintin Rivera;Gelatos from Fr. Gentillin of Don Bosco’s Amici. Assorted tarte tartins and quiches by Sunshine Puey and Rob Pengson. Susie Quiros , Pia Lim Castillo and Marco Lazatin of Essels heat up the Pink Kitchen as well.

Starbucks blended drinks and teas will be available as well as smoothies, and wine. It’s all day dining styled by Tony Rodriguez.

There’s something for everyone even for the healthy eaters. A rare treat–San Benito The Farm comes to Manila bringing its macrobiotic cuisine like Pistachio Crusted Tofu Sandwich with sweet chili sauce and its home made crackers.

This is guiltless eating at its best as guests will know they are dining to help the ICanServe, a foundation that empowers women with information on breast cancer, subsidize women on cancer treatments and will pioneer the first nationwide early breast cancer detection program.

This is but a few of the dishes to be found at Pink Kitchen. There are more in store. There is so much to try, so many chefs to catch who won’t be there all at the same time, so be sure to be there for three meals a day. Pink Kitchen is made possible by the support of San Miguel, Meralco, Enderun, Salad Time, Coca Cola and Del Monte.

For inquiries: Contact Via Reyes 0917-8552729, 632-6873942 or [email protected] or at www.icanserve.net.

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