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WAFU: Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet! (@WAFUgreenhills kicks off the Teppanyaki Craze in Manila?!)

WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-44.jpg
WAFU’s Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet is a 12-course, sit-down, Japanese-style iron grill feast curated by Wafu’s Executive Chef, Chris Oronce. But unlike traditional buffets where you can order anything, guests are required to go through all 12 courses first before they can order more of their favorites on the menu. The buffet comes with a sushi sampler, dessert, unlimited fried rice, and drinks.

We enjoyed our teppanyaki meal. I can’t help but think that this could be the start of the teppanyaki craze in Manila!

Here are some highlights from our own Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet experience with Executive Sous Chef Leslie Altura

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11 Foodie Tips & Tricks to Survive UTT 11! #UltimateTasteTest @PowerPlantMall

(1 Day to go before Rockwell’s 3rd Ultimate Taste Test!)


(Click here for a closer look at the map)

11 Foodie Tips & Tricks to Survive UTT 11!

1) Pace yourself. Don’t attempt to finish the food from all 50+ vendors in a single hour. 

2) Rate the food immediately. Trust your instincts and put the first score that comes to mind.

Here’s the rating scale for the taste test and some guidelines for each score:

1- Thanks, but it could be better. (If you didn’t like the food at all)
2- It’s OK. (If it was acceptable but not really memorable)
3- We had a good time. (If it was good and you enjoyed eating it)
4- I love it! (If the food was really good and something you would order next time)
5- Awesome! (If the food was really, really good that you would tell everyone about it or give it away for Christmas to your friends and family)

We suggest you give your rating first before comparing notes with other foodies so that your decision won’t be influenced. So if you love the food and think it’s rave-worthy, go ahead and give it a 5.

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PEPITA’S KITCHEN: Hayop na Lechon Degustacion!

11/26/2014 Update: DINNER at TIFFANY’S: 8 Course Lechon Degustacion in Splendour by Pepita’s Kitchen

Pepita's Kitchen-27.jpg

HAYOP NA DEGUSTACION is a 12-course Pinoy degustation feast with Pepita’s Stuffed Lechon as the highlight. Pepita’s Lechon by Dedet was the Overall Winner of Ultimate Taste Test 4, where they were first discovered in 2010.

Foodies always rave about Dedet’s creative variations of stuffed lechon (roasted pig). My favorites include the French Lechon with Truffle Stuffing, Lechon with Binagoongan Rice stuffing, Lechon with Laing Rice, and their latest creation, Thanh Long de Leche.

In 2012, PEPITA’S KITCHEN launched the Lechon Degustacion, a private dining at the house where the stuffed lechons are prepared and cooked. It has become the best Pinoy-inspired degustation feast in the metro.

Just this September 2013, Dedet introduced the latest edition — Hayop na Degustacion — a streamlined version of the original lechon degustation. Together with other food bloggers and some OB Montessori people, we were invited to be the “guinea pigs” for the final taste test of the new degustacion menu.

Here is our Hayop na Degustacion experience at Pepita’s Kitchen…

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Countdown to Ultimate Taste Test 2013 @ Rockwell… 8 Days to go! @PowerPlantMall

Read First: Announcing… Rockwell’s 3rd Ultimate Taste Test 2013 on September 14, Saturday!

UTT Poster - Final

11th Ultimate Taste Test and 3rd in the Rockwell UTT series
50 of the latest and yummiest food in the metro…
1,000 foodies and food critics
8 days to go to Ultimate Taste Test 2013!

Don’t miss the Foodie Food Trip event of 2013 happening on September 14, Saturday 11am to 9pm, Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall!  Bring your friends and family to enjoy the UTT feast 🙂



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HUNGRY HOUND: On Duck Fat Fries, Mr. Delicious’ Bacon, and First Impressions… @HungryHoundPH

Hungry Hound First Impressions-22.jpg
HUNGRY HOUND is the latest Gastro Pub Concept by Chef Rob Pengson and Erwan Heussaff, located in the new Globe Headquarters in Bonifacio Global City. 

It’s definitely howling but got mixed reviews when we visited during the soft opening. The concept is really cool but the execution is not quite there yet, and we felt it was premature to open before the ghost month. 

Here are the things we liked and got disappointed with at Hungry Hound…

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MODERN SICHUAN: A Taste of Sichuan Cuisine in BGC!

 Read: 10 Most Awesome Chinese Restaurants in Manila!

Modern Sichuan-13.jpg

Manila is crazy about spicy food these days, and it’s just the right time to introduce MODERN SICHUAN, the first modern Sichuan-themed restaurant in Manila.  Sichuan is my favorite among all the Chinese cuisines because of its unique hotness and distinctive flavors.

