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Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is Happy New Year in Binondo

Binondo Walking Tour

Rache Avatar-32 Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!
In Binondo and with most tsinoys that I met, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is the proper way to greet Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi is a more commercialized greeting (I guess).
Personally, I am starting to get the hang of celebrating Chinese New Year after 5 years of being married to a Chinese family. I started to appreciate the family gatherings the night before Chinese New Year. Also, for the second straight year, we visited Binondo and joined the Chinese community in celebrating the Year of the Rat. I shifted my mindset to think about Chinese New Year the same way we celebrate the first of January. We are starting to build family traditions around Chinese New Year, so let me share with you how we celebrated it this year!
Kiong Hee Huat Chai-4
The night before Chinese New Year is always celebrated with a simple family gathering because it was the Chinese Christmas. Everyone was in red to bring good luck for the new year ahead. We played with Syoti Josh in the morning before Momma Rache and Aidan went out to meet Happy Slip.

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Awesome Filipinos

Aidan meets Happy Slip!

Rache Avatar-32 So, You’re Happy Slip! (a.k.a. Christine Gambito)

Happy Slip-3

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Meeting Christine Gambito was like watching Happy Slip live… She is as bubbly and down to earth as what you can see in her you tube videos. She is a beautiful filipina in person with a nice dimple. My heart melted when she cried on her first day in Manila. Manila will simply love her because of her crusade to make your life a little brighter each day because of her entertaining videos.

I missed watching her in the Wowowee today and she was sharing with us her crazy moments in the show. They have already been to Bohol, Boracay and Cebu in a week’s time. I was so happy listening to her awesome encounters with the beauty of the Philippines. She is flying off to Puerto Princessa tomorrow. Christine — you should go back to the Philippines and visit El Nido, Palawan!

Happy Slip
She wants to sincerely meet ALL her fans in Manila but the meet and greet on Chinese New Year at Mag:net, Fort venue is not be large enough to accommodate them. When she came to Manila, she never thought that she would have a huge fan base here. She will be giving an inspirational talk on video blogging during the meet and greet with a Q&A session followed by photo sessions.

See Happy Slip’s update on the Manila Meet and Greet Session. If you are a fan and you were not able to register for the meet and greet event, please do a shout out on the comments to petition for a bigger venue.

Watch her You Tube Videos and see why she is THE Filipina You Tube Goddess:

Awesome Filipinos

Welcome Happy Slip to Manila! Mabuhay!

HappySlip in Manila!

Official Website: Happy Slip.com

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MABUHAY to Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito to Manila! She arrived in Manila today and the entire Manila Blogging Community welcomes her! We are so excited to meet the most famous You Tube Internet Celebrity who is proudly a Filipina!

” Christine Gambito, better known to her audience as HappySlip, is an Internet celebrity and popular YouTube content provider. She maintains one of YouTube’s most subscribed channels. In March 2007, Gambito’s video Mixed Nuts was nominated for the 2006 YouTube Video Awards for Best Comedy,[2] resulting in the second place to Smosh.[3] In May of the same year, she became one of the first YouTube users accepted into YouTube’s revenue sharing program.

” Gambito’s performances typically include comedy sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. She also sings and plays the piano and guitar. As Gambito has stated repeatedly in her videos, she is notably one of the very few top users acting, filming, editing and producing her shorts completely on her own.

Gambito attributes her nickname “HappySlip” to her Filipino mother’s mispronunciation of “half slip”:

“ As a child, my Filipino mom would always remind me to wear a half-slip with skirts. However, the way she would pronounce the phrase was misleading: “Your hap e-slip! Be sure to wear your hap e-slip!” So I naturally went around calling the thing a ‘happy slip,’ until friends at school corrected me by asking if I had a ‘sad slip’ as well.” (Happy Slip: Wikipedia)

She was invited by the Department of Tourism — all expenses paid — to explore the Philippines for 2 weeks. This is her first time to be back in Manila after the family migrated to the US. She is scheduled to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol, Cebu, Boracay, Tagaytay and Palawan. I am super excited because the entire world will see the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of Happy Slip. This is part of DOT’s Experience Philippines campaign for the OFWs.

I’m hoping to meet her with Rache and Aidan on Chinese New Year, Feb. 7 before she goes back to the US. They are planning a blogger’s farewell party for Happy Slip on Chinese New Year. Let me know if some of you are interested to meet her, just post a comment. Maybe, Happy Slip can give a short seminar on video blogging to Pinoys.

MABUHAY Happy Slip, We Are So Proud of You!!


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