Krispy Kreme, Manila — Happy Happy Birthday!

On a cold Nov. 30 morning, Krispy Kreme in Manila was born @ exactly 8.30am Manila, Philippines time. Before going to the Bulacan Sale, we just had to say Happy Birthday to Krispy Kreme in City Center the Fort!

There was a long queue and this was the tail end of the line at 8.30am. The queue was a snake already and it goes all around up to the Krispy Kreme main door opening below the Red building on the left. There are still a lot of people who lined up which is a mix of students who has nothing to do because of no classes, employees who aim to get 4 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts to be seen as cool in the office, and gym rats coming from fitness gym the Fort who wanted to reward themselves for the morning’s workout. I’m not sure how long the queue was and I estimate that waiting time can easily be 2 hours in the morning.

Is there any readers out there who lined up this morning?

Aidan’s face says it all. Please help me escape from this long queue! BTW, what’s the frenzy about these Krispy Kreme donuts anyway? I’m actually just curious on who won the one year supply of Krispy Kreme donuts?



Fuyu Persimmons

My fruit vocabulary has just been expanded after tasting these sweet Fuyu Persimmons, also known as Japanese Persimmons. Thank you very much to Naz, one of my online friends, who gave these goodies as “pasalubong” from San Francisco for our family 🙂 I hope they didn’t have a hard time bringing the persimmons here.

I would call it a tomato apple. The persimmons, look like tomato in color and skin smoothness. It is eaten just the way they are and have a bite crunch like an apple. Though it is still hard, it is sweet already and the inside texture resembles that of a tomato. Best of all, there was no seed to interrupt your eating. It is deliciously sweet! Unfortunately, this was bought back in the US. But I’m pretty sure, there are stores around Greenhills or Manila that are importing persimmons here in Manila maybe a different variety called Hachiya.

Another treat were the chocolates, Nestle Crunch with four flavors (Original, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Caramel) and Ghiradelli!!! I just hope I can control myself and just stick on eating those juicy persimmons. My wife has a sweet tooth so when she saw all those goodies on the table, she got excited (don’t women just love them?) and asked me where it came from (yeah, she knows me well enough that I’m not buying those for her). She was surprised and at the same time thought it was so sweet of Naz and his family to bring us pasalubongs from SF. Surprised because they chose to allot a space in their luggage to bring home these treats to us instead of bringing something home to their families and close friends. And oh, last but not the least, a supply of the clean and fresh smelling lotion from Body Works!

Thanks Naz and family for these wonderful treat!!! And I’m really sorry for not meeting you the first time, this week is a very hectic week for me but I was glad that you were still able to fit me in your limited time here in Manila. Once again, thank you and hope you have a nice trip back to SF!



10 Fun Facts About Krispy Kreme in Manila

I was just reading through the press kit of Krispy Kreme including some early articles and I noted some fun facts that I found interesting. I thought that I’ll share it with you.

1. The latest craze for doughnuts? Serving Krispy Kreme doughnuts at weddings. After a story ran in InStyle magazine’s special “Weddings” issue (spring 2002), couples began calling Krispy Kreme stores to place doughnut orders for wedding receptions.

2. Doughnuts trace their history to Dutch “fried cakes,” which were brought to America by early Dutch settlers. The cakes had nuts embedded in their centers, and early Americans combined “dough” and “nut” to make the word “doughnut”.

3. The hole in the center of the doughnut is credited to a young boy named Hanson Gregory, who in 1847, suggested to his mother that she put a hole in the middle of her “fried cakes” to ensure the cake was fully cooked in the middle.

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Eating Turtle, a slice of Snake and a Water Bug in Guangzhou, China

WARNING: Please don’t read this post. The pictures are disgusting but I wanted to blog about this to serve as a blog memory for me on my exotic adventures in Guangzhou, China. Hopefully, it will never happen again.

In my post, Snake, Water Bug, and Centipede looking Shrimps

Q. What do these animals have in common?
A. I ate all of them for dinner in Guangzhou, China.

This was the second time I ate snakes in China. It was tolerable, and the Guanzhou locals loved it. It actually taste like lamb ribs with fish bones. It looks slimy but is is not. The skin is tender instead of rubbery and if not for the stripes you will forget that you are eating snakes. But still, every time I look at the picture above, I want to throw up and I can’t imagine eating these disgusting snakes.