Sichuan usually refers to the cuisines from Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan, Neijang, and Zigong in China. Sichuan uses three peppers: red chili peppers, black peppercorns, and hua jian (Sichuan Peppers) vs. Hunan cuisine which just uses chili. Hua jian peppers provide the malasensation-anaesthetic effect experienced when the peppercorn flavor makes contact with the saliva feeling your tongue numb to the chili.

Modern Sichuan also carries the Modern China menu for those who don’t like spicy food. The menu is overwhelming and offers unique dishes that you can’t find in any Chinese restaurant. 

Here are the dishes that we love and recommend in Modern Sichuan:

What’s New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?


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EL CHUPACABRA: Yummy Street Tacos and the “Goat Sucker” Reinvention of @Mexicali!

EL CHUPACABRA is the hottest street tacos hang-out place in Makati conceptualized by Dixie Mabanta of Mexicali, Cafe Mediterranean, Fishbar Boracay fame. It is located in the current commisary of Mexicali which turned into a street tacos resto with a Mission St. Sanfo vibe.

It is named after the legendary crypid El Chupacabra which literally means Sucker (Chupa) + Goat (cabra) that sucks blood out of livestock, especially goats.

We love the tacos and the whole streetfood with an expat hangout vibe. Check out El Chupacabra:

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PROJECT PIE Philippines: The Customize-Your-Own-Pizza-Pie Project by James Markham now in Manila!

Project Pie-30.jpg

PROJECT PIE Philippines is an artisan-inspired create-your-own-pizza place conceptualized by James Markham who pioneered the Chipotle-style assembly- line custom pizza niche. This is James’ custom-made pizza version 2.0 concept after his earlier pizza resto concept — Knockout Pizzeria, New York Style Pizza, MOD (Made On Demand) Pizza, and Pieology. 

It is the first international franchise outside the US, and the 4th branch after MGM, Las Vegas; Hill Crest, San Diego; and Boulder, Colorado. This is the first time you see an international franchise opened first in Manila, ahead of Singapore, Hong Kong and other cosmopolitan cities.

We are already exposed with the Chipotle-style burritos which were introduced by Ristras in Manila. (I’m still wondering when Chipotle will open here in Manila). 

The “Artisan” term is carefully used to refer to hand-crafted pizza prepared on-the-spot based on your preference. There’s nothing Artisanal about the ingredients and how the dough is prepared.

Here’s our Project Pie Experience in Manila and why we like the concept:

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ULTIMATE TASTE TEST Tickets 2013 Now Available @PowerPlantMall :)

Update Sept. 6, 2013: Countdown to Ultimate Taste Test 2013 @ Rockwell… 8 Days to go! 

Read First: Announcing… Rockwell’s 3rd Ultimate Taste Test 2013 on September 14, Saturday!

UTT Tickets

Finally, we are now selling tickets to Ultimate Taste Test 2013! 

What: Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 14, 2013, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
Where: Rockwell Tent 

Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P585/head. Inclusive of:

  • Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 40+ Home-Based Food Vendors
    Power Plant Mall Restaurants for the entire Saturday
  • A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
    (For foodies 18 years old and above only)
  • Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries.
  • Donation to designated beneficiary.

Here are the specific UTT ’13 Ticket Selling Guidelines:

1. Payments are to be settled through cash, bank deposit or online via paypal.

2. Ticket Reservations can be made through Our Awesome Planet, Creative Juice and Rockwell.

However, ticket reservations that will be settled through bank deposit payment should be directed to Creative Juice at 470-9925, 570-7827 or 584-8962. 

3. Clients should settle the payment within a week upon reservation date. If payment is not settled before the designated deadline, reservation will be considered void or cancelled. 

4. For cash payments, it can be made through:

  • Power Plant Mall Admin Office located at the P1 level of the Mall, or
  • Creative Juice Office located at 2nd Floor, Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

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RAMEN NAGI BUTAO 豚王: Black King, Red King & Green King Ramen in Manila!

Ramen Nagi Butao-32.jpg

RAMEN NAGI’S BUTAO 豚王 Ramen is hailed as the BEST Ramen in Hong Kong by most foodies. It was established by Ramen Master Chef Ikuta Satoshi in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2006. It’s a young, authentic and very creative ramen house which is easy to find by just following the long queues.

They have RAMEN NAGI branches in Shibuya, Nishi Shinjuku1F, and Kogame in Tokyo. In Hong Kong, they are popularly known as BUTAO with branches in Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. They opened international franchises in Taipei, Jakarta, Indonesia and soon in Manila. (There’s no branch in Singapore.)

Recently, BUTAO held its first Pop-up Store to test and introduce the first ever bowls of Butao King (traditional pork-bone soup), Black King (Butao broth with squid ink), Red King (spicy miso-based soup) and Green King (Japanese-Italian fusion: olive oil, basil and cheese) in Manila 🙂

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:


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