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Gawad Kalinga

KESO BESO: Carabao Dream Cheese! @GKEnchantedFarm

Keso Beso by GK Enchanted Farms

Keso Beso is a social enterprise by GK Enchanted Farm that proudly produces Filipino farm fresh cream cheese from grass-fed carabaos that is naturally healthy and yummy!

Carabao milk contains higher calcium, protein and milk fat that makes Keso Beso’s cheese creamier and richer compared to cow’s and goat’s milk.


GK Enchanted Farm, Pandi-Angat Rd, Angat, Bulacan
Mobile: +63 906 110-0643
Instagram: @kesobesoph

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CALABOO: Awesome Carabao Milk Butter & Premium Carabao Cheese! @GawadKalingaHQ

by Abigail Javellana


CalaBoo Creamery is a Social Enterprise by GK Enchanted Farm in partnership with the Philippine Carabao Center, who aims to fulfill the Filipino dream of ending poverty for smallholder farmers, by producing proudly Filipino farm fresh milk from grass-fed carabao products that are naturally healthy and yummy!

They produce some of the best dairy products the Philippines has to offer, ranging from their fresh and aged cheese, high-quality butter and pro-biotic rich yogurts, which uses healthy sweeteners like coco sugar and pure honey.

Finally, we have world-class carabao milk dairy brand proudly made in the Philippines at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm!  These are the perfect foodie gift this Christmas 🙂

Here’s a photo essay of Calaboo’s launch and Carabao dairy products …

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@BayaniChallenge Week 8 & 9: “Courage to Care!” #WalangIwanan @GawadKalinga

Fwd: Week 8 and 9 Updates: Courage to Care
Spotted: A Thank YOU letter! 

The staging of a radical national event that has never been attempted before is being made possible because of believers, because people have the courage to care, because enough Filipinos take on the responsibility of being their brothers’ keepers. Many of these believers are leaders from different fields of society, from government, from business, from civic organizations, from schools, from churches. Bayani Challenge, indeed, belongs to all. That is the essence of nation building, that is the essence of an empowered democracy. 

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“Everyone Can Take Part!” (@BayaniChallenge Week 5) #WalangIwanan

Because there IS something that we can do. And you can still take part in bringing HOPE.

Fwd: Week 5: Everyone Can Take Part
Leyte. “A house changes the way a father thinks about the future of his family. With a safe shelter already being taken care of, he can now dream on improving his family’s way of life.” – Jedee Magoncia-Astilla  

We finally turned over second batch of homes (20 homes!) in Tanauan, Leyte. Hope built and will continue to be built!

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“Bayanihan para sa Kapayapaan” (@BayaniChallenge Week 4) #WalangIwanan

Gawad Kalinga Week 4: Bayanihan para sa Kapayapaan
Zamboanga. It is now eight months after the armed conflict, which left thousands of families homeless. While the loss, pain and fear may still linger, the spirit of Walang Iwanan now rises! The City Govt, the AFP, PNP, Ateneo De Zamboanga, D’Alert, and other local volunteers are now starting to build homes for the conflict victims.

“Building peace is doing good for others more than understanding the many  ‘WHYs’ of conflict. DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS will bring out the greatness from each other. GREATNESS is selfless, unwavering and an uncompromising resolve to build for God and Country. Walang Iwanan!” 

– Luis Oquiñena

Check out the photo essay of Bayani Challenge Week 4:

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Building Hope from the Ground Up! (@BayaniChallenge Week 3) #WalangIwanan

Fwd: #BayaniChallenge Week 3: Building Hope from the Ground Up
Negros OccidentalThe youth painting Parao’s for fishing sailboats in Manapla, Negros Occidental. Our hope reminder that we will not leave them behind.
San po kayo galing?
Sa Brgy. Sta. Rita
San po yun?
Mga 2 barangay bago neto.
Ano hong pakay nila dito?
Ah eh ano, maki-charge kami ng cellphone sa bahay ng nanay ko.
They walked two towns to charge their mobile phone. The thing is, under current circumstances, guess that’s perfectly normal and acceptable. 
The Bayani Challenge in ~99 other similar localities could seem like an elementary approach to rehabilitation. Along with other volunteers, you play with kids, do clean up drives, build houses, attend formation nights – something we haven’t done at least once in our lives, right?
But setting aside for now the road to get here (literally & figuratively), today we saw how Bayani Challenge was a barangay’s biggest ‘happening’ and most compelling reason to hope. Hope small, hope high – hope itself is always big.

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“HOPE RISING!” (@BayaniChallenge Week 0) #WalangIwanan

(Bayanihan. A daily sight at Pago, Tanauan, Leyte.)

Every Friday, we will publish a photo essay of a wrap-up of the Bayani Challenge Activities for the week. 

Zamboanga, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Negros Occidental had an opening program to kick off their Bayani Challenge during Araw ng Kagitingan. Antique opened their Bayani Challenge today, April 10. Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Samar, Palawan and Eastern Samar continues their preparation for the big day. Palawan will be starting on April 21 while Eastern Samar will start on the 23rd.  

Check out the Bayani Challenge Week 1 Photo Essay…

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