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Highland’s Steakhouse finally in Mall of Asia!

10z Ribeye Steak. Airflown Certified Angus Beef (P 1,080)

Finally the best steakhouse in Tagaytay, exclusive to Tagaytay Highlands members only, opened last week in Mall of Asia! We ate there with my family last Friday and we were excited to find out that it was there second day of operation. I got the tip from Tanya, one of the bloggers I follow, and she is among those who absolutely love Highland’s steakhouse. As for me, I’m not really a steak lover but I got interested with steaks ever since eating in Myron’s. One of these days, I will try the suggestions of my readers to try out the steaks of Handle Bar in Makati and Steak MD in Tomas Morato.
I like the log cabin type of ambiance consistent with the Tagaytay Highland’s interior design. It has a cozy tungsten lighted atmosphere complete with fireplace which should be perfect during the cold season. As for the food, all the food items we ordered were deliciously satisfying that we didn’t mind paying for about P800/ person. Kudos to Highland’s Steakhouse management for a job well done in providing a good steak experience immediately after its opening.

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Awesome Festivals

Pacquiao Larios Fight Ticket Prices — Outrageous!

I break my blog silence to complain about the outrageous ticket prices for the Pacquiao vs. Larios Mano a Mano fight this coming July 2. Sorry for this rant but this is unbelievably the most expensive prices ever for a live show in the Philippines! Tickets are available via ticketnet and was recently released last Monday, June 12. Check out these prices — totally outrageous at P31,680 for a ring side ticket and I thought before that the F4 concert with P20,000+ ring side ticket was already crazy at that time.

Mano A Mano, Pacquiao vs Larios

Pilipinas vs Mexico

Manny Pacquiao versus Oscar Larios

Venue: Araneta Coliseum

Event Date/Time:

July 2, 2006 | Sunday at 8:00am

Seat and Price:

Patron (Reserved Seating) – 31, 680

Lower Box (Reserved Seating) – 21,120

Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) – 7, 920

Upper Box B (Free Seating) – 2,640

I can’t believe it myself and if you buy via credit card there is still a 5% surcharge. Inspite of this, I still bought two Upper Box B tickets at P2,772 as a gift for my dad on father’s day. He loves Manny. I was kinda guilty when he asked me for a SM cinema ticket for Manny’s last fight when he knocked out Morales last January 2006 and with all my powers, I was not able to get a ticket on the last minute. So this time around, I’m giving him the gift of watching Manny Pacquiao live in Manila. But still, the prices are unbelievably high and there were reports that general admin tickets are sold for P1,000 but manny wants to slice it down so that it could be affordable to the filipino people.

So how much would you pay for a world class fight of Manny Pacquiao live in Manila?

Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 06] Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy since 1945

Ilonggo’s are very proud of Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy and they opened their 6th branch in SM Mall of Asia! I’m glad that Ted’s Batchoy is near Makati already so that it is easy to satisfy that craving for authentic Batchoy. What I love about it is they have a 100% beef Batchoy rather than just the pork version. Batchoy goes very well with puto manapla and it is also available here. Their menu is very simple and the ambiance is simple.

Now since this is in the Mall of Asia, it might be tricky to find this. I’ll tell you exactly where it is.

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Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 05] KKK — OK!

Sinigang na Lechon (P180) Malutong na lechon, sinampalukang sabaw with chichacorn.

I’ve visited Mall of Asia in search of new restaurants but apparently most of them will still be open in June. Although there was one restaurant that caught my eye because of its unique filipino interiors and K.K.K. was interesting enough to check out. But as expected since most of them are just in their soft opening phase, they were not able to cope up with the volume of people so expect slow service, some of the items in the menu are not available, and in our case, all the food that we ordered were too salty. What I love about it is that it is a Kapampangan Restaurant with a twist of Thai (very good concept). They also attempted to provide an innovation by putting Sinigang and Lechon together similar to the famous Sinigang Corn Beef of Sentro in Greenbelt.
The verdict: the food is just O.K. and I think the serving is too small for its price.

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Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 04] Everest — The IMAX Film!

