[Unique Stores.3] The Little Chinese Store

Little Store – 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This store has been in operation for 5 years, and going strong with a loyal following of its yummy P40 chinese lumpia. This is an oriental store that serves canteen style chinese food with lumpia as the “killer” food that draws dine in and take out guests. This is my first time (can you imagine that) to visit this store which my wife’s family raves about because of its assortment of oriental goodies and seasoning. Although, according to my wife, her grandmother’s lumpia is still a lot better and more delicious than the Little Store’s version. Here is a peak at the Little Store in Greenhills.

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A Lesson in Timing @ Galileo Enotica

Galileo, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Galileo Enotica is a place with a soul alright as describe by Market Man. I missed Market Man’s EB and I also missed all the special food served as captured by Desserts First in her EB post . I ate in Galileo last Saturday Lunch time and I got to experience the normal set menu. No Fresh Mozzarella! No Lambrusco wine! No Fresh Anchovies and Fresh Olives! No roasted peppers and no baby tomatoes! No penne with roasted eggplant! No other food aside from Spaghettini Ala Arabiata and Spaghetti Ala Carbonara! No doubt the food is great but this is a lesson of timing when to eat in places like this and I’ll share with you my experience and how best you can enjoy this place when you visit.

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Mama Tina Ristorante – Another Italian Favorite

I love Italian! Specially when I started to try out to be a vegetarian, pizzas became part of my normal diet. I particularly like the Amici de Don Bosco type of pizza, or Bravo’s thin crunchy crust pizzas and I’m looking out for that authentic Italian taste. Here’s another favorite which is Mama Tina Ristorante along Edsa.

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Vegetarians don’t eat Steak :(

I heard a lot of raves about the novelty of eating beside a petron station but I’ve never tried it and probably never will. I’m a vegetarian for 2 weeks now (yes, you heard me right) and I can only read reviews about it. Particularly interesting is Firefly | Zephyr’s review of Everything @ Steak. If my vegetarian experiment works, I don’t mind missing raving about this steak. 2 more weeks…

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Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai


The Secret is Out :) Cheap Thai Food!

Here is another best kept thai cuisine secret for all those food adventurers out there. This time, this is a hawker style (just along the road- turo turo in short) place, where it serves sukho-thai food at a very cheap price! I’m really a food adventurer and sometimes I’m criticized for only trying the expensive ones (so here’s a cheap find for you). The food is cooked or supervised by a retired Sukhothai Chef who is a thai and has a family here in Makati. Som is the name of the grand daughter of the Chef. I’ve decided to check out Som’s Noddle House instead of going to the World’s longest dinner buffet in Eastwood (and the World’s most unsatisfied guests – I’m glad 🙂 Then, the next day, I also checked out SukhoThai in Megamall which is one of our favorites but we heard that it will be closing shop soon (hopefully just a rumor). Here is a blow by blow boxing match between Som’s Noodle House vs. Sukho-Thai before you even try to check this one out.

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Special Birthday Brunch from a Special Chef :)

I love Chef Pat’s Food :)

It was my wife’s birthday last Saturday and I’ve been looking for a special place to eat. By special, I mean a cozy place that only a few people are eating, excellent food, and warm service. I’m glad I was not disappointed with our Sunday Brunch @ Chef Pat’s. I like discovering new places that people have not been into and this budding chef would someday be famous. This place is like Chef Laudico in Urdaneta where he opened his house for intimate dining with a special menu. Chef Pat is located in Northeast greenhills and just a perfect place for a Sunday Brunch — yummy 🙂 Sometimes, Pat Choa would be invited to people’s house to cook at their own home (imagine that).

The 6 course menu was fantastic and delicious 🙂 All of them a winner except for the soup which got mixed reviews:

Chicken and Saffon Soup. My dad loved this!

Pomelo and Chinese Pear Salad. This is soo delicious that we want to steal the recipe.

Sesame Crusted Lapu-Lapu with Mushroom Broth. Now this one is magical because the very thin slices of tuna flakes on top of the crust is moving and it was fun to watch like it was alive.

Beef Tenderloin with Crispy Beef Tongue and Risotto. Delicious and was gone in a few seconds.

Mandarin Orange Sorbet awith Kaffir Lime Jelly. The sorbet was homemade and you can really taste the mandarin orange.

Chocolate Hazel Nut Mousse. This is the yummy birthday cake. The crusts is worth the calories 🙂

Chef Pat — Thanks for the wonderful Sunday Brunch and for making my birthday surprise to Rache soo special. Although I would offer a few things for improvement to make it a truly mind-blowing experience because the food is already fantastic:

Overflowing signature drink. The drinks were just water and powdered ice tea. It would have been great if there was a signature drink like fresh mandarin orange that is overflowing! Or, maybe a wine would be a good compliment for these french dishes 🙂

Focus on the tiny details of the dining experience. There should be interesting talk pieces in the dining area. There are a few but we don’t know what the story is, so maybe an intruiging piece of art or cloth, or dining ware would be appropriate. One thing missing is excellent music to complement the dining experience.

