Awesome Filipinos

Awesome Filipinos

Wig Tysmans – 10 Secrets in Capturing the Money Shot

I learned a lot of practical travel photography stuff from Wigg Tysmans. Although his expertise is portraiture and commercial photography, he is a master of what he calls as “The Money Shot”. I’m sharing with you the secrets that I learned so that you can improve your own photography and take your own “money shot”.

Caluit Island-18

1. The best way to take panoramic shot using your DSLR is to take panning vertical shots. It is easy to stitch vertical shots of the panoramic scene instead of horizontal shots to avoid the vignetting due to the lens.

Coron Tour-51

2. The pictures that you take is a reflection of who you are. Very philosophical but true. Don’t attempt to copy the works of others because you will only be dismayed with the result. Take photos of things that you love and are passionate about.

Wig Tysmanns Travel Photography Workshop-14

3. The best shot is always taken from an elevation. This is a confirmation of what I also learned from Master George Tapan. Always be ready with a stairs. You can call or inquire from the resort / place to check if they have one.

Wig Tysmanns Travel Photography Workshop-8

4. The Magical Hour. The best shots during sunset is taken during the magical hour — 30-45 minutes after the sun sets in the horizon. Always wait for this magical hour and be ready because the lighting conditions change very fast.

Coron Tour-3

5. Take the shot, have fun and go back for the right lighting condition. This is the right practical approach to travel photography. You need to enjoy and take the shot even when it is not the perfect lighting condition. You don’t know when you will be back in that place again. If you have the chance to go back during the right lighting conditions, then make every effort to do so.

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Awesome Filipinos

Aidan meets Happy Slip!

Rache Avatar-32 So, You’re Happy Slip! (a.k.a. Christine Gambito)

Happy Slip-3

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Meeting Christine Gambito was like watching Happy Slip live… She is as bubbly and down to earth as what you can see in her you tube videos. She is a beautiful filipina in person with a nice dimple. My heart melted when she cried on her first day in Manila. Manila will simply love her because of her crusade to make your life a little brighter each day because of her entertaining videos.

I missed watching her in the Wowowee today and she was sharing with us her crazy moments in the show. They have already been to Bohol, Boracay and Cebu in a week’s time. I was so happy listening to her awesome encounters with the beauty of the Philippines. She is flying off to Puerto Princessa tomorrow. Christine — you should go back to the Philippines and visit El Nido, Palawan!

Happy Slip
She wants to sincerely meet ALL her fans in Manila but the meet and greet on Chinese New Year at Mag:net, Fort venue is not be large enough to accommodate them. When she came to Manila, she never thought that she would have a huge fan base here. She will be giving an inspirational talk on video blogging during the meet and greet with a Q&A session followed by photo sessions.

See Happy Slip’s update on the Manila Meet and Greet Session. If you are a fan and you were not able to register for the meet and greet event, please do a shout out on the comments to petition for a bigger venue.

Watch her You Tube Videos and see why she is THE Filipina You Tube Goddess:

Awesome Filipinos

Welcome Happy Slip to Manila! Mabuhay!

HappySlip in Manila!

Official Website: Happy

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MABUHAY to Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito to Manila! She arrived in Manila today and the entire Manila Blogging Community welcomes her! We are so excited to meet the most famous You Tube Internet Celebrity who is proudly a Filipina!

” Christine Gambito, better known to her audience as HappySlip, is an Internet celebrity and popular YouTube content provider. She maintains one of YouTube’s most subscribed channels. In March 2007, Gambito’s video Mixed Nuts was nominated for the 2006 YouTube Video Awards for Best Comedy,[2] resulting in the second place to Smosh.[3] In May of the same year, she became one of the first YouTube users accepted into YouTube’s revenue sharing program.

” Gambito’s performances typically include comedy sketches in which she impersonates members of her family. She also sings and plays the piano and guitar. As Gambito has stated repeatedly in her videos, she is notably one of the very few top users acting, filming, editing and producing her shorts completely on her own.

Gambito attributes her nickname “HappySlip” to her Filipino mother’s mispronunciation of “half slip”:

“ As a child, my Filipino mom would always remind me to wear a half-slip with skirts. However, the way she would pronounce the phrase was misleading: “Your hap e-slip! Be sure to wear your hap e-slip!” So I naturally went around calling the thing a ‘happy slip,’ until friends at school corrected me by asking if I had a ‘sad slip’ as well.” (Happy Slip: Wikipedia)

She was invited by the Department of Tourism — all expenses paid — to explore the Philippines for 2 weeks. This is her first time to be back in Manila after the family migrated to the US. She is scheduled to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol, Cebu, Boracay, Tagaytay and Palawan. I am super excited because the entire world will see the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of Happy Slip. This is part of DOT’s Experience Philippines campaign for the OFWs.

