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SAMGYEOPSAL: Lovin’ the Korean Grilled Pork Belly BBQ Experience…Yum! @KTOManila

Samgyeopsal - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-31.jpg

Samgyeopsal, one of the most popular Korean dishes, refers to pork belly meat slices grilled on your table. It’s name literally means: three (sam; 삼) layered (gyeop; 겹) flesh (sal; 살) referring to the layering of fat and meat. In fact, there’s a Samgyeopsal Day celebrated every 3rd of March (sam 삼-sam; 삼) where all people should eat Samgyeopsal. 🙂

We went all the way to the Gangneung province to taste and experience what authentic Samgyeopsal is like in Korea…

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RAKKOJAE Secret Hanok Escape: An Authentic Immersion in Korean Culture (Seoul, South Korea) @KTOManila

RakKojae - KTO - Our Awesome Planet-36.jpg

Being my first time in Korea, my search for an authentic immersion in Korean culture was satisfied when I stayed in RakKoJae.

RakKoJae is a Hanok, a traditional Korean guest house that offers 6-star service in a secluded location in Seoul. Its name means “a place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rests one’s soul”.

Check out the RakKoJae experience…

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OCEAN ADVENTURE SUBIC: Planning Guide to the Best Experiences of Ocean Adventure Park!

Dolphin and Whale Show-29.jpg

OCEAN ADVENTURE  is a marine conservatory and adventure park located in Subic Bay and founded by animal behaviorists and trainers. It is owned by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, that is the same Philippine corporation running Camayan Beach Resort beside it.

Here is a family’s guide to the must-experienced attractions at Ocean Adventure:

Top 10 Adventure Attractions in South East Asia for Kids!

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THE INTAN: Peranakan Heritage Home-Museum by Antique Collector Alvin Yapp @VisitSingapore

Your Singapore-498.jpg
THE INTAN, which literally means “rose-cut diamond”, is the Peranakan house-museum of Alvin Yapp, collector and curator of Peranakan antiques and purveyor of Peranakan culture in Singapore.

Peranakan  means “descendant” and pertains to the ethnic Chinese who migrated in the 15th-16th century to the Malay peninsula, which includes Singapore. Although they have assimilated the Malay culture, they have distinct customs and traditions for Baba (men) and Nyonya (women). Most are elites of Singapore who have been loyal to the British than to China.

Trivia: Did you know that the Singapore Airlines flight attendant uniform is Peranakan-inspired?

Here’s a photo essay of our visit to The Intan:

Singapore Heritage Series 2013:

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BANANA LEAF APOLO: Indian Food We Love in Little India @VisitSingapore

Banana Leaf Apollo-39.jpg
One of the most recommended places to eat in Little India is The Banana Leaf Apolo. It’s like a turo-turo Indian fast food joint but with a resto format. It’s the perfect lunch spot after the long and appetizing LITTLE INDIA WALK: Dhobis, Saris & a Spot of Curry.

Here’s a preview of the Banana Leaf Apolo experience in Little India, Singapore:

Your Awesome Singapore Series:

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