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Congratulations to Coconet! First Winner of the World Challenge 2005!

coconet, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I’m so proud of this that a Filipino won the world challenge! I remember voting for this and there was a filipino blogosphere/ email campaign on this last August including Carlos of the celdran tours fame. Congratulations, Mr. Justino Arboleda! Watch out for the BBC feature on a special program on Dec. 3/4 and by Newsweek Magazine in its Dec. 3 issue. Inquirer has a short writeup on coconet’s triumphant story and read Mr. Arboleda’s humble beginnings. Additional contact information on Mr. Arboleda’s Juboken company thanks to Boogie Boydon of Ang Bagong Pinoy.

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Caught in the shopping act!

Gotcha! After 2 hours of shopping, we’ve got 4 plastic bag of clothes, out-of-budget credit card charges, 2 adobo rice toppings lunch packs, and a smiling happy face wife — priceless 🙂 The great garment sale still on going until tomorrow in Meycauyan, Bulacan.

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Mt. Everest Anyone?

Romi posted updates on the post Cho Oyu climb activities and he has an open invitation for all for those who want to try a 20,000ft Nepal Trek sometime in April/March. Here’s the excerpt:

“I’ll be organizing an ‘open climb’ next year for anyone who wishes to try a good trek in Nepal or, experience an alpine climb (20,000ft mountain). Beginners or advanced mountaineers (climb), or office-slaves (trek) are all welcome to join in. Maybe around April or March. Email me if you’re interested ([email protected]). I’ll switch to a different Blog site to cover these next scheduled climbs.” – Romi Garduce

I’ve been contemplating about it but with Aidan still young, it might be difficult. My friend John and Ching tried it and here is there experience: Back from Trekking.

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First Philippines Google Earth Tour!

See the Philippines in Google Earth where you can do a helicopter tour of the Philippines courtesy of the Google Earth satellite images. You can zoom into the different places marked in the map above! Read on for a detailed guide on how to enjoy this google earth tour and what to expect despite the low resolution images. Click on this link to download the KML file –> Philippines Google Earth Tour.kml file.

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Imagine how close Mt. Cho Oyu is to Mt. Everest already.

Among mountaineers, Mt. Cho Oyu is a preparatory for Mt. Everest and if you are successful in the 8000m altitude or popularly known as the death zone, then you will be ready for Mt. Everest for the last 900m altitude difference. For those just tuning in to this blog, I’ve been following closely Romi’s Mt. Cho Oyu climb and started to blog about it.

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How beautiful are the Pinays?

One of my past time is flickr surfing, flickr never fails to amaze me. Check out zchendevlemh tribute to the pinay beauty in her pinay photoset. Well there are criticisms that they are friendster rip offs but you got to agree with me that they are still beautiful (although some are bordering into girls in bikinis 🙂 I got this from the Pilipinas Flickr group — Thanks! By the way, if you are into fashion photography zchendevlemh has tons of sets on other beautiful women and you can learn from the poses and lighting impact. I’ve subscribed to her photostream.

UPDATE: (10/27/05) Due to the controversial nature of the source of the picture, I decided to remove it. Anton

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Is Rommel Indaflor-Brass the First Pinoy to ever climb Mount Everest?

In one of my Romi Garduce’s post in climbing Mt. Everest, there was a pinoy_kiwi person who left a comment on my blog that Rommel Indaflor-Brass first climbed Mt. Everest last April 21, 2003. He is a half-Filipino half-NZealander and the anonymous comment was originated from New Zealand. We checked in with Mt. Everest Authorities and Jeevan ([email protected]) confirmed that there has been NO Filipino yet that has climbed the great mountain. I’ve googled the person’s name but apparently no luck as well. So as a last ditch of effort, I’m creating a post here as a cry for help to whoever has information and who can verify Rommel Indaflor-Brass achievement. The intent is to give credit where credit is due and so that when Romi climbed Everest next year, we can properly claim it as probably the first natural born Filipino to ever climbed Everest.


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