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My Summer in Beijing (On My Own)

(Text & Photos by Aidan Diaz)


Last Summer, I went to Beijing for a month and saw many beautiful places and ate delicious food.

I did further Chinese studies in Beijing on my own in the company of schoolmates.

Here’s the story of my summer in Beijing …

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Ahiya Aidan meets Syoti Josh for the first time…

Syoti Josh and Ahiya Aidan-57

Rache recalls the first encounter of Aidan with syoti, Josh:

” The first time Aidan saw his brother, ang tanong sa akin, “Ma, sino
yan?” (i know, nakakatawa no?) then i told him, si syoti…naku,
ngumiti na at natuwa! hi syoti, ang sabi! Aidan kept on touching
syoti…marunong siya kasi dahan dahan nya hinimas si syoti. Game na
game makipagpicture with his syoti. Now that we’re home, everytime he
hears Joshua cries, he would run and shout that Syoti is crying…and
sometimes would ask, why is syoti crying…he likes to touch
syoti…at halik halikan! Kaya kitang kita namin na mahal niya si
syoti. So far, di naman sya masyado nagpapakita ng selos. Today,
when he saw syoti nagmeme, he asked for it…it is one sign na siguro,
nagseselos…hopefully, di naman sya gaanong magselos kasi we still
spend time with him since tulog lang naman si syoti ng tulog. “

(Note: In Chinese, the oldest kuya is called Ahiya and
the younger brother is called Syoti and younger sister is called Siobe)

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