8 Best Ube Desserts in Manila!

We are still not tired with ube!

You’ll love these delectable treats that come in beautiful hues of purple. Here’s a list of ube desserts that we tried and worth having delivered….

I N U T A K is back.
@homecookingbykristina use fresh coconut cream from their Batangas farm for a satisfying inutak, a Taguig delicacy.

Sticky rice (galapong), coconut cream and sugar make up this kakanin (native delicacy) dessert. Imagine, a very creamy and smooth, ube-flavored bibingka with gooey and sticky consistency. A scoop of plain vanilla ice cream would be a great partner, don’t you think?

Home Cooking By Kristina
Instagram: @homecookingbykristina
Facebook: homecookingbykristina


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Best Weight Loss Strategies for People Who Love to Eat

It’s hard to lose weight when you love to eat but we learned the best weight loss strategies for foodies without giving up your love for food.

I lost 20 lbs during the lockdown while enjoying food, without starving myself.

Best Weight Loss Diet: Mediterranean Diet and Olive Oil

Eating plans in places like Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is the best way to achieve a heart-healthy body and lose weight while you eat.

The Mediterranean diet is mainly characterized by vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, whole grains, beans; limited poultry, eggs, and dairy; and lots of olive oil.

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PalengkeGo: Online Palengke that Deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

It’s important to store canned and processed food in case of an emergency during this pandemic. But one important thing you should always keep in mind is having a healthy diet to keep your immune system up to have a better chance in fighting COVID-19 infection.

PalengkeGo is a one stop shop that delivers most of your basic grocery needs from fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, cooking oil, rice and others. The online grocery was recently established to provide the community with fresh and healthy ingredients which are conveniently delivered right to your home.  It was also established to better assist local farmers get their products to the market, as well as a way to find an alternate work for their current employees, as non-essential businesses were temporarily not allowed to operate during the pandemic.

Facebook: palengkego
Gmail: [email protected]
Instagram: palengkego


Here’s a look at our PalangkeGo cart…

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ALBERGUS Salu-Salo & Cusina: Party Trays and Frozen Meals to be Enjoyed at Home!

Missed those dishes you tasted during special celebrations?

Albergus is one of our favorite catering companies that’s been serving the wedding and planning industry for 40 years. Their Food-To-Go (FTG) line has been operating since 2017, offering convenient frozen meals that are easy to store, heat & serve. They are great for sharing (can serve from 1-3 persons, depending on your appetite!). They offer a wide range of choices from Pinoy classics to those favorite menus you get to enjoy during special occasions perfect for  the family.

16 Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines

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Best Steak Delivery in Manila! (for Father’s Day in Quarantine)

Make no miSTEAK, and pre-order your dad’s favorite “handa” on his special day!

Here’ a list of Manila’s top steak places…


LA CABRERA is an Argentinian Steakhouse and the Manila branch of Parrilla La Cabrera by Chef de Cuisine Gaston Riveira. Argentinians are best known for their steaks, how they cook it and enjoy it with their signature chimichurri.

Recently they introduced La Cabrera Al Paso, the new signature line of Grill Ready Steaks Pre-Grilled The La Cabrera Way. Using only wooden charcoal, they sear in the flavor and give it that smoky La Cabrera touch. The steaks arrive frozen with easy to follow cooking instructions. Enjoy fresh off the pan, perfectly grilled La Cabrera beef right at home.


How to Order: (8:00am to 5:00pm)

LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar
Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11am-3pm/5:30pm-10:30pm
Mobile: +63 905 290-0703
Facebook: La Cabrera Manila

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Manila’s Best Chefs on Reinvention, Pivoting and What’s Next?

As we start the General Community Quarantine in Manila today, let’s listen to Manila’s Best Chefs and their inspiring stories of hope and resilience in the post-Covid World. It’s an intimate conversation on how to reinvent and pivot your restaurant business, taking those that matter most—chefs, employees and customers—into consideration.

You get to know the different personalities of the chefs and their take on what’s next.


1. Gallery by Chele | AT HOME Story by Chef Chele Gonzales

Watch YouTube Video here: Chef Chele Gonzales

Chef Chele provides his point of view on what’s next in the fine dining scene in Spain, Manila and the world. He walks us through his latest Gallery by Chele | At Home project and shows us how to best experience fine dining at home with his Spanish and Filipino specialties. You’ll learn a lot on how great chefs think in the face of post-Covid world challenges and how they are turning their businesses around during this time.

Related blog post: 10 Awesome Quarantine Date Night Ideas in Manila! (Restaurants)

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