Here is our family photo and this was the best among the photoshoots that we made that morning:

>> More Photos here.


Chef Patricia Choa (Chef Pat)
Northeast Greenhills, Entrance is near Chili’s Greenhills


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My Singapore Adventures 1: Are you a Chili Crab or Pepper Crab lover?

Asia Band 3 College, Singapore ( September, 26-30, 2005 )

Singapore has been my second work home. All of my trips this year have been in Singapore and this week is no exception. We had a leadership training for all the senior managers in our company in the asia region. Whenever I travel, I bring my hobby with me: Photography, Badminton and Culinary Adventures.

Night Photography. My first attempt at night photography of Clarke Quay, Singapore. I wished pasig river could be as beautiful as this. This place have always been a tourist winner ever since.

Chili Crab or Pepper Crab? I’ve always craved about these singapore favorites that nobody can match in the Philippines resto. For some reason, ever the Palm Beach in the Fort or Singapura Rasa cannot even compare to these authentic dishes from Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. The JUMBO chili crab has always been a winner over the JUMBO pepper crab because of its rich yummy sauce with fried or steam buns! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing on one of the culinary adventures of your life.

I can’t imagine that I’ve eaten in a Jumbo restaurant on two consecutive nights both in Clarke Quay. Their most famous restaurant is in East Coast — most of the taxi drivers know this place. Recently, I learned that there are other recommended dishes that are sooo delicious in Jumbo. Don’t forget to order Bamboo Clams with minced garlic and Crispy Baby Squid!! Equally Yummy!

Badminton. When visiting Singapore, I always make a point to play Badminton. Also, I always bring my badminton racket when I travel. It affects my game if I don’t use my Armortek 800. There’s a certain feel to it that I’m able to make excellent drop shots or control the flick of my wrist.

RC Airplane. On my way to Jumbo, I saw these Singaporeans flying RC plances that look like UFO sightings in the photo above. One day, I’ll take up this hobby 🙂

Official Photographer. The problem with having photography as your hobby is the fact that people will leverage your hobby during meetings and ask you to be THE official photographer. One of my difficulty is asking a group to do a fun shot aside from the normal formal shots. I’m happy that I was able to talk some sense into the team and inspire them to have this wacky pose. (I’m the middle person on the first row)



Sunday Brunch Bday Celebration @ Lumiere

Best Sunday Brunch in Town!

I’ve always wanted to eat at Lumiere and I’m glad that I got a tip from whipsmart that they actually serve the best Sunday brunch in town! My office is just in Ayala 6750 but not a lot of people knows about Lumiere. It is a best kept secret and it should stay that way because it only can accomodate a few people. It was a perfect b-day celebration for Momsy who is celebrating her 64th bday last Sunday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMSY!!) I’ll be sharing with you our awesome Sunday brunch experience @ Lumiere.

Excellent Bistro Ambiance. The place was small but what strike us the most is the ambiance of a homy feel to it. On Sundays, it’s like the expat community and only people in the know eat brunch here. I’m glad that we are able to catch a seat by making a last minute reservations. It also feels that most of the people know each other and we even saw Nina Tesoro owner of Kusina Salud eating brunch last Sunday.

Art is in the Air. It was able to convincingly integrate Art into the dining experience. Last Sunday, we were still able to catch the Scapular Nomad Gallery. A five-year long performance art gallery. A gallery worn daily by Judy Freya Sibayan, Curator, Performance Artist. I took pictures of the scapular here. On some months, there are actually photograph exhibits in this small quaint french bistro where you can appreciate them or buy them 🙂

Eat-all-you-can Fresh Green Salad and Potatoes. This is the first time that I’ve seen a restaurant offering this as part of the entire meal. It says on the menu above: “Generous Servings of Salad, Pomme Sautes, and Grilled Tomatoes”. On Sunday Brunch, Lumiere only serve set menus and most of them taste great 🙂 The only complaint that my mom had was it was too much cholesterol in one meal because of the eggs 🙂

Brunch Meal + Drink + Dessert + Coffee/Tea. You have to choose among 6 types of brunch menu. Among the choices, we loved the Egg Benedict, Baked Eggs with Foie Gras and Biscuit, and Steaks and Eggs (Yummy!). For the drink, Mimosa is a must try which is orange juice with Champagne. The brewed coffee and tea is a perfect way to end the meal. The dessert was not a winner although, they created a small cake for my mom and it was really good that it was immediately wipe out 🙂 All for P650/meal (net)!

– Lumiere is located along Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue near the British embassy besides the PLDT building. It is soo small that people missed this secret place.
– Sundays serves Brunch. Tues-Saturday serves Ala Carte menu.
– Reserve @ 812-2976 because the place gets jampacked.
– More Lumiere photos here.


Restos Within Makati Area:

Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai

Amici de Don Bosco — Home-Cooked Italian Food that you’ll love!

Sango — The Japanese Burger Master!

Kublai’s Rock is Back!

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