If you want to say Lotse Face, Khumbu Ice Fall, South Col Route and Hillary step and recognizing what the prayer flags is all about with confidence and without blinking an eye, then Everest — the IMAX film is a must see for you. For 45 minutes you’ll be dazzled by the beauty of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges and the greatest of them all, Mount Everest. This is a documentary of a 1996 Everest Film Expedition (10 years ago) of David Breashears (director) who summitted Mount Everest himself to bring this documentary to life. The show debut last March 1998 and now finally it reached the shores of the tropical island paradise of the Philippines, yoohoo! The stars of the show were: Ed Viesturs (America’s leading Himalayan mountaineer; currently seeking to climb each of the world’s 14 highest peaks without supplemental oxygen -10 down, 4 to go), Araceli Segarra (First spanish woman to climb Everest), Jamling Tenzing Norgay (the tenth member of his family to climb Everest; his father, Tenzing Norgay, made the historic first ascent with Edmund Hillary in 1953).

It was a documentary of the beauty and danger of Mt. Everest. Fortunately and unfortunately they were a witness to the May 1996 Mt. Everest Tragedy which claimed the lives of eight people including the famous Rob Hall of New Zealand. It was emotional and educational at the same time. You’ll truly appreciate how lucky our three pinoy climbers (Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata, and Romi Garduce) in climbing Everest and returning home safely as heroes! My P150 was worth it, and only the IMAX 70mm format can bring this kind of dramatic cinematography and I would agree that this is the next best thing than being in Mt. Everest yourself.

Please read this before watching this show: Ed Viesturs on IMAX Everest ( The Exclusive Mountain Zone Interview )

Again, after 53 years ever since Sir Edmund Hillary made the first historic attempt, we all should be proud that we have three (3) pinoys who were successful in climbing Mt. Everest! With only 2,000 who successfully reach the peak and a 9% mortality rate (186 died ever since), I’m glad our Pinoy climbers were not part of the mortality rate statistics. Congratulations again, Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata and Romi Garduce for bringing pride to the Philippines!!

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Superman IMAX3D Craze

[Mall of Asia 03] The First IMAX in the Philippines!!

Superman IMAX Experience!

Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 03] The First IMAX in the Philippines!!

I was so excited about the opening of the IMAX theater in the Philippines that I summed up all the courage and patience to watch Everest in IMAX during the grand opening of the Mall of Asia last Sunday. Everest film was breathtaking (I’ll cover Everest in a separate post) and you will truly appreciate the feat accomplished by Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata, and Romi Garduce in climbing the top of the world. The focus of this post is IMAX and I’ll give you a sneak peak on what to expect during your first IMAX experience 🙂

Top 10 IMAX highlights:
— You’ll be awestruck by the sheer size of a 20m x 33m 8 stories high Wide Screen. I tried to capture the screen and give a perspective on how huge it is!
— There are 560 seats in the theater and the show was sold out! Just see how big the theater is.
— The rows are from A to P with A being the first row in front of the screen. Trust me, you don’t want to be in A and we were seated in G but still it feels too close. My advise get seats near P and in the center around seat 20+.
— There are two entrances in the first floor. The right entrance was supposed to be an entrance for seats 1-21 while the left was for seats 22-44. If you are on the wrong entrance, don’t worry just tell the person that you don’t mind entering the wrong entrance and walk all the way to your seat because it ain’t that far to walk.
— The exit was on the second floor at the back of the theater. I can imagine in an emergency you don’t want to be stucked in the middle of the IMAX theater so make sure you position yourself near the exit. So if I were to watch again, I’ll choose row P, single digit seats.
— IMAX is located in the north side of Mall of Asia. So I suggest that you park in the north side open space. I’ll posted a map of the mall of asia below to give you an orientation where IMAX is. You don’t want to be caught parking on the south side, it is too far from IMAX.
— The IMAX shows is only for 45 minutes compared to the regular 1.5-2 hours show.
— There are two shows available that is currently showing the Nascar Racing which is a 3d show for P200 and Everest which is a 2d show for P150. Superman Returns will be showing in late June, so this is the movie to watch out in IMAX!
— The IMAX Theater is sponsored by San Miguel and Coca Cola, so expect this theme throughout the theater. San Miguel Beer anyone during the movie? bad idea…
— Food and drinks are allowed inside the theater. But please as a courtesy to the next people watching the IMAX shows, please clean your trash and put them in the trash can.

