My Marathon Story

My Marathon Story

My Dream Marathon @ Nuvali

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I actually had a rewarding but traumatic first marathon last 2007, and it took me another 3 years to overcome my fear and find enough reasons to conquer my second 42k marathon.

My first marathon was inspired by my boss, Jim Lafferty, who led the first batch of P&G marathoners to the finish line. I finished after 7 hours : 43 minutes, and I was hospitalized because of potassium and electrolyte imbalance in the body due to dehydration. This was caused by two things:

  • I had loose bowel movement in Petron at the corner of Buendia/Makati Avenue triggered by the orange slice I ate.
  • The marathon started at 4.30am and ended close to the hottest temperature at 12nn. I experienced sweating salt literally because there was no more sweat in my body.

My second marathon was i
nspired by the lady version of the inspirational “Jim Lafferty” spirit, Jaymie Pizzarro of the best running blog in the country — The Bull Runner.  She organized TBR Dream Marathon for newbie marathoners who dream of conquering their first ever 42k marathon. Jim was the race director and he even confirmed that he has never seen any other organized marathon around the world exclusively for newbies.

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My Marathon Story

My Marathon Story

This is my contribution to those in the running community who want to finish their first dream marathon. How could I say no to Jaymie, who asked me to share my first marathon experience during the Bull Circle: The Dream Marathon session @ ROX?

I ran my first 42k marathon last July 2007 during the 31st Milo Marathon (even before running became a hit in Manila). It was an exhilarating experience but, at the same time, a bit traumatic. Some people misuse the word “Marathon” to connote running in an organized race of any distance. But we always want to correct that — you only run a Marathon if it is 42k and not less than that.

I’m planning to run my second Marathon this year. 🙂 

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My Marathon Story

My Learnings from the 21k Condura Run

This was my first 21k for this year and the third in the last 4 months. When I started joining half marathons, I would usually finish as one of the last runners. My first ever 21k  was in June 2007 at 3 hours and 19 minutes.

For the Condura Run, I was aiming to finish below 3 hours, which I was able to accomplish (coming in at 2 hours and 56 minutes). This is my personal best ever since I started running. I’m going back to running this year because I want to join my second full 42k Marathon after my first one in in 2007 (see: I am a Marathoner! I lived to tell about it…)

The Condura Run’s the first big run for 2010, and it was awesome because we were able to run on the Skyway from the Buendia Ramp all the way to the Villamor Interchange. (Only if you run the 21k.) Also, the Condura Run had adequate water stations, cheering squads throughout the route with a morning rah-rah, and most importantly, it started on time. 🙂 The only glitch was that they ran out of 21k medals — I’m not sure why.

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My Marathon Story

My Human Race

I love Nike Plus because it motivates you to run by joining virtual races like last Sunday’s Nike Human Race 10K.

On 8/31/08, I already planned to run on Calauit Island for my 10k Nike Human Race. One good thing about the Nike Sports band is that it is light and you can wear it like a watch. I own a Garmin 305 and a Nike Plus iPod Kit but I find the Nike Sportsband to be traveller friendly. You can bring it anywhere and the battery life lasts for 3 days. With the iPod Kit, I had to bring an iPod, a Sennheiser earphones, and the Nike Plus transmitter. It is inconvenient to run with the iPod because you have to strap it to your body or use a special Nike Plus shorts to hold the iPod in place when running. For the Garmin 305, it is a bit bulky and you need to ensure to charge it before using it. It is notorious for its short battery life. Since the Nike sportsband uses pedometer technology it is not as accurate as the Garmin 305. It has an error of +/- 1 Km with the actual distance (in my experience). You have to calibrate it properly and it is accurate for shorter distances.

On Human Race day, I ended up running 3k on the Calauit Island with the Giraffes and Zebras. Then we travelled one and a half hours by boat to Club Paradise where I continued to run for the next 7k. Unfortunately, you cannot pause a run for 90 mins so I had to start a new run in the Nike Plus Sportsband. Club Paradise Island is quite small so I ran around the island a couple of times and climbed up Eagles point – the highest point in the island. It was more of a trail run that lasted for 2 hours. We celebrated the completion of my virtual Nike Human Race with a lunch buffet at Club Paradise.

