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Yunnan, China: KUNMING, The City of Eternal Spring!

Kunming Province of Yunnan, known as the City of Eternal Spring, is regarded as China’s most livable city because of its diversity in food, culture and of course its year-long favorable climate.

It is also one of the most laid-back provinces in China you can visit, perfect for travelers who like to kick it back and for families that would like to experience a different kind of China.

Here are my learnings on the best discoveries and travel tips for your awesome Kunming China experience!

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HUA QUAN: Awesome Artist Village in Jiangxi, China! (Photo Essay)


Hua Quan Village is an art and cultural village located south of Yingtan in Jiangxi, China. The village is situated near the famous Longhu (Dragon Tiger) Mountain, one of China’s most beautiful natural heritage sites, and the birthplace of Taoism.

The village spans over 16 hectares, making it one of the largest art and cultural centers in the world.

Here’s what we loved about the village and why you should include this on your next trip to China…


18 Tianshi Road, Longhu Shan District, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, China
Telephone: +86-0701- 663-5999
Facebook: Hua Quan Village
Instagram: @hua_quan_village
Website: www.huaquanvillage.com

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ZHENGZHOU: 8 Awesome Places You Should Visit in Zhengzhou! @TigerAirSG


Let’s explore the rich history of Zhengzhou, home to four ancient capitals in China, with a boat ride to the cradle of civilization the Yellow River. Witness the birthplace of ancient Shaolin Kung Fu, be amazed by the world cultural heritage site, the Longmen Grottoes, and enjoy hiking the picturesque Yuntaishan Geopark.

Here are my top 8 favorite places in Zhengzhou…

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ZHENGZHOU: Yellow River Hovercraft Experience! @TigerAirSG

Yellow River

The Yellow River is the second-longest river (5,464 kilometers) in China and the fifth in the world and takes its name from the muddy yellow water coming from the sediments it carries.

It is famed for being the mother river of China and the cradle of Chinese civilization in their early history (2100–1046 BC).

Check out how we experienced the Yellow River Scenic Area of Zhengzhou inside a hovercraft….

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YUNTAI MOUNTAIN: First Timer’s Guide to YunTaiShan (Photo Essay) @TigerAirSG

Yun Tai Shan

Yuntai Mountain, 70km northwest of Zhengzhou, is a popular domestic tourist getaway located in a UNESCO World Geological Park. It boasts an area of 250sq km, surrounded by marvelous mountains, serene valley, luscious forest, running waterfalls, clear pools, and plunging springs.

The National AAAAA Grade Tourist Attraction holds 11 scenic spots but it’s the Hongshi (Red Stone) Valley you should visit.

Here is a photo essay of our Yuntai Mountain experience …

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ZHENGZHOU: Dengfeng Shaolin Temple @TigerAirSG

Shaolin Temple

When you speak about China, one of the things that comes to mind is Kung Fu! Journey with us to Zhengzhou–the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu–as we get to know the cradle of Zen Buddhism and the ancient Chinese martial arts.

Dengfeng Shaolin Temple was once hidden thousands of years ago (459 AD) inside the dense jungle of the Songshan mountain. The reconstructed World Cultural & Natural Heritage site is now a destination where people come to visit the temple and where young students and tourists alike come to train in martial arts.

Here's what to expect inside the Shaolin capital…

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ZHENGZHOU: The City of Kaifeng (Memorial Temple, Qingming River Park, and Drum Tower Night Market) @TigerAirSG

Zhengzhou: Henan Dishes

There is a famous Chinese saying: “Eat in Kaifeng, work in Zhengzhou, and retire in Luoyang”.

Kaifeng, with a history of more than 2,700 years, was formerly known as Dongjing and served as the capital of China for 168 years. Let’s explore the city in Zhengzhou, famous for it’s Henan cuisine, with a variety of local specialties and snacks and sightseeing attractions like the Memorial Temple, Millenial City Park, and Drum Tower Night Market. It takes 90 minutes to drive from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng.

Henan province is known as the city of delicacies where tourists can find local favorites such as…

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ZHENGZHOU Food Trip: 10 Henan Dishes You Should Try in Zhengzhou! @TigerAirSG

Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, is rich in history being one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China. Tourists are treated to UNESCO heritage sites such as the famed Shaolin Temple, Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes, the picturesque Yuntaishan Mountain, and so much more.

But a visit to Zhengzhou wouldn't be complete without tasting the local cuisine that can be found in their restaurants, food stalls, and night markets. 

Here are 10 Henan Dishes you should try …

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CHILI’s Favorites and Summer Flare with Ribs! (Revisited)


With the summer season rolling in, Chili’s follows suit with their new line of deliciously messy ribs that come with a Cherry Cola or Blueberry Chipotle Glaze, do-it-yourself “Skillet BBQ Sliders”, and their tasty triumvirate of chicken, salmon and pork ribs in the “Texas Trio”.

Aside from their new menu, we also got to try their bestselling items and famous Margaritas.

Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
Email: chilis_philippines@yahoo.com
Telephone: 747 – 2131
Facebook: Chili's Philippines
Instagram: @chilisphilippines
Website: www.chilisphilippines.com

Here’s our review of Chili’s and their summer menu…

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SHENZHEN CITY: How a Fishing Village turned into a Top Economic Zone in China? (A Photo Essay)


Shenzhen is one of the major cities within the Guangdong Province. Only two hours away from Hong Kong, the city has established its presence as the most prominent Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Mainland China.

SEZ’s employ a free-market infrastructure that draws in foreign investors and domestic firms for their flexibility and reach. Incentives including lower tax rates and laxer government regulations have enticed tech giants, like Huawei, to China’s “Window to the World”.

Here is a small glimpse of Shenzhen from a traveler’s perspective…

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