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After Krispy Kreme, HOOTERS is opening in Manila!


Hooters in Manila? Yes/No. The Hooters Sports Bar & Restaurant that opened in Pasay City along Diosdado Macapagal was just trying to be funny. It tries to capitalize on the Hooters name until the real Hooters opens in the Fort by year 2008.

HOOTERS, the American restaurant made famous by its buxomy beautiful babes, will be opening its first outlet in the Philippines at The Fort entertainment strip in Taguig City. This was confirmed by Kaz Endo, managing director and partner of Paradise Wings Llp., a Guam-based company which owns the Hooters franchise for Guam and Asia, including the Philippines…construction is ongoing at the restaurant, which will open its doors to the public by February 2008. ” (Coming soon at The Fort: the Hooters By Ma. Stella F. Arnaldo BusinessMirror)


Spanx, Manila Boy is very excited in his blog post: HOOTERS!!! which represent the sentiments of most Filipino men:

“The CHICKEN WINGS will make me very happy. I mean, really… just the wings!!!

I’m not sure if Market Manila is equally excited to hear that the Hooter’s Buffalo Chicken Wings will now be available in Manila! Manila’s restaurant scene is getting hotter. I will bet that Hooters Manila will be a lot better than the Hooters Singapore version.

I am excited, are you?


8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Into the Woods!

Read: Bios of the Into The Woods Cast | For More info: Into the Woods Manila Philippines FAQs

I came to watch it because Mila was raving about it and it was one of her favorite musical show. I intentionally watched without any background information on it. Into the Woods brilliantly combines the well-known fairy tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Little Red Riding Hood with the original story of the Baker and his Wife who desperately want a child. I honestly thought that the show ended with a cliche ending in Act 1 (which is almost 2 hours already) and the characters lived happily ever after. Act 1 is for the kids and Act 2 is for the big boys and girls. I love the non-cliche, adult-themed, and crazy ending of Into the Woods! Spanx describe it as “thought-provoking, foot-tapping,”WTF was that?!?!?!”- chuckle inducing, night at the theater.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we also have our own home grown musical which combines the story of Captain Barbell, Darna, Mulawin and ang Panday combined with the original story of Inday. First Act will revolve around how they met and fall in love with their special someone and how they conquer their own challenges or situation. The fun begins with Act 2 when Panday falls in love with Inday and there is a love triangle with Captain Barbell. Act 2 would focus on intrigas, kaliwaan, and scandals made for showbiz’s exposes and lessons learned from them.

Into the Woods is a theater star-studded production that is highly recommended to watch! It is too bad that the shows are not sold out because not a lot of people know what Into the Woods is all about.

by June Abernathy (from Putting it together since 1994)

Into The Woods blends various familiar fairy tales with an original story of a childless Baker and his Wife, who catalyze the action of the story by attempting to reverse a spell on their family in order to have a child.

In the first act, the characters set out to achieve their goal of living “Happily Ever After” through familiar routes – Cinderella goes to the Ball and captures the heart of Prince Charming, Jack climbs the Beanstalk and finds a land of Giants and Gold, Little Red Riding Hood survives her clash with the wolf at Grandma’s house, and Rapunzel manages to escape her tower with the aid of a handsome prince who climbs her long hair. The Baker and his Wife move through their stories while pursuing their own goal – the Witch who keeps Rapunzel (revealed to be the Baker’s sister) has put the curse on his house, and agrees to lift it if the Baker and his Wife can find the ingredients to help her reverse a spell which her mother has laid on her, keeping her old and ugly. Those ingredients are: A Slipper As Pure As Gold, which the Baker’s Wife gets from Cinderella, A Cow As White As Milk, which the Baker buys from Jack in exchange for magic beans, A Cape As Red As Blood, which the Baker gets from Little Red Riding Hood in exchange for freeing her and Granny from the Wolf, and Hair As Yellow As Corn, which they get from Rapunzel. The ingredients are gathered, and the spell works, stripping the Witch of her power, but restoring her beauty. At the end of Act I, all the characters seem poised to live “Happily Ever After”. Act Two, however, deals with the consequences that traditional fairy tales conveniently ignore. What does one do with a dead Giant in the back yard? Does marrying a Prince really lead to a happy and fulfilling life? Is carving up the wolf the solution? Is the Giant always wrong? In Act two, all the characters must deal with what happens AFTER “Happily Ever After”. As they face a genuine threat to their community, they realize that all actions have consequences, and their lives are inescapably interdependent, but also that that interdependence is their greatest strength.

