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ITAEWON: IP Boutique Hotel & Flying Pan Korean Brunch Experience @KTOManila

IP Boutique and Itaewon - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-24.jpg

ITAEWON is a shopping district for local and global brands, with cool bars at night. It’s a melting pot of diverse cultures and the hip place to go for food and restaurants offering international cuisines.

We spent our last night in Korea here and how I wish we had more time to explore.

Check out the IP Boutique Hotel we stayed at and Flying Pan, one of the best brunch places in Itaewon…

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DONG-LIM KNOT WORKSHOP: Learning the Art of Traditional Korean Maedeup (Knots) @KTOManila

 Donglim Knot Workshop - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-32.jpg

DONG-LIM KNOT MUSEUM is a showcase of traditional Korean Maedeup (Knots) Art. Here, you can also learn first-hand how to make various ornamental knots the traditional way through do-it-yourself workshops.

It was established in April 2004 by traditional knot technique master, Sim Yeong-Mi. She learned the technique from her Father-in-Law, who learned it from her Great Aunt-in-Law, a knot technician in the palace during the last Joseon Dynasty. 

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SAMGYEOPSAL: Lovin’ the Korean Grilled Pork Belly BBQ Experience…Yum! @KTOManila

Samgyeopsal - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-31.jpg

Samgyeopsal, one of the most popular Korean dishes, refers to pork belly meat slices grilled on your table. It’s name literally means: three (sam; 삼) layered (gyeop; 겹) flesh (sal; 살) referring to the layering of fat and meat. In fact, there’s a Samgyeopsal Day celebrated every 3rd of March (sam 삼-sam; 삼) where all people should eat Samgyeopsal. 🙂

We went all the way to the Gangneung province to taste and experience what authentic Samgyeopsal is like in Korea…

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RAKKOJAE Secret Hanok Escape: An Authentic Immersion in Korean Culture (Seoul, South Korea) @KTOManila

RakKojae - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-36.jpg

Being my first time in Korea, my search for an authentic immersion in Korean culture was satisfied when I stayed in RakKoJae.

RakKoJae is a Hanok, a traditional Korean guest house that offers 6-star service in a secluded location in Seoul. Its name means “a place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rests one’s soul”.

Check out the RakKoJae experience…

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