Five Cows Birthday

Five Cows
Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar, 4th Floor Trinoma

We decided to take a day off on my birthday and spend it with the family in Trinoma. I was dying to try the ice cream concoctions in Five Cows, one of the hottest restaurants in Trinoma. Despite our earlier Trinoma misadventures, Trinoma is starting to show that it has more to offer even for people who live in Makati or Manila. It was now pleasant to shop around after 3 months of operation and the parking is still confusing but the security guards are more helpful.

We celebrated my birthday in La Maison, a French Casual Dining Restaurant originally based in Cebu and enjoyed the desserts at Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar. On hindsight, we should have eaten our main course in Five Cows to avoid the disappointing lunch at La Maison. After lunch, we treated Aidan to a Time Zone entertainment where he rode a horse, plane, train, mini ferris wheel, and various cars. We also did a little bit of shopping for a white chic polo which I wore for the Olay White Radiance Launch last night at Decagon.

Thanks for all those who greeted via text and email! It actually sucks to be 33 and realize that I’m getting old. I just realized it when I attended the Olay white radiance event and most of the girls who attended are in the 18-20 age range.

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