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Pampanga Heritage Tours and Lunch @ Claude Tayag

Brought to you by: Our Awesome Planet, Ivan About Town, and Ivan of Old Manila Walks.

Bale Dutung - 14

We are starting to organize high-end Pampanga Tours for December. We will have a dry run with my Brother’s friends this coming Saturday, November 3. I’m extending this invite to OAP readers who would like to join on Saturday. I know it is a short notice. In any case, if you are not doing anything on Saturday, come join us. The group is a mix group and I don’t know most of the people joining so it would be a good bonding session.

Betis Church - 1

The Package Tour would costs P3,500/ head which includes the transportation and meal for the entire trip. This would include Kapampangan breakfast at Everybody’s Cafe and a Pampanga Heritage Tour by Ivan About Town! Ivan is a Director in the Heritage Conservation Society of the Philippines and is very proud of his Pampanga Heritage. There will be the tour of Betis Church, Bacolor Church and other heritage stop in San Fernando Pampanga.

Bale Dutung - 34

The highlight of the Tour would be Lunch at Claude Tayag which is priced at P1,800/ head (included in the package tour). Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung is one of the Top 10 Awesome Restaurants of the Philippines! It is certainly one of the Best Kapampangan restaurant in the country today. Lunch @ Claude’s could be as long as 3-4 hours and based on our last food trip, you won’t have any space for dinner. So after Claude’s, we plan to go back to Manila after buying pasalubong.

Meeting place on Saturday is 6.30am in Starbucks 6750 and we will be back at around 6.30pm.

Please text me and confirm if you plan to join us on Saturday. Anton @ +63928 xxx xxxx.



Did you miss watching Avenue Q? Give Ruv of Avenue Q tickets on Christmas Day!

Avenue Q – Final Run June 2008. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!


Did you miss watching Avenue Q? This is maybe your last chance to watch it!

Avenue Q High: Our Awesome Planet Review of Avenue Q

The Avenue Q Manila December Repeat Performances will be from 14-23 December 2007 with performances on:

14 & 21 December 2007 Friday 8pm
15 & 22 December 2007 Saturday 2pm and 8pm
16 & 23 December 2007 Sunday at 3pm

Most Filipinos would buy the tickets on the last minute in December and I guarantee that this will be sold out sooner than the first run. You can get tickets from Ticketworld but it is already a little bit expensive. I know two friends who bought shows on Dec. 15 and you can get it from them directly. Just say you are friends of OAP and I’m sure you’ll get a great seat 🙂 Not sure, if they are giving discounts — maybe an early bird, maybe not.

Ticket prices: Orchestra Center: P1,300 | Orchestra Side: P1,100 | Lodge: P1,000 | Balcony: P500

December 15, 2007 Saturday 8pm Show
Avenue Q Manila repeat: Dec 15 tickets now available

Please contact Joelle Horca: or (Smart) 0920-901-0863 to order your tickets

December 15, 2007 Saturday 2pm Matinee Show (Get a 10% early bird discount until Nov. 18!)
Avenue Q Manila December Repeat Performances FAQs by the Bachelor Girl
Please contact Lorna Lopez thru: (Globe) 0917.9256505 or (Sun) 0922.3875729 or (email)

THIS IS THE BEST SHOW IN MANILA! So don’t miss it again and I do sincerely hope that you get to watch it.

Just say, “Thank You”,


P.S. (I want to watch the Dec. 23 show, would you know who bought that show?)


Mezzaluna’s Special Wine and Food DegustationMezzaluna’s

Mezzaluna Anniversary-35.jpg
A slimmer Chef Carlo Miguel posing with Aidan a year after the opening of Mezzaluna, Serendra.

Mezzaluna-First Night High!

We were overwhelmed with the appreciation we got from Mezzaluna. They were thankful to us for deciding to celebrate my mom’s dinner a year ago in Mezzaluna and for the blog post I did during that night. We made sure that we celebrate my mom’s birthday on a different restaurant each year but this was the exception. On Mezzaluna’s first year anniversary, they invited the entire family to a Special Wine and Degustation menu celebration along with Mezzaluna’s loyal customers.