I’m hoping to meet her with Rache and Aidan on Chinese New Year, Feb. 7 before she goes back to the US. They are planning a blogger’s farewell party for Happy Slip on Chinese New Year. Let me know if some of you are interested to meet her, just post a comment. Maybe, Happy Slip can give a short seminar on video blogging to Pinoys.

MABUHAY Happy Slip, We Are So Proud of You!!


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Awesome Filipinos

Silverlens Portfolio Review with Romy Vitug, Derek Soriano, and Isa Lorenzo

Silver Lens Photo Critique Sessions-3
I wanted to take my photography to the next level and I’m glad that Silverlens organized these portfolio reviews with the photography masters. I submitted my best pictures to the PAL photo contest and it failed to even reach the short list. I was devastated and thanks to Silverlens photos for organizing these portfolio reviews to get direct feedback from the masters on how I can take my photography to the next level.

Silver Lens Photo Critique Sessions-5 Silver Lens Photo Critique Sessions-2 Silver Lens Photo Critique Sessions Silver Lens Photo Critique Sessions-4
Portfolio Review with Isa Lorenzo, Derek Soriano, and Romy Vitug. (Dec. 8, 2008)

All of them gave me the feedback that most of my photos were generic. They were postcard perfect but they do not reflect my personality or my own signature style of photography. The photos don’t jump out except for those pictures taken with Aidan. It was devastating to hear na walang kwenta ang mga larawan ko.

Isa had some useful suggestions to create a collection of photos about a place and take a lot of photos about that place. I do hope to discover my own artistic style to the point that people looking at my photos will immediately identify that it was my photo.

I also learned that one of my photo strength is Aidan as the subject. Most of the photos were taken with love that’s why Aidan comes out alive. I plan to create a portfolio of photos in time for Aidan’s 3rd Birthday in January. Maybe I can do an exhibit somewhere in Serendra (if possible)

In the meantime, I’m thinking of selling my photos as postcards 🙂


Awesome Filipinos

Paeng Nepomuceno, The Greatest Filipino Athlete of All Time

Aidan with The Greatest of All Time Bowler, Paeng Nepomuceno

We realized that Paeng’s achievements were super underrated and when he gave the opening inspirational talk, it was a standing ovation that I’ve never seen before in our company. It was Paeng’s first corporate talk and everyone agrees that it was one of the best speeches we have ever heard. In fact, Paeng’s inspirational speech was a lot better (in my opinion) than Nadia because of his achievement of winning 6 international championships in 3 decades vs. Nadia’s 1976 Olympic Glory. He reinvented himself over time, by mastering the fundamentals and having the self discipline that made him the greatest Filipino athlete of all time.

The picture above was taken 3 months ago as a promotional photo for the sport of bowling. He wanted to have an abs like Manny Pacquiao and show the world that Bowling requires the same fitness as any other sport. He was able to do it at the age of close to 50 and he challenges us that we can do whatever we set our minds on.

I actually shed a tear, when he shared with us one of the critical incident that happened in the First World Cup in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. An American insulted him by criticizing the Philippines and Filipino Bowlers in general. He said that in the Philippine Islands, the bowlers use coconuts and the lanes are made of nipa. (Of course, he delivered it in a very emotional way) He won that First World Cup and a total of six-(6) World Bowling Titles! It made me proud to be a Filipino and that is why he wears this special dri-fit shirt patterned after the Philippine flag.

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Awesome Filipinos

Pinays on Everest – All Set to Traverse Mt. Everest!

Official Blog: Pinays On Everest

Let us all pray for the safety and successful Mt. Everest traverse climb of Carina Dayondon, Janet Belarmino and Noelle Wenceslao. They will be setting a world record for climbing up from the Tibet side of Mt. Everest and going down via the Nepal side. No woman has done this before. They are set to climb the summit on the Mother’s day weekend (May 12/13) if weather permits or after the elections (May 15/16).

I just read from the blog that pinay climber Janet Belarmino just gave birth 5 months ago and now reaching for her dreams of climbing Mt. Everest. What determination and strength she had! Simply amazing! Any mother can relate how giving birth can be a challenge and heartbreaking episode to leave a 5-month old baby. Admirable! Janet, you’re baby is just as proud as we are here!

Despite the odds, all the pinays are set to climb Mt. Everest! Good Luck!! Kung kaya ng Pinoy, kaya din ng Pinay yan!