Thanks to Nike Plus technology, I’m proud to be part of 1 Million runners globally who ran for the first Nike Human Race 10K!
Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

My Marathon Story

Nike Human Race 10K Bracelet

Wow! Nice Human Race 10K bracelet for all runners who will finish 10k on August 31, 2008.

First 241 virtual race participants to upload their 10K run will get a finisher bracelet Nike+ Human Race must be claimed on 8.31.08 at Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street. For you to qualify, simply be one of the first to sync your run in any of these 2 ways:

1. Sync your run immediately after completing the 10K during the scheduled run
. After the race, just go to the available laptops and upload your run. The race marshal will be affixing a stamp and a number on your race bib after you’ve successfully uploaded your run. Present your marked race bib at Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street to claim your finisher bracelet. Open to attendees of the scheduled run.


2. If you didn’t get the chance to upload your run after the scheduled run, you can simply go to Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street any time during the day from 9:30am – 5:00pm. A laptop and wi-fi will be specially made available on the race day so that you can sync your 10K. You will be given a stub once you’ve successfully uploaded your run. Present this to the counter to claim your finisher bracelet. Open to both attendees and non-attendees of the scheduled run.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

P.S. Virtual race participants have until 11:59pm on September 2nd to upload their run.

P.P.S. I still have 20% discount for the Nike Sports Band or iPod Kit. Please email me [email protected], your complete name, contact number, and shipping address. I’ll send the discount coupon tomorrow.

My Marathon Story

Nike Human Race 10K – 8 Days to Race Day!

The Nike Human Race 10k — Represent the Philippines and Join a Million Runners for a worldwide 10 Kilometers run on August 31, 2008, Sunday!

I love Nike+ ever since it motivated me to run my first 42k Marathon. One of the things I love about it is that I can join any race virtually as long as I have my Nike+ to record my runs. One of the biggest virtual race will happen on August 31, 2008 — The Nike Human Race 10k . I will be traveling during that time but I can still join this race! I will be running my 10k Human Race with the giraffes and zebras on 8/31/2008.

How to join The Nike Human Race 10K
1. Of course, you need to have a Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit or Nike+ Sportband to join the Human Race 10k on 8/31/2008.

For runners who are avid readers of OAP but don’t have a Nike+ gadget, I’m giving away Five (5) Nike+ Sportbands. I will give the sportbands to the first 5 runners who commented on this post. (Note: The qualifier is you have to be a runner already and you have to join The Human Race 10K on Sunday 8/31/2008.

For the next 10 runners, I’ll be giving away 20% discount off coupons when you purchase of Nike+ Sportband or Nike+ iPod Sport Kit (valid only until August 30, just before the race).

2. Register for the virtual Human Race 10K –> Nikeplus. Create your Nike+ Account and register for the virtual Human Race. Don’t forget to join Team Philippines and select your charity (I selected the Lance Armstrong Foundation).

3. You can also register for FREE for the physical Human Race 10k organized by Coach Rio in Nike Park, Boni High Street. (Do it tomorrow, Sunday)

DATE: August 31, 2008, Sunday
TIME: Assembly Time 5:30 A.M. Start of Race 6:00 A.M.
VENUE: McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City
RACE KIT CLAIMING AREA: Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
SPECIAL PRIZES: Finishers will receive Nike Drifit Socks and 4×6 photo courtesy of Photovendo after the race.FREE REGISTRATION

EMAIL: [email protected]
CONTACT NUMBER: +63906 314 3807 | +63918 985 9211 | +632 3965170

4. Run on race day, 8/31/2008, Sunday and sync your Nike + afterwards.

Join me and other Filipino Runners for this one-of-a-kind 10k run on 8/31/08.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

My Marathon Story

Rogin-E Update: Progressing Slowly

Tapiya Falls-18
It is very hard for me to provide an update on the Rogin-E challenge because I’m progressing slowly. I would like to celebrate my small successes and share them with you:

1. The challenge was able to bring me back to the gym last April. That is a significant personal achievement for me because after 5 years, I am going back to the gym again. It feels good to feel those ab crunches’ pain again.