Mezzaluna attempts to make a dining experience truly pleasureable. Their formula for a superb and memorable meal consists of:
1. Delightful Service — The waiters should be attentive to your needs and always happy to serve you. You can request from the chef certain kind of food or style of cooking even if it is not on the menu.
2. Choicest Ingredients — It needs to be fresh, good quality and comes from a reputable and tested supplier.
3. The Fine Points — fine flatware, crisp linen, and fresh flowers are the finer details that makes restaurant a fine dining one.
4. Vineyard Selections — It should offer a good wine selection so that you can make the right wine + food pairing.
5. Dynamic Menu — The menu are inspired by changing seasons and shifting trends.

Here are some of the trend in restaurants that I’m seeing:

To Wagyu or Not to Wagyu — more and more people are now educated on what a wagyu experience is like. (see NY Times article Cattle Call for a definitive info on Wagyu)
Food and Wine Pairing — I’m starting to get intrigued by what and how do you pair a food with a wine. The recent Toast is a testament to this trend and I decided to explore this area.
Degustation Menu— 5 or more courses of small servings called tasting menu for a fixed price.

Perhaps, Mezzaluna’s strongest attribute which is a dynamic menu that changes through seasons and follows trends is also its weakness. It suffers from mixed reviews because of the inconsistencies of its food. If they can fix this, then it would really be awesome! You go to Mezzaluna to get a “superb and memorable experience” and don’t come with a cost conscious mindset. The promise is admirable and you should hold Mezzaluna accountable to it if you don’t get that kind of experience.

Mezzaluna Anniversary-4.jpg
About Mezzaluna
Mezzaluna is a fine dining restaurant that speciliazes in progressive European cuisine. Mezzaluna, the Italian word for “half moon,” is named after a chopping knife that has a curved blade with a handle on each end.

Our ingredients are bought fresh each day or ordered so that succulent Idaho pork or flavorful Australian tenderloin can be savored within a few days from the time they leave the feedlot.

They are principally the creations of the executive chef who brings with him 10 years of experience in award-winning restaurants in the culinary melting pot that is Sydney, Australia. Chef Carlo leads a staff of 10 with many years of rigorous training in the culinary arts.

11th Street G/F Serendra Commercial Complex
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila
For Reservations and Catering Call:

Chef Carlo Miguel, Executive Chef Mobile # (+63 928 502 3069)

Tel# +632 856-0718/ 856-0697
Office: +632 818 0209

Five Course Degustation Menu (1,500++) October 2007 Menu
The tasting menu offers a carefully-paced progression of flavors. An appetizer serves as the first course followed by a seafood or pasta. Two main meat entrees follow and are wrapped up on a sweet note with a dessert combination. The tasting menu, which changes every eight weeks or so, is a standard unique feature of the Mezzaluna menu.

Mezzaluna Main Menu Soup, Salad, Foie Gras, Home Made Fresh Pasta & Risotto, Pizza, Seafood, Meat & Poutry, Grill, Per I Bambini (For the children), Dessert. (October 2007)

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Hey Mickey’s, Octoberfest Na!

Update March 16, 2011: This store is now close 🙁

Mikey's Delicatessen-7.jpg Mikey's Delicatessen-11.jpg

6 Pieces Nurnberger Pork Sausages (P180++) with Konig Pilsner 330ml (P99++)!

“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, You’re so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!” I can’t help but sing that song after checking out Mickey’s along Jupiter. No wonder they are full every night I passby Jupiter with mostly foreigners as their customers.

I’m usually curious on why it is called delicatessen and the wikipedia definition explains it exactly:

“The word delicatessen designates a kind of food store. The word is of German origin, meaning “delicacies,” and has different meanings in different countries. A North American delicatessen is often referred to, informally or affectionately, as a deli. A delicatessen is something between a fast-food restaurant and a grocery store. It offers a much wider and fresher menu than chain fast food restaurants, rarely employing fry machines and typically making sandwiches to order.”

I’m not a sausage fan but it became a tradition to have sausages and beer/ wine in Gaster Deli 6750 every Friday night with P&G office mates. Mickey’s is in a totally different level and it made Gaster a cheap version of a deli. This is the first time I’m raving about sausages and an all-meat menu. I also loved Konig Pilsner and this is the first time I’ve seen buying one by the bottle in Makati (is there any other places that serves this?). Konig was supposed to be one of the best German beers. You’ll be surprised that they have a wider range of imported German beers including a wheat beer called Franziskaner Hefewesssbier. (I’m really not an expert on beer so any comments on the imported beer list would be very much appreciated)

This would be a great place to celebrate the La Salle victory over Ateneo 🙂 Perfect place for Octoberfest!

