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The New Wild Flour Restaurant


Having opened their doors in 2012, Wild Flour Restaurant has gone on to become one of the most successful and recognizable (local) restaurant brands in Metro Manila.

Consistency, great food, and great talent are some of the key factors to Wild Flour’s success, and while a number of restaurants struggle in Manila’s highly competitive restaurant market, Wild Flour has been steadily growing with no signs of slowing down making their story a true, modern-day Filipino success story.



Starting out as a small French/American cafe and bakery that specialized in all day breakfast and lunch, Wild Flour has gradually evolved its menu to incorporate local and international items to keep up with customer demand. This has led the team to expand beyond the brunch style model by adding dinner to their menu which is now available at all branches.

Wild Flour Restaurant

Ground floor, Net Lima building,
26th St., Taguig, BGC Metro Manila
Hours: Mon – Thu 6am – 10pm, Fri – Sat 6am – 11pm, Sun 8am – 9pm
Phone: 856-7600 or +0917 852-0950
Web: www.wildflour.com.ph
Facebook: @wildflourmanila

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Chefs Digest: Gallery By Chele

Chele Gonzales is probably one of the Philippines’ most high-profile chefs, who has made an impact on fine dining and culinary circles in Manila.  He garnered international fame from his then-restaurant, ‘Vask’, which was ranked amongst the best in all of Asia, having landed Best in Philippines and 35th in Asia in 2017 by The Wolds 50 Best.

2018 marks a new beginning for Chele, with the closing of Vask and rebranding his operations to introduce Gallery By Chele.



According to Chele, Gallery is the next evolution of Vask and this time around, he has officially partnered with Chef Carlo Villaflor—who has worked under him for years—to take the next step on their culinary journey.

The duo brings the same skills and experience that made Vask the best in the Philippines and applies those tried and true methods to Gallery By Chele.  With Chele’s global perspective and Carlos’ knowledge of local flavors and ingredients, they have crafted a menu for Gallery that is a step away from the high-end atmosphere of Vask for a more laid-back and casual dining experience.  

Gallery By Chele
5F Clipp Center, Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @gallerybychele
Instagram: @gallerybychele
Website: gallerybychele.com
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[Mixology Recipe 4of4] Chillax Guava — Rache’s Favorite!

Mixology Happy Hours-35.jpg

Cocktail Drink: Chillax Guava Built on Old Fashioned / Rocks Glass

Mixology Happy Hours-25.jpg


Ice 5-6 cubes
Juice of 3 lemon wedges 3 wedges
Salt to rim the glass On a side plate
Worcestershire Sauce, 3 dashes
Tabasco Sauce, 10-12 drops
Guava Juice , 100 ML
Vodka , 40 ML
Celery Stick , 1 Piece
Lemon Slice , 1 Piece

Equipment: Peg Measure, Bar Spoon, Side plate with salt

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[Mixology Recipe 3of4] Tangy Caipirojka

Mixology Happy Hours-19.jpg
Cocktail Drink: Tangy Caipirojka muddles on Old Fashioned / Rocks Glass

Mixology Happy Hours-12.jpg

Crushed Ice, 8-10 Cubes crushed roughly
Lemon, 3 Wedges
Orange, 3 Wedges
Fresh Mint Leaves, 10-15 leaves
Sugar Syrup / brown sugar 15 ML / 15 Gms
Vodka, 40 ML

Peg Measure
Bar Spoon
Tea Spoon

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[Mixology Recipe 1of4] Cosmopolitan

Mixology Happy Hours-11.jpg
Cosmopolitan on Martini glass Shaken not Stirred.

Cosmopolitan Origins: The Cosmopolitan appeared sometime in 1980s- exactly who and where is unknown. Although the Cosmos originator is unknown, Dale De Groff can rightly claim to have popularized the drink and adjusted the recipe. Sex in the City popularizes the drink and gave it a ladies drink equity. (Kaiz would disagree)

Mixology Happy Hours.jpg
Ice 6-8 cubes
Lime Juice,10 ML
Triple Sec, 15 ML
Cranberry Juice, 60 ML
Vodka, 40 ML
Orange Peel,1 Piece

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Mixology 101 by Happy Hours Inc.

Mixology Happy Hours-32.jpg

Master Mixologist, Kaiz Patel

I will never order another expensive cocktail drink again in any bars. It is so easy to make one and you can learn from master mixologist Kaiz Patel during Happy Hours’ monthly mixology sessions. It is usually held in Prince of Jaipur in the Fort or Libis area for the price of 4 cocktail drinks that you mixed on your own. For the manila session, it costs P600 (if you are a group of 5 or more) and I wouldn’t recommend to go without your friends and pay P750.

Introduction to Mixology

For a 1.5 hours session, I can’t imagine that I am now confident about how to create my own cocktail drink and even specify how I would like my drink like James Bond. I prefer Shaken instead of Stirred because it is cooler, and you can appreciate how hard to manually shake the drink to have a holistic taste. The secret to any cocktail drink is the right amount of ingredients and the way it is presented. You need to have the right bar equipment and practice on the classic cocktail recipes.

It would be difficult to just read the cocktail recipes without somebody showing you how to do it. I’ll show you how to do the 4 drinks we learned from Mixology Sessions through 4 separate blog posts on these vodka based drinks: Cosmopolitan, Tangy Caipirojka, Melontini (Melon Martini) and Chillax Guava

Thanks to Michelle for inviting us to this fun and tipsy event 🙂

About Master Mixologist, Kaiz Patel
Kaizad “Kaiz” Patel’s involvement with hospitality spans over 14 years. Kaiz is a graduate in Hotel Management from the prestigious Ecole Les Roches, Switzerland, and has worked in various capacities in Europe, Middle East and India. When he is not sharing his cocktail mixing knowledge, he manages a hospitality consultancy company in India, where Kaiz is renowned for his ability to create theme-based food and Beverage operations. Kaiz is also a columnist, a restaurant critic and food expert for various magazines and newspapers such as Times of India in Hyderabad, Taste and Travel, Express Hospitality, among others. He has conducted training workshops for leading hotels, restaurants and hotel management schools across India, as well as in the Middle East. He has been coming to the Philippines since 2003 for business and considers Manila as home. Kaiz likes the warm, hospitable people of Philippines and is currently working on his Tagalog skills. He loves Filipino food – Kare Kare, Lechon de leche & Lengua being his favorites! It is his passion for simplifying cocktails for the consumer that gave birth to Happyhours!

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