Awesome Filipinos

Pinays on Everest 2007 — The First Filipina in Everest!!

Janet Belarmino, Carina Dayondon and Noelle Wenceslao. Good Luck and Make us Proud!

After so much controversy (which I won’t discuss anymore), I’m glad that the three filipina mountain climbers are now at Everest Base Camp in Tibet! They will be climbing the Tibetan / North Side of Everest which is cheaper by more than half versus climbing the Nepal side. This side is more dangerous so lets pray for their safe climb! They should be climbing Everest in May and they are now training in the The Summit Of Gokyo Ri.

” Early last week, the team climbed a 5,000+ meter peak in the Everest Region called Gokyo Ri. This was a training climb to allow the womens’ bodies to get used to the thin air at high altitude. According to the team physician, Dr. Ted Esguerra, the women performed extremely well. While in an e-mail, team member Noelle Wenceslao said the climb up Gokyo Ri boosted their morale, as the perfect weather enabled them to see Mt. Everest in its full glory.” (— official Pinays on Everest blog)

Check out this video of the Pinay Mountain-Climbers in Action:

Music: Adiemus from The Official Athens 2004 Classical Album

I’ll be monitoring their progress and give them support in my own little way.

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Awesome Filipinos

Pacquiao Wins!! Congratulations, You make us, Filipinos Proud!!

I was happy to see the look on my father’s face when we watched Pacquiao in Rockwell. The overall anticipation leading to the 3rd round knockout was priceless. You have to be there to experience it. All the Filipinos were in awe of Pacquiao’s speed, power, and tiger look determination. Congratulations again, Manny! I do hope that you take care of your blessings and share it with the people.

For those who were not able to watch it, thanks to youtube for this video clip 🙂
Pacquiao – Morales III Grand Finale 11-08-06 PT 1 of 2

Pacquiao – Morales III Grand Finale 11-08-06 PT 2 of 2

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Awesome Filipinos

Gary V– Still the best after 23 years!

You got to watch Gavy V @ 23 this coming Sunday on Channel 2 after Pinoy Dream Academy. This is one of the best Gary V concert that I’ve seen. We watched the last show last Sept. 8 and all the Gary V fans out there would agree that after 23 years, Gary V. still has that magic. There will also be a re-run in October in Music Museum, maybe you might want to catch that instead.

What I like about the show is that they used rectangular LCD panels to enhance the performances. I’ve seen this used also in musical broadway shows. In the particular photo above, the rectangular LCD screens transformed into large speakers as Gary and son, Gaby danced passionately to the song “Di Bale Na Lang.” This is only one of the attractions in the show and I’ll give you a sneak peek on this concert.

BTW, Let me know what you think after watching the concert this Sunday in TV.

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Awesome Filipinos

The Bloomfields: Making 60’s music look Cool!

blooms in baguio, originally uploaded by ulan25. (Thanks to Ian Rica Roxas for the Photo)
From Left to Right: Lakan Hila, Pepe Lozano, Louie Poco, Rocky Collado, Jay Jay Lozano (see
band profiles)

I’ve never seen a band play the 60’s music and wow the crowd like crazy! I’ve never enjoyed Rock and Roll until last night at Conways Shangrila. (Ok, I know Conways now caters to what we call the paying crowd or the oldies audience) I guess this is how it feels like back then to enjoy the music of the Beattles, Burt Bacharach, Jerry Lewis and others. They play their hearts out like there is no tomorrow and you can see all of them are having fun. They are very talented from the drummer, to the basist, to the guitarist, and the pianist — to top it off, all of them sings! You can see that some ladies find them charming.

They approached their performance in a purist kind of way. They came in orchestrated 60’s tight coat and tie, complete with the hairdo, top to bottom. Their choreography was amazing from the kneeling on the stage while playing the guitar to jumping all at the same time in a 60’s splitting fashion. Such energy! They played with their expensive vintage guitars that produces sound that may be the envy of all the other bands. The drummer Rocky performed for more than 5 minutes and everybody loved it enough to almost give him a standing ovation. The pianist, Lakan Hila, played and sang Great balls of fire to a dancing crowd almost like Jerry Lewis. These guys are unbelievably talented and their re-mixed retro 60’s music is the best in the country today. The crowd were unstoppable that evening.

I just learned that these guys are lasalistas who started playing together back in grade school music classes in La Salle Greenhills (see: Rocking with their groovy tunes . . . and their moptops). I don’t usually rave about bands — never until now. I know that they will be one of the greatest musicians in the country. Check out their official website for band gig schedules:

As for me, I’m now a Fan. Rock on Bloomfields!


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