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Our Family Posts

Aidan’s first shoot for CPK Father’s Day Promo – Create Your Own Pizza

CPK Shoot-1
This is Aidan's first modeling stint. We did a print ad shoot for CPK's Father's Day promo of Do-It-Yourself Pizza.

CPK Shoot-2
Aidan created a Hawaiian style pizza (P156). First, we put the tomato base on the pizza dough. Then, we sprinkled it with cheese. Lastly, we garnished it with slices of ham and pineapples.
CPK Shoot-3
Aidan loves to play Chef these days and the shoot was a perfect opportunity to show off his baby cooking skills. I do hope that the print ad pushes through — it was fun doing this.

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Jollibee, Philippines and Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now.

Jollibee Philippines
Aidan Congratulates Jollibee on their 30th year Anniversary!

I’ve always wanted to congratulate Jollibee, Philippines on their 30th Year Celebration! I got reminded about it when I saw their sponsored house during the Pahiyas Festival. This is one Filipino company I truly admire. Given a choice between Jollibee and McDonald’s, I would go for Jollibee every time!

I’m just imaging, what would become of Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now. I will be in my senior retirement years. I still continue to blog away about how to eat healthy, lessons learned in 30 years of blogging and the secrets in living for 100 years. Aidan will be 33 years old and this was about the time I started OAP. We would be blogging together in OAP and we would have posts like what happened to the GB5 restaurants or what happened with Chef Florabel, Chef Laudico and others… I do hope OAP wins blogging awards locally and globally like Jollibee. OAP will be a multimedia site with photos, videos, and music about the beautiful things about the Philippines and Asia. In 4 years time, I would have posted my 1,000th blog post so 30 years from now, I do hope to post my 10,000th blog post. Market Manila and Dessert Comes First would still be there and we would reminisce together the early years of blogging in the Philippines. My imagination goes on and on…

What do you think will happen with OAP and the blogosphere 30 years from now? Please post your predictions and let’s look back at this blog post 30 years from now, hahaha!

Jollibee, Philippines 30th Year Celebration
1975: The Tan Family opens ice cream parlors in Cubao & Quiapo, the first Jollibee outlets.
1978: Jollibee Foods Corporation is born as a 100% Filipino Company
1980: Chickenjoy is hatched. Jollibee Mascot debuts.
1984: The Champ is Launched1985: Jollibee becomes the #1 fastfood chain in the Philippines
1987: Efforts to establish a foothold abroad gained ground with the opening of an overseas outlet in Brunei
1991: Jollibee opens its 100th store in Bolton, Davao
1993: Jollibee becomes the first food service corporation to list its share in the PSE.
1995: Launch of MaAga ang Pasko sa Jollibee
1996: Jollibee opens its 200th store in Malolos, Bulacan and opens stores in Hongkong and Vietnam
1998: Jollibee opens its 300th store in Balagtas, Bulacan and its first in Daly City, USA.
2001: Jollibee opens its 400th store in historic Muralla, Intramuros.
2001: Jollibee hailed as Best Employer in the Philippines by Asian Wall Street Journal.
2003: For the 6th straight, the Far Eastern Economic Review ranked JFC as the Philippines’ Leading Company
2004: Jollibee opens its 500th store in Basilan.
2004: Tony Tan Caktiong receives “World Entreprenuer of the Year” award from Earnst & Young
2006: CNBC Asia awards Ernesto Tanmantiong the “Corporate Citizen of the Year” award in Hong Kong
2007: Jollibee opens its 600th store in Aparri, Cagayan, and Las Vegas becomes the first US Jollibee store outside California

Anyway, Congratulations again to Jollibee! Paglaki ko, gagayahin ko kayo mga idol!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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One Night in Manila

I’m excited that my short contribution for Lara Day’s One Night in Manila article in Time Magazine was published already. Lara asked three people about their recommendation to people if they only have one night in Manila. I was interviewed together with Jake Macapagal, 40, theater and independent-film actor and JLizette Claudio, 26, head of artist and media relations, MTV Philippines. Check it out:

One Night in Manila by Lara Day

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Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is Happy New Year in Binondo

Binondo Walking Tour

Rache Avatar-32 Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!
In Binondo and with most tsinoys that I met, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is the proper way to greet Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi is a more commercialized greeting (I guess).
Personally, I am starting to get the hang of celebrating Chinese New Year after 5 years of being married to a Chinese family. I started to appreciate the family gatherings the night before Chinese New Year. Also, for the second straight year, we visited Binondo and joined the Chinese community in celebrating the Year of the Rat. I shifted my mindset to think about Chinese New Year the same way we celebrate the first of January. We are starting to build family traditions around Chinese New Year, so let me share with you how we celebrated it this year!
Kiong Hee Huat Chai-4
The night before Chinese New Year is always celebrated with a simple family gathering because it was the Chinese Christmas. Everyone was in red to bring good luck for the new year ahead. We played with Syoti Josh in the morning before Momma Rache and Aidan went out to meet Happy Slip.

