ST. ANTHONY DE PADUA: Pilgrimage to Our Beloved Patron Saint in Padova, Italy (A Pilgrim’s Photo Essay)

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ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA (or PADOVA in Italian) is a Miracle Worker, the Hammer of Heretics, and more popularly known as the Patron Saint of Finding Things & Lost People.

He is my patron saint, and my mother always prayed to him for guidance and protection when I was growing up. Also, a lot of businessmen in Manila have St. Anthony as their patron saint because he often intercedes and blesses their businesses to be successful.

I finally had the chance of a lifetime to go on a pilgrimage to St. Anthony Basilica early this year in Padova, Italy. This is where his blessed body lies after his death on June 13, 1231. We celebrate the feast day of St. Anthony on June 13 to commemorate his blessedness.

Here is the photo essay of our Pilgrimage to St. Anthony de Padua Basilica to kick off the Northern Italy series in OAP:

7-Day Culinary, Cultural & Pilgrimage Tour of Northern Italy Series:

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An Invitation to a 7-Day Culinary, Cultural & Pilgrimage Tour of Northern Italy: Pilgrimage to San Antonio de Padua, Romantic Tour of Venice and Verona, & Shopping in Milan and Outlet Villages!


I would like to personally invite you to join us for a 7-Day Culinary, Cultural & Pilgrimage Tour of Northern Italy!

I’m personally excited about this trip because we will be going on our first European Food Trip in 2013 from Milan, Padova, Venice, Bassano, Verona and Vicenza in the Northeastern Part of Italy.

Also, I’m excited to go finally to a Pilgrimage to my Patron Saint — Saint Anthony of Padova (Padua in English). Saint Anthony is popularly known as the patron saint of lost articles but little do people know that he also helped a lot of Filipino entrepreneur devotees with miracles in their businesses. We will have a Sunday English Mass at Saint Anthony Basilica🙂

Finally, we will go on a romantic tour of Venice, the city in the sea and Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet 🙂  Of course, there will be enough free time to do your own shopping!

Here is the detailed itinerary of our trip to Northeastern Veneto Region in Italy:

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