My Marathon Story

My Marathon Story

Adidas King of the Road, 21k Aftermath

All my leg muscles are still aching today but I’m feeling a lot better after the 21k run last Sunday @ Adidas King of the Road. My average for my first 10k is 7.5 minutes per kilometer. After the 11k mark which is along the Kalayaan fly over, my legs were attacked by cramps and I was forced to slow down to 9 minutes per kilometer. I still ended up second to the last, but I finished the race in 3 hours and 15 minutes. I was hoping to beat the 3 hours mark but the last 2 kilometers along Roxas Blvd was so grueling that I just focused on finishing the race. I was happy that the P&G marathon team waited for me before they took a group photo to celebrate our KOTR run.

The 21k run started in the Quirino Grandstand, running through Roxas Boulevard then turning left along Buendia all the way to the Kalayaan Flyover. I started running from our house in Malate towards the starting line for about 5k already and walked back home to complete my 30k run in preparation for the Milo Marathon. Our boss and coach Jim said, all those who finished the 21 KOTR last Sunday would definitely have a higher chance of finishing the 42k marathon. That was a confidence booster and I’m visiting the sports doctor to have a final check if everything is in ME is ok physically. Will announce the details of the Marathon-for-a-Cause soon…

The P&G Marathon Team! As Ria would say, Running is the New Golf!

Here are some of my learnings after the 21k Marathon

1. I need to start slow and conserve my energy.
I tried to run at 9mins run/ 1 minute walk but I was exhausted easily. I should do 6 minutes run / 1 minute walk during the 42k marathon.

2. No fuel belts for me. As it is, I am heavy already and I felt the additional weight of the fuel belt at the 5k mark. I would need to rely on bike support and family/ friends to give me the fuel (gatorade, fuel bar, water, etc.) that I need.

3. I need to lose 10lbs. I barely survive the 21k run at my 210lbs weight. I just need to go under 200 lbs in 3 weeks time (hopefully) before the July 22 Milo Marathon.

4. Petroleum Jelly works! I survived without any scratches or bruises because of the petroleum jelly. I might need to buy the Body Glide to be sure. I should also put some lubrication in my ear because the earphones could scratch my ear over time despite the rubber cushion.

5. My Big Toe hurts. Unfortunately, my big left toe continued to have an internal bleeding because I choose the wrong shoe size or maybe the Nikes are not good for long runs. I don’t know what to do but let it heal on its own.

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My Marathon Story

Adidas King of the Road, 21K

I’m all set for my 21k Adidas King of the Road run. I’m excited to complete the 21k KOTR and I will attempt to run an additional 10k to finish my scheduled 30k run. In the spirit of What’s in your bag, here are the gadgets, and marathon stuff that I usually bring during a run:

1. Nike Plus Airmax 180
2. Nike + iPod Sport Kit
3. Nike Dri FitSocks
4. Ipod Nano 2gb with Power Songs
5. Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Line Stereo Neckband Headphones
6. Adidas King of the Road Race Packet
7. Adidas Dri-fit Red Shirt with Race Number
8. PowerBar Gels (Green Apple, Raspberry Cream, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Caramel)
9. Petroleum Jelly
10. Nathan Marathon Belt Fuel Bag


My Marathon Story

Nadia Comaneci and Fun Run With Special Kids

There are only a few public events that Nadia agreed to include in her schedule. The first one is the fun run with the special kids in CCP this afternoon. Lastly, there is a press conference tomorrow at 11.30am in Alabang and a photo op with employee’s kids in the evening at around 6pm.
She agreed to came to Manila to primarily give an inspirational talk to all the P&G employees tomorrow. She was supposed to have a 1on1 interview with Boy Abunda but I heard it got cancelled. The only one that pushed through was the interview with Quinito Henson.

It was fun running with these kids and some of them runs fast at 6km/ min. I’m proud to be part of this event.

The P&G Running Team attended the event and these are the guys who are training for the July 22 marathon. Our boss, Jim Lafferty coincidentally is celebrating his birthday today — Happy Birthday, Jim!!

I was on the tail end of the 800m fun run. Come to think of it, I’m so blessed that I can run 21km and I’ll be forever grateful.


My Marathon Story

Lovin Nike Plus and Pinoy Bloggers Marathon-For-A-Cause!

I’m loving Nike Plus and it truly motivates me to run. I’m motivated to do a new sport if I have the right gadgets and “costume”. Nike Plus is a pedometer that you put in the sole of your sole and sends time, and distance data to an Ipod Nano. After the workout, it sends it to the Nike Plus site so that you can track your progress and see your pace on each kilometer. It tracks your run so that you can also consult a coach regarding your practice and actual runs. I love the concept of the power song and how it was easy to share the power song of all the other runners worldwide. I now have the collection of all the power songs via the iTunes store. I always look forward to the day that I will run.

I love the entire concept of having a social community among runners worldwide. There is a worldwide challenge in July in the Nike Plus community for the person/country team who can run the most number of kilometers. I signed up to represent the Philippines because I know that I’ll be running a marathon in July. Also, you can challenge another person like I challenged my brother to see who runs the fastest 10k among us. I’m glad that they incorporated how to share your nike plus profile, your runs, your challenges and even your goal in your website/ blog. I love it! Any other nike plus bloggers out there?

