Shopping Secrets

Shopping Secrets

The Big Garment Sale (Nov 29-Dec 1)

The Big Garment Sale

The Great Bulacan Sale. November 29, Thursday to December 2, Sunday. We usually would go on Thursday/ Friday so that the crowd is still manageable. We do most of the Christmas Shopping here for the ina-anaks. But I think we will have to pass this time because Rache is still recuperating.

During the last sale, they issued membership cards already which serves as the gate pass. No need for invites. If you are not registered yet, just bring one valid ID. For inquiries, pls call 2996061.

All the clothes that are not sold here are sent to their Off Price Stores in Ortigas/ Makati/ Malate.


Shopping Secrets

The Sale

The Big Garment Sale

Aug 9-11, 2007
Star Trends, Sterling Industrial Park, Meycauyan, Bulacan
Tel# +632 2996061
Email: [email protected]

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We are having another sale of our garments this coming August 9 to 11 (Thursday to Saturday). Some of you have already been to our sales before, you are welcome to bring your friends along, especially if they are Jaycees.

No minimums, no fakes, only original stocklot overruns from factories across Asia. Prices will be as usual, which is the lowest you can get anywhere else..for this sale we have much more of mens tops, like Tommy, A/X, CK, Timberland, Ecko, ETC. For ladies, we have MNG but in very small quantities so you have to come early. (you should go on Thursday) Lots of other ladies’ brands too. There are a lot of styles and brands, hope you can see for yourself.

When you arrive, you will be handed a membership card which we are using as gate pass for future sales. YOU CAN PURCHASE ONLY WITH THE MEMBERSHIP CARD SO PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONE. (this is the first time this is being done) EVERYONE GETS ONE EACH.

No need for print outs anymore, (yehey) but most probably you need the map, so here it is attached. Our address is Acefree Street, Sterling Industrial Park, Meycauayan, Bulacan. Just take NLEX and get off Meycauayan exit, and turn towards Iba (there is a sign), and you should be by the gate of Sterling 2kms after Caltex.

The sale dates are August 9 to 11, gate opens at 8am and we close only when nobody else is around (usually around 8pm). For inquiries, kindly text me at 0922-8856627.

Regards to all and see you!


Shopping Secrets

The Big Garments Sale by Exclusive Invitation only.

Take a time out first from your online multiply shopping because the Great Bulacan Sale is here.

Unfortunately, I cannot send invites anymore to the Great Bulacan Sale which is scheduled for March 30-April 1(a bit earlier this year). You have to go with somebody who would have an invite and register yourself in their database to be invited in the next one. In the past year, most of the oap readers would have gotten an invite and you should have gotten a message from Divine.

To: divine flores <[email protected]>

Dear Friends,

If you are looking to buy clothes for summer, going abroad, or just stocking up for the year, please come to our first sale of the year this Mar 30 to April 1. That’s Friday to Sunday, for a change, we included the Sunday because a lot of people requested and they wanted to get their hands on the goods before Holy Week vacation.

We are having the Big Garments Sale earlier than expected this year because new stocks came in early. Also, we are disposing some aged stock for as low as 200 pesos so the price will be very very cheap. Expect to see more fashion brands such as Zara, D&G, Miss Sixty and even Killah which has been gaining acclaim in the global market, a lot of jeans, and more of the RL shoes that people keep re-ordering.

Hope to see you at our Meycauayan warehouse! For more details, kindly look for Divine at XXX-XX-XX or XXXX-XXXXXXX . For directions/map, she can forward to you through fax or email, but you should be able to remember how to get here right?

For security purposes, please bring ID, we will be cross-referencing your names with our guest list.


This email has been forwarded to you because you registered in any of our previous sales. KINDLY DO NOT FORWARD to anybody else, as we will not be able to entertain them as properly as we should. Your support is much appreciated, and we would like to make this event exclusively to you, in thanks. Our apologies for not being able to entertain more of your referrals but our current space is not feasible.

Shopping Secrets

Secret Online Multiply Stores in Manila

Shopping is not my forte. But I can sense a hot trend from a mile away and online stores are booming in Manila. Specifically, online multiply stores selling accessories and jewelries. These stores are hot, convenient and addicting! The smart women shoppers are now turning into these online stores to shop conveniently at home and get fabulous finds that you can’t even see in tiangge’s or actual physical store. The mode of payment is cash either via depositing in a bank account or via G-cash. The jewelries are delivered directly to your home and returning them is very convenient via the store’s preferred carrier. These fabulous sites are passed on through word of mouth via blogs and other “multipliers”.