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Top 10 Awesome Restaurants of the Philippines

More than just serving gourmet food and the right ambiance, these restaurants take the overall dining experience to a higher level
Sunday Inquirer Magazine (September 16, 2007)

What makes restaurants awesome? One would say as long as it serves great food. However, “great food” is subjective and it varies with each person's experience and background. To be considered awesome, restaurants have to take the food and overall dining experience to a higher level. Food that leaves an indelible mark in your taste buds, experience that imprints lasting memories in your mind, and ambiance that carves a special place in one's heart for you to share it with every person that you meet.

Each restaurant is carefully chosen to be prestigiously included in this list. Each one serves gourmet food with the freshest ingredients. It combines nature elements, artifacts or a sense of history in its overall ambiance. Simply, these restaurants have a story to tell which spreads out via word-of-mouth. I can proudly say that you can only find these restaurants ONLY in the Philippines.


Kubli Springs Dinner - 1

The road to Kubli Springs is literally a road less traveled where you'll be glad you decided not to drive your sedan car. Flashlights, candles, mobile phones, and the moon are the only source of light. Occasionally, they would put up Christmas lights connected to portable battery source to make the place special. You will find yourself in the middle of the forest, with boulders as your neighbor. The spring water flows through your feet as you look up and appreciate a clear black sky with twinkling dots. You sit on rocks and make shift benches as you smell the steak grilled on the spot. Ah, this is the perfect time to play the acoustic guitar and sing with the barkada without shame and the fear of disturbing anybody.

For P500/ person, you get fresh salad with flowers, grilled steak, Jay's special rice and fruit platter. The meal ends with friendly Lambanog and special roast of Barako coffee. Water is served from a bamboo "faucet" with mineral water coming from the mountains. Drinking and taking a bath from fresh mineral water is one unique experience. Your dining experience is a mixed emotion of satisfaction, fear, and happiness. Somehow, you wished the night will never end.

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Kinabuhayan Cafe Bed and Breakfast
Tel (042) 565 6828
Jay +63 917 368 0054
Winston +63 917 327 1106


Antonio's , Tagaytay - 15

You'll get excited every time you enter the entrance doors of Antonio's. It is like entering a magical portal to a world where any of the food you choose is something worth raving about. The service feels like you are in a six-star hotel where you don't have to worry about anything. Even going to the restroom is a chance to appreciate nature and its beauty. The positive energy in the place encourages conversation and it bears witness to thousands of memorable life stories.

You don't mind waiting for your food because you know that it is being prepared to perfection. The real flavor of the meat and ingredients stands out without any of the sauce overpowering its taste. Any of the wine selections seems to match with the food that you order. My favorite in Antonio's includes the Salad with Foie Gras, the steaks or sea bass dish, and the soufflé dessert to end the night. I envisioned our silver marriage anniversary to be held in Antonio's because of the food, service and its garden.

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Antonio's, Tagaytay — Still the Best

Mobile No.: +63917-899-2866


Ugu Bigyan - 2

It still continues to be a secret place in the Tiaong area because Ugu never advertises the place. There are no road signs that points you to it and even their neighbors never realized that such place exist. One of the amazing things about Ugu's Pottery Garden Restaurant is that the entire place is a labor of love of the entire family. They designed everything from the huts, layout of the garden, the pottery designs, and its food concept.

Ugu is known for his dishes namely, Kulawo and Lato. Kulawo is charcoal grilled banana heart with a smokey flavor taste and it taste like Tuna while Lato is seaweed in vinegar. Both are traditional Filipino dishes that you seldom find in Metro Manila. It is home cooked Filipino food artistically presented and served in Ugu Bigyan's signature pottery. I do hope it remains to be a secret.

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Ugu Bigyan
Address: 490 Alvarez Village , Brgy Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon
Telefax: +63 42 545-9144
Manila #: +632 250-8416


Isla Naburot Breakfast - 6

Isla Naburot resort is like wine – the older it is the more exotic it becomes. Electricity is supplied by solar panels that can only support the incandescent bulbs in the room. Your mobile phone will be lucky to survive after one day because there are no charging stations nearby. All you have to do is swim in the clean beach, play sunka, and spend quality time with the family.

