[Sinulog #3] The Sinulog’s Grand Parade

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Originally, I thought that you could witness the entire parade in a few hours but I underestimated the sheer number of participants in the parade. A total of 93 participants broken down into Sinulog-based participants (3), Free Interpretation (9), Float (20), Higante (21) and Puppeteers (9). Although the number of participants is already reduced by 25% versus 124 participants in 2005, you would have to watch it the whole day just to see all the contestants. This reminds me of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia with its sheer number of participants, colorful and artful displays and shows.

The parade starts in P. del Rosario to Gen. Maxilom Ave. to Fuente Osmena circle then finally to the Ceby City Sports Center. You practically have to walk the entire time if you want to follow the parade. It is best to bring a cebu city map, and a camera. The parade kicks off at 9am and enters the Cebu City Sports Center starting at 1pm onwards. Every dances to the Sinulog which is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance moves two steps forward and one step backward to the sound of the drums. The best view of the parade is to be IN the parade where you can take photos as close up as possible while the street dance are happening.

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[Sinulog #2] Essential Guide to the Sinulog Fiesta

When attending the fiestas in the Philippines, you should have a game plan on how you would best experience it. Sometimes, it would take insiders who really know the Sinulog’s activities to be able to help you out in your game plan. In this essential guide, I would give you how to best experience Sinulog based on what worked for me during the festivities and what would I do differently when I visit Sinulog next year.

How to best experience — Sinulog!
1. Watch the Grand Parade in the Streets — The parade is soo huge that it starts at 8am until 7pm in the evening before you are able to watch the entire parade. Its soo grand that you just hope that you get to watch the best parts. You can watch it in the Grandstand in the Cebu City Sports Complex but I find it pretty boring but it is like watching the best cultural shows in the south part of the Philippines. In the Streets, don’t watch it in the sidelines behind the line boundaries. It is best that you bring a camera and act like a photographer so that you can walk on the streets while the performance is going on.
The best area to watch the parade is in the Fuentes Circle where the epicenter of the entire grand parade is located. This is one of the stops before the Grand Stand show where they practice their performance to the crowd. It is also where a lot of booths are located and street dancing is happening.

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[Sinulog #1] Sinulog — The Best Fiesta in the Philippines!

I’m back loaded with stories and pictures to share about Sinulog which is so far the best Fiesta in the Philippines! I’ve always been fascinated with the Philippines Fiestas and I’m hoping to be able to blog all of them. People from all over the world visits Cebu to witness this Phils’ “Mardi Gras” in Cebu City and it would be a shame if we, Filipinos, will not be able to experience this awesome fiesta at least once in our lifetime. This year’s Sinulog has the biggest crowd ever and I literally have to walked all over Cebu during the entire day just to experience it.

I’ve been looking for an insider’s account on what to expect in Sinulog but you would have to talk to locals so that you can fully understand what happens there. As a starting point, there is an official website where you can find the official schedule, history of the Sinulog, and winning photos in the past years (Sinulog is a perfect time for photography).

Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance moves two steps forward and one step backward to the sound of the drums. This resembles the current (Sulog) of what was then known as Cebu’s Pahina River. Thus, in Cebuano, they say it’s Sinulog. I will attempt to give an experiential account on Sinulog 2006 and maybe, I would be successful in convincing you that this is the best fiesta in the Philippines and you should take the next chance of witnessing this in Cebu. It is always scheduled on the third sunday in January.

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Viaje del Sol

[Viaje del Sol Series.3] “Starbucks” stop @ Jay’s Kinabuhayan Cafe

I’ve always wanted to check out Kinabuhayan Cafe’s rustic homey ambiance and it is renowned for being the jump off point for trekkers of Mount Banahaw. Since we just came from Kusina Salud, we decided to make this our starbucks stop during the tour. The ambiance of the place is enough to create headaches for Photographers because it is charming in any angle you shoot and it challenges you to create that perfect composition. The best part about it are the windows where it would act as picture frames of the live scenes happening behind the windows. Jay Herrera was there to greet us and give us a hospitable welcome and later on toured us to the Kubli springs. Jay is the co-owner of the place with Winston and he is also the chef behind the delicious innovative food in Kinabuhayan.

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Viaje del Sol

[Viaje del Sol Series.1] Breakfast @ Kusina Salud

Last December 29, I got the privilege to tour my brother’s friends in my favorite Viaje del Sol route in San Pablo, Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon. I’m sure you’ll love this series which is a travel log of this day tour of the best culinary delights in Viaje del Sol. There is a new Viaje del Sol brochure which added a few more places and I got to tell you that some of them are not worth to go to. In this tour, we only went to the best places and the adventure starts with a breakfast @ Kusina Salud.

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#Philippines, Palawan

Next Stop: El Nido, Palawan

We have been planning to go to El Nido Palawan ever since and we are scheduled to go their with Maong/Di and the gang in January. Then came this offer from Ann (one of my blog readers) of a special El Nido Gift Certificate for 3 days/ 2 nights for P14,000/person good for two person already (a lot cheaper than the P17,500). I hesitantly passed on it since we are already set to go in January. The only caveat is that it is only good until Dec. 17, 2005. Let me know if some of you might be interested specially for balikbayans out there who wants to go and explore Palawan before dec. 17.

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Mt. Pinatubo

Paying due respect to the Death March Heroes.

I’m ashamed that I did not realized the significance of the Capas National Shrine until I came back and googled it. This is another reason I’m going back to Mt. Pinatubo to pay my due respect to the men who defended our country in Bataan and suffered in the death march. If you know the story, you won’t hesitate to pay the P10 entrance fee/ person and a P20 parking fee and to drive closer to the monument.

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Guide to Trekking Up to the Taal Volcano – world’s smallest volcano!

A Tagaytay Escape-94

What does it take to explore the beautiful taal volcano?

4 hours of morning free time + gorgeous smiling weather + guts and stamina for a 40 mins. hike + P1,600 for the boat ride and buko juice 🙂 I would like to share with you a best approach on exploring taal volcano island which is an island within a lake.

Check out Team OAP’s video on debunking the mystery of Taal Volcano…

Taal Volcano Blog Series
• A Journey into Taal Volcano’s Crater! (Photo Essay) (2017)
• Taal Volcano: Guide to 45-minute Trekking Adventure to Crater Lake (via Private Route)! (2015)
• Conquering the Taal Volcano Crater! (2006)
• Guide to Trekking Up to the Taal Volcano – world’s smallest volcano! (2005)
• Taal Volcano Crater Experience! (2005)

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