Blogging For Foodies

I had the opportunity to give a 5-minute talk during the Entrepreneur Networking Night, which was focused on Food Businesses. Instead of talking about the Our Awesome Planet story, I shared my learnings in my 5 years of blogging to the Foodie Market in the Philippines.

From my standpoint, if the entrepreneurs could understand my blogging mindset when relating to foodies, then they could adopt that same stance if they decide to blog or market their food businesses online. (I’m also sharing my insights with you, dear OAP readers. Read on! 🙂 )

It was a great networking event! Thanks to Entrepreneur Philippines for inviting me for the second time to share my expertise during the networking night. Congratulations also for the 10 Strong Years of Entrepreneur Magazine!

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Maven Secret: Did you know that Blog Readers are 80% Visual?

NLP Master Ben Ampil sharing his expertise during his NLP & Effective Communications Workshop

Before you read the entire post, please answer this simple diagnostic* on what kind of Blog Reader you are… (You can answer this in a minute before you read through the entire blog post.)

1. Ask yourself: Before going to bed at night, it is most important for you that:

(a)    the room is nearly or completely dark,
(b)    the room is quiet or has pleasing sounds, or
(c)    your bed feels comfortable.

2. For you, having rapport with someone is to:

(a)     see that person in a wonderful and easy-to-be-with manner,
(b)     hear that person communicate things to you in the same manner that you would, or
(c)     feel toward that person the way you sense he/she feels toward you.

3. When you agree with someone, you would most likely say:

(a)     “that looks right”,
(b)     “that sounds right”, or
(c)     “that feels right”.

Please take note of your answers and post them in the comments section with your insights after reading this blog post.

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Top 100 Awesome Restaurants Campaign

top 100 awesome restaurants

I'm FINALLY getting started on the OAP book, and I want YOU to be part
of it
. I will be launching the Top 100 Awesome Restaurants of the
Philippines book
to show my utmost gratitude to all of you who have
supported OAP through the years. This is the first of its kind for 2

  1. because the Top 100 Awesome Restaurants will be
    composed of restaurants UNIQUE to the Philippines,
    born and bred right
    here. So no internationally franchised restaurants in this book; AND…
  2. because it will be based on 100% Foodie Votes: by foodies, of foodies and for foodies.

YOU can help me make the OAP book happen in 3 simple ways…

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The 10 Biggest Foodie Trends in Manila 2010!

Allow me to share with you my talk during the 2nd Top Menu Masters Conference in Tagaytay…

Good Morning! I’m honored to contribute to the restaurant industry by sharing with you What’s Hot and What’s Not In the Evolving Philippine Dining Out Market. I’m an engineer by profession. I worked for P&G for 13 years as an IT Manager and turned into a full-time blogger in 2008 to focus on OAP. I don’t know how to cook and my family is not into any restaurant business.


What I can share with you today are the insights that I got from running one of the most popular food and travel blogs in the Philippines for 5+ years. I’ve been to most of the awesome restaurants across the Philippines — just name almost any restaurant and I’ll share with you my experience there. I interact everyday with Filipinos who love food. Since I don’t have a conflict of interest with any restaurant, I can give my insights without any bias.

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AIM Survey on Market Trends (Please Answer)

Hi, OAP Friends!

The Asian Institute
of Management
 (AIM) is conducting a market survey as part of efforts to
remain responsive to the needs of prospective graduate students.

Can you do me a favor and answer this brief survey? Rest assured that your
identity and the results of this survey will remain strictly

Please click on the link to the survey: AIM SURVEY ON MARKET TRENDS

(I’m hoping you can answer the survey before December 11, 2009.)

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Be the Next Our Awesome Planet Apprentice?

Maven Secrets

The first batch of Maven Secrets in AIM is fun and empowering. They are graduating after 90 days this coming Tuesday. It has been an honor to share the secrets behind Our Awesome Planet’s success to the next Internet Mavens of the Philippines.

Due to insistent demand, I’m opening the last batch of Maven Secrets in 2009 this coming October to December in AIM. I would like to coach and mentor as much OAP friends as possible. For those who are interested,

I would like to invite you to become the next OAP Apprentice...

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Professional Blogging Workshop in AIM

In collaboration with AIM Graduate School of Business, I would like to invite you and your friends to attend the one-day Professional Blogging Hands-ON Workshop this coming Saturday!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to hold a one-day Hands-ON Workshop to teach readers and friends on how to get started with blogging. Learn directly from me on how I launched Our Awesome Planet and how you can launch your own popular blog too.

Professional Blogging Hands-ON Workshop
Date: August 22, 2009, Saturday
Time: 9am to 3pm (6 hours of Hands-On Training)
Location: Asian Institute of Management Case Room
Price: $99 (~P4,500). 
(Includes 30 days of personal online coaching to help you launch your blog)
(Group discounts are available)

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Digital Daddy Blog Contest

I need your help to create my Digital Daddy presentation.

During the Expo Dad, I will be giving a talk entitled “Digital Daddy – How to take your Fatherhood to the next level with the power of the Internet“. Expo Dad is a trade fair for Dads which is open to the public for P25 entrance fee. My talk is scheduled at 3pm on July 18, Saturday at the Rockwell Tent.

It is easy to join the Digital Daddy Blog Contest. Here are the mechanics:

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3 Things I learned on My First Day in AIM

This week is very significant for me in my blogging/ internet marketing career. It is my first time to teach in the Internet Marketing elective in the AIM MBA class and the first day of Maven Secrets.

Here are the 3 Things I learned on My First Day in AIM:

1. I’m now a professor
I felt old at the same time honored. The label of  “professor” or “guru”, I think needs to be earned and since I’m just starting, I’m here to prove that I’m worthy of the title. I like to be Professor X of the X-Men who nurture young people to enhance their  natural capabilities.  (Not the stereotyped image of an old power tripping professor)

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Entrepreneur’s Home Based Businesses 101 Talk

I would like to invite you to my 10-minute talk on Entrepreneur’s Home Based Businesses 101 tomorrow April 21, 2009 in Whistlestop Jupiter from 6pm to 9pm. I was featured in the April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine for my internet marketing business.

I decided to talk about the 10 different proven business models on the Internet. Did you know that my blog income through ads is only 10% of my total income? Earning money through blog ads is the lowest form of earning money online. In fact, I plan to remove all advertising in OAP within the year.

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