The main attraction is doing nothing and eating gourmet Filipino dishes prepared the traditional way. Fresh seafoods are patiently grilled in a way that their natural juices are kept intact inside the meat. You enjoy each meal with home made sinamak vinegar. Fruits are abundant specially the famous Guimaras mangoes. The taste of the food is enhanced by the fresh air environment and by the love of the people cooking it. It is a foodie heaven and I can’t wait to go back this summer.

Isla Naburot
Mobile #: Ana +63920-9275372


The very satisfied family

As you enter the gates of this old mansion, you can't help but be transported back to the Old Rich ambiance in the Malacanang area. You are welcomed with drinks and pica pica in the patio before starting with the mini-tour of the mansion. You'll be fascinated with the antiques and the old-fashioned design of the living room, bedroom and especially, the bathroom. The dining area is small enough for a big group to easily dominate with their presence and laughter.

It is a treat to enjoy Spanish food cooked from recipes handed down from generations. You will leave La Cocina raving about its paella and its bread pudding. The former could rival the paella’s in Manila’s Spanish restaurants. The latter tastes like milk bread leche flan that melts in your mouth. The service is slow but sure. What is important is that they serve you with a smile and put every effort to make the experience memorable. I never forgot our La Cocina experience ever since January 2005.

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La Cocina
Address: 315 San Rafael Street, San Miguel, Manila Philippines
Telephone Number: (632) 734-2141, 734-2146
Mobile #: (63917) 538-3490

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Avenue Q High

Avenue Q – Final Run June 2008. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!

Avenue Q

I’m still on an Avenue Q high after watching the final dress rehearsals of Avenue Q last night at RCBC. This is the best musical broadway show that I’ve ever seen since Rent in Manila. They used puppets creatively where you can see the puppeteer holding it. For some reason, it was able to create an illusion where the voice of the actors can be heard coming out of the puppet and their facial expressions were mimic by the puppets. (Or was it the other way around?).

I thought that the show would be offensive because of the vulgar language, the full puppet nudity, and graphic sex scenes. It turns out to be a hilarious and fun show. It has the dramatic theme and vocal prowess of Rent with a Bubble-Gang-like spoof of Sesame Street.

It was a Rachel Alejandro show where she played two totally opposite characters of the virgin Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. What surprised us most was not her singing prowess (which was expected), but how she was able to bring Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut to life with her facial expressions and body movements. In the bed scene of Kate Monster and Princeton (played by Felix Rivera), I saw Rachel really having fun with the way they were playing out the puppet scene. I can still remember the small boobs of Kate Monster and the funny sound that they were making. I’ve been listening to the Avenue Q songs for a month now, and Rachel nailed the Kate Monster part and she was able to capture the audience with the allure of Lucy the Slut.

Aiza Sequerra was brilliant in her performance of Gary Coleman. She has a striking similarity with Gary since she was also a childstar. We were all amazed at the clarity of Aiza’s voice. Aiza’s best moment is when she sang Schadenfreude (pronounced as Shahd-en-froy-de) which means German for happiness in the misfortune of others. I think most Filipinos would be able to relate to this term when you mention Malu Fernandez.

You should never miss Joel Trinidad and Trekkie Monster’s Internet is For Porn sequence. Everybody was laughing in the audience and you can see the different kind of laugh coming from the male in the audience. You don’t know if they are laughing because of Trekkie’s “choreography” or if it hits a nerve somehow. Now we know why Trekkie who spoofs Oscar the grouch in Sesame Street is always in the trash can and gets grouchy whenever he is interrupted.

Frenchie Dy plays the funny Christmas Eve. Despite the fact that she sometimes forget that she should be Japanese (instead of Chinese), she still nailed the part because of how well she delivers her songs and her funny accent and look. We love you Frenchie and you should see her in her outrageous wedding dress.

The last memorable sequence for me is the Rod and Nicky’s “Fantasies come true”. Just replaced Rod and Nicky with Ernie and Bert and you’ll be dying laughing about this bed dream sequence. Rod was played by Felix Rivera and Nicky was played by Joel Trinidad. Bravo!

The final scene where the entire cast sang “For Now”, gives me a Rent like chill. The message of the song “Everthing in Life is only For Now” hits me like the “No Day But Today” theme of Rent. You should see Rachel Alejandro acts out Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut one after another by holding the puppets at the same time. I’m amazed on how she can switch with such ease and fun.

