Ang Bagong Pinoy Grand EB

One of the interesting group I started to get involve in is the Ang Bagong Pinoy founded by Ernesto “Boogie” Boydon inspired by the “12 Little Things every Filipino can do for their Country” by Alex Lacson.

Ang Bagong Pinoy is an online community of Filipinos all over the world seeking to build a better Philippines by starting with themselves, one Filipino at a time. It aims to recover, nurture and advance the Filipino identity, promote good citizenship, and inspire in the Filipino the love, pride, and appreciation of his Filipino identity. Ang Bagong Pinoy will dedicate the Filipino identity for the spiritual, cultural, social, and economic advancement of the Filipino nation. If you share the same ideal please join [email protected]

This is the right time to join and be part of the first Grand EB on Nov. 11. See more info @



Yehey! Got in as an alternate contributor to Pinoy Tech Blogs!

Finally, I’m now part of the Pinoy Tech Bloggers (PTB) family as the New alternate PTB Blogger! I’m happy that among the dozens who expressed interest I got chosen 🙂 along with Mike Abundo who I met in one of the digital filipino eyeball, who is a great tech guy. Frankly, the reason I wanted to become a contributor in PTB is I want to channel all my technology posts into that group blog and keep Awesome Planet focused primarily on awesome stuff in the Philippines and things that makes me happy in our family life.

By the way, I’m also blogging at about photography and Pinoy Travel Blog about travel in the Philippines.

My Articles in
Essential Photo Backup Strategy
Top 5 Photo Sharing Website!

My inaugural post at Pinoy Travel Blog
Overnight Options @ Tagaytay


PS. Not sure where to put this Marc but anyway here’s the link to your SEO experiment The Quest for Diana Zubiri


Roadmap to becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)!

I was reminded by my wife to complete my series on PMP when I passed the certification last Sept. 23. Instead of doing five separate series, this post would be comprehensive on the What, Why, When, How much and How to become a Project Management Professional. PMP is a professional certification much like Engineering board exam, Nursing board exam, or any other professional course. But unlike our board exams here, PMP is globally recognized by 20 countries.

As of Sept 2005 PMI Factsheet, There are only 128,328 PMP’s around the world with 62% in the United States and 26% (about 33,787) in Asia Pacific. Imagine, I’m the only DIAZ certified PMP based in the Philippines according to the PMP registry. This is increasingly required by US companies and you too can be a PMP Certified project manager if you are in the IT/ Consultancy Project Management Business. The best part of it, you can already add a suffix to your professional name! ( I wonder if there would be a problogger certification course in the future? )

Engr. Jose Antonio Diaz, PMP

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If you have not realized that “The World is Flat”, your missing on the most influential concept in modern history.

This is the Bible of IT in our company and if you are in the IT field, this is a must read for you. I’m trying to read the hard bound book but, there is a video speech published in MIT. I’m glad the MIT is leading the globe in free and open course materials via their OPENCOURSEWARE initiative. No need to pay that expensive tuition fee 🙂 Thanks to Aldrin for the MIT lead, I’m downloading the video now.



8 Essential Blog Tune-up Tips

As the car needs a tune-up, your blog also needs one. In my case, this is the first time after almost a year, since I started to modify the design of the site. I decided to tune it up based on learnings from pro-bloggers based on Jacob Nielsen’s Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes and Darren’s problogger tips. This is for newbies and intermediate bloggers blogging for less than a year who needs a quick start-up on blog tuning their sites.

8 Essential Blog Tune-up Tips
1. Write a great “About Me” section.
2. Make your post scannable.
3. Make your links descriptive and link link link!
4. Highlight your favorite posts.
5. Use comments to increase traffic by interacting with readers and other bloggers in your area.
6. Implement blog post tactics of using photos and posting 50% original/ 50% based on other probloggers.
7. Decide if you will implement Adsense or Not.
8. Own your domain and platform.

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Hierarchy of a Technology Freak

As I was taking a picture of all my travel gadgets and writing my inaugural post in about Photo Backup, I was scared that I was a gadget technofreak but I also realized that there is a higher level that one transcends to. You realize the essence of technology and suddenly, I had an epiphany on modern technology. Based on my corporate experience and own technology adoption, here are the hierarchy of Technology Freak:

Hierarchy of a Technology Freak
1. Dinosaurs
2. Practical Tech Consumer
3. Early Adopters
4. Technology Freak
5. Tech-inspired Artists

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How much are the pinoy blogs worth?

Just for the fun, I was curious to know how much the popular pinoy blogs would be worth based on Tristan Louis’ valuation methodology using the AOL-Weblogs Inc. allegedly $ 25 Million deal and technorati metrics. Nathan Weinberg also made a benchmark value of his favorite blogs based on $564 per inbound link (based on technorati)

* Engadget: $7.54 million
* Google: $297,000
* Microsoft: $148,000
* Blog Maverick (Marc Cuban): $1.082 million
* Jason Calacanis: $646,000
* Scoble: $6,990,780
* Steve Rubel: $4,290,348
* Jeremy Zawodny: $2,500,212

Pinoy blogs

Yugatech $ 333,888 $ 28,564
Sassy Lawyer $ 234,060
J Spot $ 47,940
Carlos Celdran $ 40,044
Wysgal $ 11,280 $ 14,100 $ 34,404
PCIJ $ 52,452 $ 564 (sigh)

10/26/2005 UPDATED! : Finally there is an automated way to do it!

Check out How Much is your Blog Worth?


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