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Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 02] A Virtual Tour of the Grand Opening of the Mall of Asia

This globe is now the official symbol of the Mall of Asia (MOA). If you notice, the Philippines is at the center of the globe and it sits proudly at the center of MOA. It opened yesterday, May 21, 2006 and a lot of people from different walks of life were there to witness its opening — from the tsinelas crowd, to the middle class citizens and to the elite of Society. For those of you who decided to sit back and wait until the maddening crowd have settled down over the opening of MOA, I would say good decision on your part. You have to bring with you a lot of patience just to wait in line in the parking and elevators, or just walking around the mall because of the huge crowd traffic, not to mention the summer heat we are still experiencing. I’ll give you a sneak preview of MOA…

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Mall of Asia

[Mall of Asia 01]The Rising of the Mall of Asia!

What do you have if you combined the SM Mega Mall concept with Greenbelt’s upscale ambiance plus the crowd at Divisoria during Christmas plus Manila Boardwalk’s stunning view of Manila Sunset ? Simple, it is the grand opening of the Henry Sy’s Mall of Asia! This is the much awaited opening for Filipinos since there is no doubt that all of us are a bit mall crazy. One good thing about this is that our mall experience just got better with a stunning view of Manila bay and one of the church that I love — the Church of the Way, the Truth and the Life, nearby.

Here are the facts about mall of Asia:
– a total cost of P7 billion to build a 38.6 hectares mall sitting on a 60 hectare property.
– it has 500 outlets, including 180 restaurants which is the biggest in our country and this is the true One stop shop for all walks of life. Think of a restaurant or store and it will be in the Mall of Asia.
– There is an olympic-size skating rink where you can place hockey (nice — I do hope this sport takes off) – a Music Hall, good for 900 seats
– a 13,000sq. m Super SM hypermarket
– The first Imax in the Philippines with a 560 seater and an eight-story-high theather with a 22m x 33m screen size! (which I will cover in a separate post)
– It has a view of 2-kilometer shoreline of Manila bay and stunning view of Manila’s Sunset

This Mall of Asia series aims to provide an experiential account on the grand opening of MOA and what’s in store for you in this mall. I have both raves and rants about this place and I plan to share this with you.

UPDATE 5/22/06 I wouldn’t say that this is the biggest mall in Asia because the Siam Paragan in Thailand right in the heart of the city! It is a lot bigger because it houses a car showroom and you can buy your cars from here. Also, it was so hi-tech that I saw the first 3d TV in Siam Paragon! I don’t think MOA beats that. But MOA has a great view of Manila Bay and no mall can boast about this in Asia 🙂

Awesome Filipinos

Congratulations Romi Garduce! 3rd Filipino to reach Mt. Everest! First P&G-er to reach Mt. Everest!

Congratulations Romi for reaching the highest peak in the World!! We are all celebrating your success!! So now, the Filipino trio is complete– Leo Oracion, Erwin Pastour Emata, and Romi Garduce — the first three Filipinos who reached Everest! Also, It was funny to see the big boss in our Manila Service Center, Greg Clark on TV congratulating Romi. I’m actually validating with P&G management whether Romi might be the First ever P&G manager worldwide to have reach the summit of Mt. Everest. It would take a while to validate it but knowing the people and the work in P&G, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is indeed the first manager in Procter and Gamble worldwide to summit Everest!! Congrats, pre!! 3 summits down, 4 to go :)!!

7 Highest Summits of the 7 Continents
Mt. Kilimajaro (Africa) 5,895m (1st climb-for-a-cause Sept. 2002)
Mt. Denali (North America) 6,194m
Mt. Everest (Asia) 8,848m (4th climb-for-a-cause May 2006)
Mt. Elbrus (Europe) 5,642m ( Romi attempted to climb this– thanks Francis for the correction)
Mt. Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia) 4,884m
Mt. Aconcagua (South America) 6,960m (2nd climb-for-a-cause Dec/Jan 2004)
Mt. Vinson (Antartica) 4,897m

Mall of Asia

The Mall of Asia (Opening May 21)

The much awaited and controversial Mall of Asia will have its Grand opening on Sunday May 21. There is a mall blessing by invitation only for all suppliers on Saturday May 20 but it is not open to the public. I can’t wait to experience the new IMAX Theater — woohoo! at last may IMAX na tayo… I’m sure not a lot of people know yet that MOA is opening so I’ll be there on the first day. See you and hopefully I can take some pictures…


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