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C BOUTIQUE HOTEL and the Flavors of Baguio Food Tour

C Botique Day 1-54.jpg
C BOUTIQUE HOTEL is a homey 17-room boutique hotel by Charley Antonio. It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood near Wright Park and is walking distance from the Mines View area.

You can think of it as a nice home away from home when you are in Baguio. One of the things I like in C Boutique is waking up to a yummy breakfast experience. This summer, Our Awesome Planet collaborated with C Boutique to enhance the Baguio experience with the Flavors of Baguio tour.

Here is our C Boutique and Flavors of Baguio Experience:

Flavors of Baguio: Discover Baguio, One Bite at a Time!

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DISCOVER BINONDO: Chinese New Year + Ramada Hotel + 168 Shopping

Binondo Chinese New Year-87.jpg

We celebrated Raphael’s third birthday in Binondo because his birth date, February 10, coincided with the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake this year 2013.

It was a different kind of gimmick because we now have Ramada Hotel, an international standard hotel in the heart of Binondo, where you can stay overnight, enjoy the yummy treats of Binondo, and take advantage of the shopping deals at Divisoria in a more leisurely manner.

The Hotel was also the best place to experience the Chinese New Year countdown, watch the fireworks and feel the authentic vibe of the new year around the oldest Chinatown in the world. 

Here’s a photo essay of our Discover Binondo Birthday Gimmik with the Family: 

Related Blog PostCALDERON: Raphael’s Spanish Birthday Dinner

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    Couple Date Idea: Lovey-Dovey Rendezvous at Dusit Makati

    Just For Two Room Package / Dusit Thani Manila
    I’m always looking for romantic escape ideas with my wife to spice up our relationship.

    We recently tried Dusit Manila’s Just for Two Package, specially targeted at couples seeking that lovey-dovey rendezvous in the heart of Makati City.

    I would like to share with you our learnings and give tips on how to maximize the package. This post is particularly for the guys who might be planning this as a surprise (so girls, please don’t read this anymore 🙂 ).

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    Family Escapades

    SOFITEL Overnight & SPIRAL’s Champagne Breakfast!

    Read FirstPlanning Your Awesome Sofitel Escape

    Sofitel Adventure-28.jpg

    SOFITEL is one of the best “staycation” escapes for Manileños because of its awesome sunset experience; Spiral – the best buffet in Manila, and Le Spa — a favorite massage experience for couples.

    We have blogged about this a number of times through the years, and it continues to be our favorite hotel resort in Manila:

    Here’s an updated photo essay of a Sofitel “Staycation” experience and SPIRALS’ Champagne Breakfast:

    2013 Luxurious Sofitel Escape Series:

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    LE SPA “Duo” Couples Romantic Ritual @ Sofitel

    Read this First: A Suite Romance Anniversary

    LE SPA “Duo” Couples Romantic Ritual is one of the most romantic couples massage experiences and best- kept secrets in Manila. I had second thoughts of sharing this secret but I believe this would be an awesome experience for happily married couples in Manila.

    Here are some tips to plan your own LE SPA “Duo” Couples Romantic Ritual experience:

    2012 Luxurious Sofitel Escape Series:

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    A Manila Marriott Hotel Family Vacation

    Marriott Stay-12.jpg

    One of the best things about staying in Marriot Hotel is that there are free shuttle options from/to  all the NAIA airport terminals. It is besides Resorts World Manila with a lot of never-boring entertainment options and access to really good food 🙂

    Check out Marriott Hotel for your next family vacation in Manila:

    Manila Marriott Hotel Vacation Series:

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    LE MONET Boutique Hotel and Breakfast Buffet – The Best in Baguio?!

    Update June 24, 2016: LE MONET: Your Home in Camp John Hay, Baguio! (Revisited) 

    Le Monet Breakfast-28.jpg

    When we ask foodies for a recommendation on where to eat and stay in Baguio, LE MONET is often recommended not only for its boutique hotel’s affordable luxury features but also for the Breakfast Buffet created by Chef Robby Goco for Dinelli Gourmet.

    LE MONET by Hotel Rembrandt was designed in honor of the great French painter Claude Monet who became famous for his colorful and realistic landscapes. It is one of the few hotels that still enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by stately Baguio pine trees. Located in Camp John Hay it was opened to the public in time for Baguio’s February 2012 Panagbenga Festival    

    Check out the LE MONET Experience in Baguio:

    Awesome Baguio Series Part 2:

    BAGUIO: Your Awesome Journey to Baguio Food Trip (Infographic)

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    Hotel Elizabeth-14.jpg

    It’s nice to know there still are places in Baguio that have not succumbed to the temptation of over-commercialization and the greed of cutting down all the trees to give way to “development and progress”.

    There are three places that you should absolutely avoid in Baguio:
    1). the overcommercialized Session Road;
    2). the allegedly corrupt Camp John Hay operation; and
    3). SM Baguio (to stop them from cutting trees to build parking lots).

    We decided to stay in Hotel Elizabeth, which is located in a quiet side of Baguio where there are still plenty of trees and cool fresh air. That became our jump-off point in exploring the authentic old Baguio experience. 🙂

    Awesome Baguio Experience Series:

    BAGUIO: Your Awesome Journey to Baguio Food Trip (Infographic)

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    Family Escapades

    Our Favorite Philippine Vacation Photos!

    1. Diaz 360 Diaz Family Portrait in Bluewater Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

    We love to travel and we love to collect souvenir family photos during our trips.

    One of our best family travel photos is a 360 photo in the family suite of Bluewater Panglao resort. The 360 was created by Milo Timbol of đź™‚ 

    Here are our favorite Philippine travel photos with the family…

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    The Misibis Bay Experience: How much and How to get there? (3 of 3)

    Misibis Bay Resort is one hour away from the Legazpi airport by land. You can also get there via a fast craft from Embarcadero in Legazpi City.

    OAP | The Misibis Bay Experience Series
    1. The Misibis Bay Experience: What to do?
    2.The Misibis Bay Experience: What to eat?
    3.The Misibis Bay Experience: How much and How to get there?

    Here are some tips on how to plan your trip to the resort and how much to budget:

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