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Duo of Serendra: Chef Mao and Larry Cortez

“Duo means a combination of two… it’s a combination of excellent food and impeccable service, to provide you the perfect dining experience in a comfortable setting…. From great food service to celebrated wines, with a team of seasoned and courteous staff, Duo offers an unmatched dining experience… Larry Cortez and Chef Mauro Arjona Jr. “

Literally this is French Corner in Serendra. Way before Duo opened, rumor has it that Billy King’s protégé decided to start a Serendra restaurant. Expect the same level of food quality in their French cuisine but this time I must admit that the service was friendly and accommodating. Don’t be intimidated by the vest and tie wearing waiters, they are ready to serve you. There are a lot of artsy fartsy effects on the wall and most of them are for sale. The photo above is a ceiling painting that gives a French ambiance and entices you to drink some wines. You might be intimidated to eat here because of the prices of the food and the “expat” crowd that it attracts, but reserve this for special occasions.

I love the baked sole that I ordered and the “gone-in-a-minute” Duo Surprise dessert. The Fish and Meat that we ordered tasted ordinary though and in fact, my wife was complaining that the Fish tasted like Mc Donald’s fish fillet. I can’t believe it at first, but when I tasted the fish, I felt like somebody stole the Mc Donald’s fish fillet recipe. The steak was tender with the perfect sauce, but we should have ordered the Surf and Turf instead. I’m hoping to go back to get a full taste of a 4 course meal.

Lastly, the place is a little crowded and far from the luxury in space that French Corner offers. It feels like the other table can hear whatever you are talking and there is a tiny bar on the mezzanine floor. I like the long rectangular windows view of the Serendra piazza center from the resto. Overall, it is still far from a JSG experience and a toned down Le Souffle, but the Duo promise of excellent food and impeccable service is perfect for that dinner date or a special love one occasion.

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Krispy Kreme vs. Go Nuts Donuts

The verdict is out! Krispy Kreme is the King of Doughnuts!

I was surprised yesterday that Krispy Kreme sent not only one box but enough doughnuts to feed our entire company during merienda. Thanks Krispy Kreme!! I actually missed it since I was working from home yesterday and I had to ask one of our guys to deliver one box at home. I heard they are giving away 100,000 doughnuts to test run their equipment and at the same time, to serve as their non-traditional marketing campaign since they don’t plan to have a TV commercial. Well, I don’t think they need any more advertisement because this was already done for them through word of mouth, won’t you agree? Most of the big Makati Companies were fortunate enough to receive this most coveted doughnut 🙂

We had to conduct the taste test immediately while the doughnuts are still fresh. We had five people to serve as our panel for the event. I won’t reveal their names but one is a culinologist by profession who runs kusina bilidad; a lady from the HR team of McCann Erikson; an IT project manager from one of America’s biggest retailer Safeway; a dedicated and beautiful housewife; and a photo blogger. Unanimously, all of us agreed that Krispy Kreme is the best doughnut and I hate to admit it but it is true.

We were able to buy Go Nuts and the much raved about Cello donuts who fortunately have a store in front of DLSU. We did not include Hoops donuts anymore, as requested too, because it was not somewhere near where we can immediately run and buy one from it.

Can you guess which one is the Go Nuts and which one is the Krispy Kreme?

The Final Ranking:

1. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts (P30) — (
The dough is super airy soft with the right firmness to still have the right form and “bite” that is unbeatable by any other doughnuts. The doughnut is thinly glazed over that literally melts in your hand when you touch it and with double joy, melts in your mouth when you bite into it. Everybody agrees that the honey glaze is too sweet which is both good/ bad in a way. So, it will be nice to have it with hot milk or hot coffee to serve as the break from eating those doughnuts. After eating the doughnut, the sweetness lingers in your mouth when the glaze melts but it does not make you feel thirsty. It has an addicting factor that I suggest you stay away from this temptation. Also, if you are trying to lose weight and trying to stay healthy, do not attempt to even get a taste of this because you might ruin your diet plan and health. Lastly, I think the price will be a factor when buying this one.

2. Go Nuts Donuts Amazing Glaze Donuts (P18) — (
The dough feels a lot firmer and certain hardness than the Krispy Kremes. In fact, without the Krispy Kreme comparison, I’m sure you won’t notice this. The glaze is a little thicker and has the right amount of sweetness. I think Go Nuts was able to perfect the right amount of sweetness for the Filipino taste bud. The taste feels like a duplicate of the Krispy Kreme when KK doughnuts are already in its 2-3 day existence. Unanimously, everybody agree that Krispy Kreme is way a lot better. But I’m sure that Krispy Kreme won’t have Go Nuts pastilas version.

