Why our Sons Love Bonchon?

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Our son Aidan always prefers going to Bonchon whenever he hangs out with his friends because he loves the glaze of their chicken.

I still remember how excited we were when Bonchon first opened in 2010 at the height of the double fried chicken craze in Manila. I’m impressed how they’ve innovated their food offerings over the years, from their double fried chicken to their Korean soup and noodles, and now their Crispy Mandu rice bowl in 2017.

Here’s what our sons love at Bonchon…

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KYOCHON PHILIPPINES: Inventor of Double-Fried Korean Fried Chicken Technique Opens in Manila! @KYOCHONPH @SMMegaMall

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KYOCHON, which started the double-fried chicken craze in South Korea in 1991, is finally in the Philippines! But Filipinos are not that familiar with the brand despite its #1 double-fried chicken status in Korea. 

(For reference, BonChon was founded in 2002 but they are more popular because they were first to enter New York in 2007, while KyoChon entered Manhattan only in 2010. Similarly, BonChon had a head start in Manila in 2010.)

The double-fried chicken technique was invented to remove the fatty oils from the chicken and still make the skin crunchy and flavorful. KyoChon takes pride in the fact that their chicken has no glacial acetic acid, sodium saccharine, and MSG. They also use canola oil with zero transfat to fry their chicken. 🙂

I’m happy that they are finally here in Manila! 

KYOCHON Philippines
Upper Ground Floor, SM Megamall Building B, SM Megamall,
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City
Telephone: +632 997-3333
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm

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K-PUB BBQ: Meat-All-You-Can at K-Pop-Themed Resto :)

K-Pub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can-50.jpg
K-PUB BBQ Meat All You Can is a K-Pop Stars-Themed resto owned by a Filipino-Chinese. It promises a “funtastic” Korean BBQ Experience while watching K-Pop MTVs.

We were curious about the facade but had hesitations going in because we thought it was a Korean Super Pub. But I’m glad our curiosity won out, and we decided to try it with the boys.

Here’s our K-Pub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can experience: 

What’s New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?

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SARIWON’s Bulgogi and Galbi Korean Barbecue!

Sariwon, Korean Barbecue-71.jpg

The Korean craze in Manila just got even more interesting with the opening of the first branch outside Korea of the legendary Bulgogi of Mrs. Bun-Im Koo (from the Sariwon town in North Korea).

Most Filipinos are not familiar with the brand except for the Korean community that immediately patronized the restaurant. Filipinos tend to go for the Bulgogi and Galbi, while the Koreans enjoy the cold noodles.

Sariwon‘s Bulgogi and Galbi are better than those from Bulgogi Brothers, and I love that they use a smokeless roaster so you don’t smell like Bulgogi after eating.

Here are some notes, tips and recommendations if you plan to try it out…

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

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Bulgogi Brothers now in Manila!

The first international franchise of Bulgogi Brothers (with 29 branches in South Korea) finally opened in Manila! 🙂  

At first, I thought it was just one of those franchises capitalizing on the booming expansion of International Chains here in the metro. I’m usually not a fan of restaurants based in a mall, but the foodies were abuzz with excitement over the opening of Bulgogi Brothers, so I had to see it for myself.

I was happy that our family decided to try it because it was different. I liked the awesome free appetizers they offered, the unique food combinations with their Korean liquor, and the family-friendly nature of the restaurant. I also loved their focus on service (which a lot of other restaurants in Manila need to improve on).

It was during our visit that I learned how to truly appreciate Bulgogi, particularly through the different ways it was prepared and served, plus how it was paired it with various liquors.  

Here are some foodie notes on what to expect at Bulgogi Brothers…

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The Original Bon Chon Chicken is Now in Manila!


Bon Chon Chicken, the Korean foodie favorite in New York, is finally here in Manila! This is the official Philippine franchise from Korea and NOT a franchise of the 4 Fingers Bon Chon in Singapore.

Bon Chon is the original double-fried chicken from Korea. The first fry removes all the fat and makes it “paper-fried crisp” and then the second fry includes the secret sauce.

The chicken is bigger than that of Chicken Charlie’s and a bit more expensive also. I liked its soy-garlic flavor, which has ginseng as a secret ingredient. The sauce was a bit bitin, though, and did not cover the entire chicken well.

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