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Best Japanese Restaurants in Metro Manila! (Open for Delivery & Pick-up)

Japan trips got cancelled this year? Don’t worry, you can get a taste of Japan right at your own home. These izakayas are still open to keep the sushi rollin’!


CHINESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up
JAPANESE CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up
FILIPINO CUISINE: Delivery & Pick-Up
FROZEN MEALS: Delivery & Pick-Up
PARTY PACKS: Delivery & Pick-Up
BURGERS: Delivery & Pick-Up
CAKES: Delivery & Pick-Up
BREAD: Delivery & Pick-Up
DESSERTS: Delivery & Pick-Up
RAMEN: Delivery & Pick-Up
SAMGYUPSAL: Delivery & Pick-Up
DATE NIGHT (Restaurants) Delivery & Pick-Up



About Kikufuji

Everyone’s cult favorite when it comes to authentic Japanese food is none other than Izakaya Kikufuji! Nestled in the heart of Little Tokyo, Makati, this diner serves dishes that gives you a taste of Japan with every bite. And with such popularity and hype comes an endless queue of people wanting to dine during lunch breaks and dinner. There’s no doubt that Kikufuji has won the game with their true-to-home dishes and authentic dining experience.


How to Order
Call their Makati store for orders and inquiries regarding available items:


Facebook: Kikufuji

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