I encouraged my brother to buy a Nike Plus setup when he decided to join me in my practice run. Total initial investment would be P16,000+ for the nike plus setup and you can amortize it over 6 -12 months. All of the Nike plus gadgets are available in the Philippines either in Nike stores, Power Mac or even in Electroworld. Thanks to Nike for launching it here in the Philippines!

Nike + Running Shoes — P5,000+ (shoe designs are limited here in PH) This is the shoe where it has a hole in the middle of the left sole, to put the pedometer.
Nike + Ipod — P1,600+ (look for 10% discount deals using your credit card) This is the shoe pedometer/ transmitter and ipod receiver.
Ipod 2GB Nano — P9,000+ (charge this on a 0% deferred basis) This also comes in 4GB and 8GB versions.

Call for Pinoy Bloggers Marathon-For-A-Cause!

Socky suggested in my previous post, why not create a Bloggers Marathon-For-A-Cause? We would solicit donations from friends, family and blog readers an amount for every kilometer that we run. People can pledge donations either based on individual bloggers or based on the total kilometers ran by all the bloggers. It could be P100 for each KM run and you don’t have to finish 42km — even a 5k would do. We will do this during the Milo Marathon on July 22. Donations would be deposited directly to the charitable institution we will support or via Paypal for those who are not in the Philippines. Anybody interested? Only requirement is that you can run at least 5k and you have a blog site in Blogger or Multiply or Friendster, etc.

I’m looking for all avenues of motivation because I don’t know if I will finish 42km. As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be running at my heaviest weight (around 220 lbs 🙂 ) but I’m determined to finish the 42km. I know bloggers out there who are fit than I am and regularly goes to the gym. So, if I can do it, you can do it too! Everything starts with an attitude and commitment to do it.

Lastly, any Nike Plus Bloggers out there? I want to see if there is a community of Nike Plus Runners/ Bloggers out there so that we can motivate each other. I can’t seem to find pinoy runners who have nike plus and at the same time blogging about it.


P.S. Let me know if somebody would want to sponsor our Pinoy Bloggers Marathon-for-a-cause…

My Marathon Story

My First 21K and Blog Withdrawal Syndromes

I’m dying to blog! I’ve been pretty busy lately with preparations for a management visit coupled with the fact that for the first time, my broadband died on me. At last, my broadband is back and we are wrapping up the management visit. I think it is almost 10 days that I have not really updated the blog. After a period of no blogging, I felt uneasy not seeing new updates on the blog. It felt as if my day is not complete and I’m mad at my broadband provider for being inconsiderate. I won’t mention the provider anymore, but thanks for visiting us yesterday to fix the issue!

I ran my first 21k (yes, 21 kilometers) last Sunday. It was a half-marathon run in preparation for July 22, Milo Marathon. I almost died and for a second, I was tempted not to finish the race. I finished the course for 3 hours and 19 minutes. This is too slow, and I was second to the last to cross the finish line. We were annoyed by the ambulance tailing us when we run and tempting us to give up. I’m not the type of person who would easily give up.

It was not an easy feat. I’m starting to run the marathon to lose all the weight I gained through blogging. I gained 40 lbs (can you imagine) and I’m running at my heaviest. I plan to organize a marathon-for-a-cause for my first Marathon run on July 22 and I’m looking for a charity institution to partner with. I will announce more details of the marathon-for-a-cause but simply I plan to solicit monetary support for the charity institution depending on how many kilometers I run during the marathon. One could pledge P100 for every Kilometer that I finish. If I finish 42 kilometers, the donor will contribute P420 to the marathon-for-a-cause. I want to do this so that my first run becomes very meaningful and I have something to motivate me when my knees are giving up at the 30k point. I do hope you can support me on this 🙂

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My Marathon Story

Healing Foods Diet – the best diet so far

pyramidmed, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Thanks for my brother for pointing me out to the Healing Foods Diet. We had a debate on vegetarian vs. atkins/ south beach diet and the best diet was a good compromise using University of Michigan’s Healing Pyramid. My brother was a die hard atkins/ south beach diet practitioner for more than a year and I’m on my first month of vegetarian experiment. Also, Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live follows the same principle and will migrate to this diet in 2006 🙂 So far with eating 95% vegetarian, I feel good and light 🙂 I bowel more regularly these days, although I’m able to just maintain my weight.

My Marathon Story

The New Anton

” The New Me”. I learned about this nike free blog contest from tanya, and it is very timely since I’ve been struggling for quite sometime to have a self makeover. From changing my selfish attitude, to improving the way I look, to reaching a new level of badminton skills, to living my life as meaningful as it can be. I truly believe that reinventing yourself needs to be wholistic — physically, mentally, and spiritually. What it takes is a combination of will power, positive vision, and relentless action that sometimes looks impossible to do. This is a gift to myself on my birthday today, The New Anton….

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