Fantastic show. There are only 12 performances starting tonight September 7 until September 23 in RCBC Auditorium.

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Avenue Q Manila Cast with Princeton and Kate Monster

Avenue Q – Final Run June 2008. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!

Avenue Q Manila Cast
Avenue Q Manila Cast!

I’m super excited to watch Avenue Q since January (see Avenue Q is coming to Manila). I’ve been listening to the entire soundtrack for a few weeks now. I always find myself singing “it sucks to be me” and “There’s a fine, fine line between love,and a waste of time”. I started noticing “schadenfreude” behaviors (happiness in the misfortune of others) and a little bit of racism in each one of us. I have adapted the motto, “You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime.” I’m going crazy over Avenue Q…

I’ve always wondered how the Princeton and Kate Monster love scene would look like performed by Rachel Alejandro and Felix Rivera. I’m sure Rachel Alejandro can do a good job in doing the Lucy the Slut song “I can make you feel special. When it sucks to be you.” Can Aiza Sequerra portray Gary Coleman? I’m sure the pinoy cast would make us all proud similar to how Rent in Manila was better than its Broadway counterpart.

I can’t wait to watch the first show. 12 days to go until opening day…

Avenue Q

Avenue Q Manila Cast ((Thanks to Atlantis Productions for sharing this photo of the Avenue Q Manila Cast)

Felix Rivera – Princeton / Rod
Rachel Alejandro – Kate Monster / Lucy the Slut
Joel Trinidad – Nicky / Trekkie Monster
Aiza Seguerra – Gary Coleman
Frenchie Dy – Christmas Eve
Rycharde Everley – Brian
Teenee Chan – Mrs. Thistletwat and others.

What is AVENUE Q about?
” AVENUE Q is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q; still, the neighbors seem nice. There’s Brian the out-of-work comedian and his therapist fianceé Christmas Eve; Nicky the good-hearted slacker and his roommate Rod — a Republican investment banker who seems to have some sort of secret; an Internet addict called Trekkie Monster; and a very cute kindergarten teaching assistant named Kate. And would you believe the building’s superintendent is Gary Coleman?!? (Yes, that Gary Coleman.) Together, Princeton and his newfound friends struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life.” (About Avenue Q the Musical)


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Wander-ful Show!

Wanders. (P100/ photo with cast members) Captivating, Timeless and Musical Delight. World-Class Entertainment, Never Seen Before.

Wanders is simply awesome. It is better to watch it without any expectation. It is like watching acrobatic acts of Cirque de Soleil, musical antics of the Blue Man group, and showmanship of a Las Vegas production. The production is created by the same group behind the production of Miss Saigon in Manila. The music is world class coming from the top musicians and singers in the industry. Calvin Millado plays the tour guide with Topper Fabregas and Cathy Azanza as Pol and Pola. Noni Buencamino acts and sings Elvis Presley and Austin Powers. The cast is reinforced by world class talents of the Russian dancers from Moscow and Belarussia and the Chinese acrobats from Henan province of China.

For me, the best ones are the Manuever’s version of the Blue Man Group where they use bamboo sticks and huge trash cans to create music. Although, I thought that sequence was too short and I was craving for more of Manuevers. We also like the chinese Flight of Love which reminded me of Cirque de Soleil’s Mystere show in Las Vegas. You should see the two lovers flying in the air and performing acrobatic stunts and “love scenes”. Lastly, I am amazed at the flexibility of the little chinese girls which you can see in this short video clip of Wanders.

It is still far from becoming a “world-class” show because the acrobats made mistakes. I’ve watched three shows of Cirque de Soleil and I’ve never seen any mistake in the execution of the stunts. They probably just need more practice. Also, I did not get the entire plot of the show. It appears that there was a tour guide who showed the different wonders of the world to a tourist couple. Then, they went to Las Vegas, China and other places. The tour ends in the Philippines where they “tried” to get audience participation in the final dance sequence of the show. They still have time to improve the overall story line and create a climactic ending.

Thanks to PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Efraim C. Genuino for believing in this Filipino produced world-class, family oriented entertainment. The show is for the entire family so I regret that I did not bring Aidan to watch the show. I hesitated to bring him along because I thought it was inappropriate to bring him to the Casino at night.

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