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Reedley International School

Dr. Ho Anti-Bullying Seminar details

Reedley International School

We are at a stage in Aidan’s life where we need to decide our education strategy. We want the best education for our kids but I believe that most traditional schools have outdated curriculum. Aidan belongs to the Generation Z and I believe that only progressive schools can meet their needs. We don’t want to be close minded on this so we will be doing more research on the different schools in Metro Manila in the next few months. Suggestions are welcome.

Aidan’s generation is different. As early as 2 years old, Aidan begun tinkering with our computer at home. He likes to visit the kiddie sites such as Starfall and Disney clubhouse on his own. We have stopped watching television(including us!) because of the negative impact of TV. When I was in Boracay, we were doing video calls via computer. Aidan’s generation has NOT witnessed People Power 1&2, September 11 terrorist attacks, Glorietta bombings or the Tsunami in South East Asia. I believe that their generation would be more nationalistic, conscious about the environment and technologically connected in ways that we cannot imagine. Mandarin and English would still be the key to doing successful business in the future.

My preference would be the International Schools (like IS or Brent) but they are very expensive because you are paying for the Expat educators. Ateneo and La Salle, on the other hand, are more traditional in nature and I hear stories of 1 teacher: 40+ students ratio similar with our times. One consideration is Xavier School which already upgraded their curriculum and are very progressive. We are also interested with Reedley International School because of its core values and International School curriculum that they follow. We attended the orientation last December 2007 @ Reedley, and let me share with you what Reedley has to offer…

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Happy New Year to All!

IMG_1753, originally uploaded by Our Awesome Planet.

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for continuing to read our adventures. 2008 will be an exciting time for our family because we are hoping to publish our blook on The Best of Our Awesome Planet.

We wish you more blessings in 2008! May you continue to live an awesome life in 2008!

From Syoti Josh in behalf of Anton, Mommy Rache and Aidan.

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Merry Christmas To You!

Christmas Photos-3

Merry Christmas to all friends of Our Awesome Planet!

We celebrated Christmas with Aidan and baby Josh at home. When Aidan woke up, he saw a lot of gifts but it did not occur to him that all of the gifts were for him. He still does not understand the concept of Santa Claus giving gifts on Christmas. We don’t want to hype up Santa Claus but rather emphasize that it is the birthday of Jesus and we should spend Christmas together as a family.

How did you spend your Christmas?

Christmas Photos-5

Our Christmas gift to Momma Rache is this paper clay caricature art from JNBM Art Shop at Mall of Asia. It is very addicting but it is also a bit challenging to complete than I expected. Looks easy huh!

I will share with you a photo once we complete the art work.



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We love our Sanuk Sandals!!

Chateau 1771-32

We LOVE our Sanuk Sandals! Sanuk is a thai name for Pursuit of Happiness. It is definitely better than Crocs in terms of comfortability. It is a perfect Christmas gift for surfer dudes if you can find a nice design in Glorietta. Otherwise, visit their website and ask somebody from the US to buy Sanuk Sandals. Their website is soooo cool and if you read the philosophy of the company, they are soooo cool as well!

This is our pasalubong from my brother Lorenz from the US. Thank you cool bro!!


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Ahiya Aidan meets Syoti Josh for the first time…

Syoti Josh and Ahiya Aidan-57

Rache recalls the first encounter of Aidan with syoti, Josh:

” The first time Aidan saw his brother, ang tanong sa akin, “Ma, sino
yan?” (i know, nakakatawa no?) then i told him, si syoti…naku,
ngumiti na at natuwa! hi syoti, ang sabi! Aidan kept on touching
syoti…marunong siya kasi dahan dahan nya hinimas si syoti. Game na
game makipagpicture with his syoti. Now that we’re home, everytime he
hears Joshua cries, he would run and shout that Syoti is crying…and
sometimes would ask, why is syoti crying…he likes to touch
syoti…at halik halikan! Kaya kitang kita namin na mahal niya si
syoti. So far, di naman sya masyado nagpapakita ng selos. Today,
when he saw syoti nagmeme, he asked for it…it is one sign na siguro,
nagseselos…hopefully, di naman sya gaanong magselos kasi we still
spend time with him since tulog lang naman si syoti ng tulog. “

(Note: In Chinese, the oldest kuya is called Ahiya and
the younger brother is called Syoti and younger sister is called Siobe)

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