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The Manila Podcast: Is it worth it to start a podcast?

We just published Episode #8 Season 1 Finale of The Manila Podcast documenting our ECQ diaries with my friend Spanky Enriquez.  The MNL Pod is a hyper-local city podcast about life in Manila which we launched during Manila’s ECQ lockdown.

Recently, a friend asked me — Is it worth it to start a podcast? As we end season 1, I would like to share with you our podcast analytics and to answer the question, was it worth it?

The Manila Podcast with Anton & Spanky
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Our Awesome Chat

How to Create a Healthy Environment at Home?

Watch: Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment with Melanie Go

Why we should care?
• Building Biology is the impact of building environment on the inhabitants — humans and our health.
Sick Building Syndrome is when the building, office, or home is the cause of your ailment.
• Indoor Environment is 2-5 times more toxic as the outdoor environment according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
• An average person spent 90% indoors at home or in the office and 100% during the quarantine or lockdown

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YOLI Better Body System Review! (Read this first before trying)

I’ve been burned so many times by transformation systems or “balik alindog” programs in the past that did not work. I’ve also tried doing it naturally by giving up all carbs or by intermittent fasting, but the impact was slow and did not work well at reducing stored fats.

When I told my family that I was going to try Yoli Better Body System, the reactions that I got went from “hindi magwowork yan, tataba ka pa rin after” to “sayang lang ang pera diyan, wala na nga tayong income” to “Multi-level Marketing Scam lang ulit yan.”

I totally understood where they were coming from but it was discouraging, honestly.

First Things First

Still, I persisted in doing the transformation because I wanted to continue playing basketball with my sons when they grow up, last during a best of 7 series, even beat them at this game.

I felt it was imperative to transform in order to survive in the post-Covid world. The death rate of Covid-19 is attributed to people with co-morbilities specially yung matatanda at yung matataba.

It also helped that my brother Rommel was the one who invited me to do Yoli and I wanted to support him.

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The Manila Podcast

Happy Mother’s Day!! (Manila Podcast ECQ Edition)

Anton, Rache, and Spanky talk about how the Quarantine has allowed us to get to spend more time with our families~ in particular, our Mothers, and why we consider it such an awesome privilege.

We discuss how restaurants will bounce back over the next few months, and how we can help by launching EAT MNL.

And since we already feel like Castaways after two months, we list down our favorite music: the record albums we’ll take with us if we’re stranded on a desert island just like Tom Hanks!

The Manila Podcast Episode 6: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! (Manila ECQ Edition

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Our Awesome Chat

Chocolate Consumption and Business in the Post-Covid World

Our Awesome Chat with Pam Cinco, Founder and Chief Eating Officer of Risa Chocolates
Watch Chocolates in the Post-Covid World in Facebook or Youtube.

Chocolates is our happy and healthy food during this post-Covid World. 

Welcome to our Awesome Chat with Pam Cinco, Founder of Risa Chocolate to talk about the healthy benefits of Chocolates and the impact of Covid to the local chocolate business.

Good afternoon, Pam! 

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Our Awesome Chat

The Anti-Activities Guide to Summer Break with the Kids in Quarantine

The Anti-Activities Guide to Summer Break with the Kids in Quarantine
Our Awesome Chat with Teacher Tina Zamora: Watch in Youtube | Watch in Facebook

It’s officially a 4 months summer season for the kids in the post Covid World. We don’t believe in filling up the schedule of the kids with back to back activities and stress them out 

Welcome to our Awesome Chat with Teacher Tina Zamora, a Family Life & Child Development Specialist, School Administrator, Resource Person for Family Issues, Child Development & Progressive Education. 

Good morning, Teacher Tina! 

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Our Awesome Chat

The Heroic Covid-19 Story of Frontline Feeders Philippines

Watch in Youtube: The Heroic Covid-19 Story of Frontline Feeders Philippines
Watch in Facebook: Frontline Feeders Philippines Covid-19 War Story

We were inspired and watching in awe on how fast Frontline Feeders Philippines was able to quickly mobilize to feed our frontliners at the start of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Manila despite the logistical challenges.

Welcome to our Awesome Chat about the story of Frontline Feeders Philippines!

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The Manila Podcast

Crash Landing on Love

S01 Bonus Episode : ❤

Now, more than ever, couples are meeting and falling in love … online.

We talk about the pros and cons of Dating Apps, from Tinder to Bumble and even . . . Facebook!

Spanky explains all the drama of LDRs to Anton and Rache, and how all this relates to Crash Landing On You!

plus: we talk about our wishlist for future guests on The Manila Pod

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Our Awesome Chat

Healthy and Holistic Living Tips in the Age of Corona with Melanie Teng-Go

Our Awesome Chat with Melanie Teng-Go
Healthy and Holistic Living in the Age of Corona” with Melanie Teng-Go, Biophiliac and EMR Specialist

Watch in Youtube
Watch & Share in Facebook

This quarantine period provided a life reset to focus on what’s matters most — our health, our family, and service to other people.

Welcome to our Awesome Chat with our friend Melanie Teng-Go, a lover of Nature and everything natural.

Good afternoon, Mel!

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