Just a word of caution, for the lady readers, these sites are addicting. You can waste time and money just by visiting these sites. For the men readers, these are good sites to buy jewelries or accessories for your special someone. You can ask your friends to choose them for you, in the comforts of your computer.

There are hundreds of multiply sites out there because it is free, it is easy to setup, and you can customize it to the theme that you like. To save you from the trouble of finding out which are the hot and trusted ones, these are so far the top 10 Secret Online Multiply Stores!!

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Shopping Secrets

The Chocolate Sale (Jan. 31-Feb 4)

Some of you have been asking me the next Chocolate Sale and I promised to inform you the moment I get a notice about this sale. So, here it is!

invites you to its End of Season WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE!

Grab jeans, tops, dresses, tees and more… Enjoy 50% to 70% OFF on all items.

From January 31 to February 4, 2007
at 25 S. Santos St. Sto. Rosario, Buting, Pasig City. See you there!

See attached flyer for details. Bring a copy and get a FREE gift.

Genevieve R. Matabang
25 S. Santos St., Sto.Rosario,
Pateros, Metro Manila 1620
Phone: +632-6436993/94
Fax: +632-6414526


Shopping Secrets

St. James Bazaar – Is it the Best Christmas Bazaar?

For some reason, Christmas season is becoming shorter and shorter each year. Usually, you can feel it as soon as the Ber-months arrive. But this year, I only realized that the season is near when Dec. 1 arrived. Manila got an early Christmas present when the Typhoon changed directions due to our collective prayers.

It is now time to feel the Christmas Traffic, the Christmas rush and the bazaars. I hate bazaars while my wife gets excited when I bring her to bazaars. Once, she mentioned to me that she doesn’t get hungry when she shops and wouldn’t mind skipping lunch for shopping. Being a rational person, I cannot comprehend this. I avoid Bazaars at all cost and I asked her to join her girl friends to do those kind of shopping.

But yesterday, I can’t say no to allegedly the Best Christmas Bazaar in Manila. We usually don’t miss the St. James Christmas Bazaar in Ayala, Alabang. This is where you can find unique items and wide diversity of stalls. This year it got a lot bigger and it already occupied the Cuenca covered courts and the St. James parking lot. I actually got suffocated so I just hang around in the dining area where they sell Bananaque for P30, mineral water for P30, Roasted organic Beef for P250, halo halo for P55 and everything else with +50% mark up. Some of the guys would go here to do sight seeing of the young Alabang Girls with their casual beauty.

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Shopping Secrets

The Great Bulacan Sale

Another wasted credit card…

Yes, my wife, sister-in-law and good friend bought all of these…

I was tired and I was the baby sitter for the entire shopping duration…

I was happy that we were able to get out after 3 hours…

Thanks Jonas for this Christmas wonderful sale!!

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Shopping Secrets


I’m actually sick since Thursday. I guess the fatigue of hosting our regional guests got to me. I’m resting the entire weekend and no blogging for me until Monday (hopefully). I’ll leave you with this post on the next Bulacan Sale since most of you might be planning for the long weekend. You need to have the email invite to be able to enter this sale. In the invite, they don’t have Mango brands anymore for this sale but instead here are the other brands: CK, Diesel, A/X, D&G, Replay, A&F, True Religion, Hollister, FCUK, AEO, Esprit, Zara, Anne Klein, Tommy, Juicy.


Shopping Secrets

Chocolate Clothing Sale

On a Friday night, I treated my wife to a Chocolate Warehouse Sale. This is not a secret anymore but this is the first time that we dragged ourselves in Pasig to check out this place. My success criteria for a great warehouse sale is the amount and pieces of clothing that my wife would be willing to buy. Even if we went there on the third day of the sale, she was still able to buy a lot! The sale is still ongoing over this weekend, but I doubt that you’ll find your size or most of the nice stuff are gone already. Anyway, here is a tour of the place just in case you decide to visit here on their last 2 days of sale. They hold the warehouse sale twice a year, May and November.

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Shopping Secrets

The Big Garment Sale: By Invitation Only

This is becoming the most awaited factory sale in the country today. I’ve received a lot of inquiries about this sale via my blog. Indeed, this is an Awesome Factory Sale! The sale is held every middle of the year and during the Christmas season. It is usually by invitation only. The invites are sent out by Divine Flores and if you’ve been here once, you should be included in their mailing list. If you don’t have an invite but you know somebody who have been here before and who got an invite, you can tag along. It is usually held from Thursday to Saturday. You’ll be surprised that there are a lot of people who go on a Thursday to be ahead of the crowd. (Actually, I don’t understand why)

If you have been to this sale, let me know what you think about this Awesome Factory Sale.

If you haven’t been here, let me know if you need an invite and directions.


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