2. I lost some weight enough for me to fit in my old clothes. This gives me the motivation to continue with my goal even without this Rogin E challenge.

3. I’m more determined now to replace the guy here in the Rogin-E website (someday…). Check out the Rogin-E unbreakable challenge section in the website.

My immediate goal is to weigh under 200lbs… a long way to go…. Thanks to Rogin-E for pushing me to pursue my personal unbreakable challenge.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

My Marathon Story

SCTex Run

SCTex 10k Fun Run-2

I ended my back-to-back travel last week with a 10k run along the soon-to-be-opened Subic – Clark – Tarlac Expressway (SCT-Ex). I’m one of the few runners who can claim to have run along the longest super highway in the Philippines! The SCTex is 93.77 km long with the Subic-Clark section measuring 50.5 km long and the Clark-Tarlac section at 43.27 km long. This is a major development backbone in the Central Luzon Area that connects Subic Freeport and Special Economic Zone, Clark Special Economic Zone, and the Central Techno Park in Tarlac. It cuts the travel time from Clark to Subic to only 30 minutes! Simply amazing! They say it will open end of April (28th tentatively).

I attended the awesome Colors Travel Photography Workshop by Master Photographer Wig Tysmans last April 11-14 weekend. Due to the storm, we were extended for two more days in Busuanga enjoying the El Rio Y Mar resort. Right after, I went to a scheduled 3-day road trip with my family and parents to 100 Islands and Bolinao, Pangasinan. We stayed overnight in Clark last Saturday night so that I can ran the 10k during the 94k SCTex Weekend.

I was dying to update the blog. My inquirer article on Awesome Family Destinations was published when I was in Palawan. I’m planning to do a detailed post on all the destinations I featured in that article within the week.

Rogin E Challenge Update
Despite the hectic back-to-back travel, I feel alive and not really exhausted. I was able to do a 10k run despite my tiring schedule. I’ve been drinking Rogin E with my Vitamin C supplements and I would like to think that Rogin E is making a difference. I’m going back to the gym this week and hopefully progress more towards my weight goals. I must admit I’ve been enjoying the food at El Rio Y Mar in Busuanga, Palawan.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

My Marathon Story

No More Excuses…

Capones Island-6
Rogin E Blogger Challenge Update:

I’m already tired of making excuses to myself on why I’m still far away from my 6-pack abs goal in 2008. My strategy is to do it the right way with a determined mindset, regular workout and eating the right kind of food. I already did it once in the 90s and I will do it again. No more excuses that I cannot exercise because of travel. No more excuses that I need to taste a little bit of that tempting dessert. No more excuses that I have to try this restaurant to blog about it (my favorite excuse). No more excuses of eating chocolates.

I finally got back to the gym last week with Jopet to help me out with my workout. I went to the gym 3x last week and I do hope to keep the momentum up this April! I can start to feel the impact of Rogin E because it is giving me the energy to survive my hectic schedule nowadays. I’m excited to go back to the gym and eat the right stuff. I had a minor setback with eating the dessert tarts plate in My Mother’s Garden (Garden Room) last Monday night. So now, I will eat clean from today onwards.

If I’m personally successful in meeting my goals, I will thank Rogin-E forever for it… To Carlos Celdran, keep up the great progress on your weight goal!

I’m taking personal accountability… No More excuses!

My Marathon Story

Rogin E Blogger’s Physique Challenge

This is my second attempt to lose weight (the first one was during the marathon last year.) Thanks to Rogin E for putting up this physique/ weight loss challenge for 3 fat bloggers (hehe) which includes Carlos Celdran and Paul Santos. I’m also starting to experiment with Vblogging and the video above is my first attempt . Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Rogin E and Gold's Gym contest

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