3. Cello’s Original Doughnuts (P20) — a far third and a little more expensive than Go Nuts, these doughnuts taste like margarine and the dough is more of a bread. So these should be called breadnuts with margarine 🙂 Seriously, these kinds of doughnuts goes well with their different toppings. So if we just compare the original honey glazed doughnuts, this won’t even compare. Also, once you eat them, you will feel thirsty since it makes your mouth dry as observed by our culinologist friend. But then again, when you just eat them without anything to compare it with, this may pass your taste bud too!

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Penny Brown Smackers

Our Awesome Planet Smacker
(P100) – Sinless Sugar-Free Cookies with Fruits-in-Ice Cream (FIC) Cafe Late Light Sugar-Free with Clifford dog, not included with the purchase.

That’s the way I like my smacker! Now, these cookies are sounding like Starbucks coffee where you need to have 15 words to be considered cool. Ok that’s the idea, why not have an extra hot cookie on an extra chilly ice cream. Or can we have an extra sugar-free whip cream on top too?

Seriously, these Penny Brown fresh cookies are making a lot of noise and I’m glad that this is just near our office. The keyword these days are fresh doughnuts, cookies freshly baked, and popcorn popped daily. The terms fresh along with the sugar-free low carb trend is here to stay and now, I’m glad that I’ll be less guilty eating my dessert especially when I’m alone.

Actually, my favorite dessert in Glorietta are Subway’s Oatmeal Cookie (P40 for 3) and Better than Ice Cream Pistachio on a sugar cone (P60). I can’t resist these desserts and now, here’s an addition to my list of favorites. I’m glad that I can order these sugar-free smacker equivalent from Penny Brown. If I have my way, this is my ideal cookie: Extra Hot Sugar-Free Oatmeal Cookies with extra chilly Fruits-in-Ice Cream Pistachio Light Sugar Free. I’m glad I beat the 15 words cool factor here 🙂 Care to share your penny brown moment?

The verdict? I surprised my wife with this penny brown smacker and lets just say I got another cookie points for it 🙂 I love it for the fact that it is fresh and sugar-free. But admittedly, the ice cream overpowered the sugar-free cookie. The cookie itself does not have a unique taste, it is like eating the sweet texture of a cookie. Orange Outbursts heart Penny Brown and calls it heavenly– I can’t blame her 🙂

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Krispy Kreme in Manila

I got the email below from Krispy Kreme today:

Subject: Krispy Kreme is Here!

Dear Sir Anton,

Krispy Kreme, America’s favorite doughnut, is finally opening in the Philippines on Nov. 30, with its first store at the City Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Before the opening, we would like to give Our Awesome Planet the ‘first bite’ into this much-talked about doughnut. We would like to ask your permission to send you Krisy Kreme doughnuts.

Please let us know where we can send you the Krispy Kremes. You may email us at this address (press_*** or contact 729-**** or 0917-******* and look for Blooey.

Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you.
More power to your blog!

PR Consultant for Krispy Kreme

I immediately called Blooey to check if this was indeed true. It turns out that they are starting to seed these Krispy Kreme to the “media”. Now, I’m not sure I’m qualified to be part of the “media” but I’ll be glad to get a first hand taste of these fresh doughnuts 🙂 Krispy Kreme will finally open on nov. 30 in the City Center the Fort. This is the new rows of restaurant in front of Serendra– more places to blog about!

Also, during the store opening, the very first customer to buy doughnuts will get a one year free supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! In the US, it was rumored that a guy, Rob Perugin, camped out for 17 days to get this one year supply. (see Krispy Kreme Mania) I thought about it for a minute, and said to myself, would I want to get fat for a year? Would you camp out for these doughnuts? Imagine, the guy camped out starting today until the opening on Nov. 30. So I guess, there is no hope now for any Filipino in beating the record of 17 days….

Their website is now up and running at and I immediately signed up to become “Friends of Krispy Kreme”. My plan is when they send me a box of these doughnuts, I will buy Go Nuts donuts and have an informal taste test with friends. Let the battle of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts vs. Go Nuts Donuts begin!


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