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HOMARE is a homage to authentic Japanese cuisine in the south and the best Yakiniku Japanese BBQ place in Alabang. It features Japanese A5 Wagyu and fresh seafood off the grill with a delightful BBQ flavor using the Yakiniku Hibachi (table grill).

We honored Popsy’s 82nd Birthday with a Yakiniku BBQ feast at Homare.  Here are some tips on how to plan your own awesome Homare experience…


2nd floor, The Bellevue Manila,
Northgate Cyberzone, North Bridgeway, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Monday – Sunday from 11 AM to 2.00 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM
Telephone: (+632) 8771-8181
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: The Bellevue Manila
Instagram: @bellevuemanila

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Yakiniku Room

Homare Menu: Yakiniku Dinner Set Menu for 2 persons | Sashimi, Nigiri Sushi, Temaki, Chirashi, Kaisendon | Maki (rolls), Yakimono (grill) | Salads, Tempura, Agemono, Teppanyaki | Ippinryori, Donburimono (rice bowls) | Nabemono (hot pot), Noodles | Teishoku Menu, Gozen, Desserts

Make sure to book these Yakiniku tables with the Japanese art backdrop.

Yakiniku Set Strategy (Dinner Set Menu for 2 persons)

Special Homare Yakiniku

#1 Special Homare Yakiniku (₱3,200). A combination of A5 Wagyu Sirloin or A5 Wagyu Ribeye, Pork Belly, Chicken Abreast, White Shrimps, Squid, variety of vegetables, condiments and sauce. 

The best Yakiniku set is the mix of Japanese A5 Wagyu with different meats: pork, chicken, seafood combination.

You can see the marbling of the meat. Best eaten right off the grill.

The A5 wagyu needs to be cooked quickly in high heat; don’t overcook it.

You can always ask for assistance from the service team to perfectly cook the yakininku for you.

Red Homare Yakiniku

#2 Red Homare Yakiniku (₱1,500). US Angus Tenderloin and US Angus Sirloin, variety of vegetables, condiments and sauces.

The second yakiniku set is all red meat using US Angus, comparable to eating in a Korean BBQ restaurant.

You eat the meat, together with the mushroom and the yakiniku sauce, wrapped in grilled vegetables.

Blue Homare Yakiniku

#3 Blue Homare Yakiniku (₱1,650). White shrimps, squid, mussels, salmon, variety of vegetables, condiments and sauces.

The third set is all seafood, and you can order a combination of the red and blue yakiniku sets for variety.

It’s good to eat all the grilled seafood first before the meat, which can have an overpowering flavor over the seafood.

Mix Homare Yakiniku

Mix Homare Yakiniku (₱880). Choice of US Angus Beef Tenderloin or US Angus Beef Sirloin, Pork Belly, Chicken Breast, White Shrimps, Squid, variety of vegetables, condiments and sauces.

This is good value for money, with a mix of meat and seafood but with lesser quality vs. the specialty sets.

It’s a good choice for everyday feasts but order the Japanese A5 Wagyu yakiniku set for special occasions.


Japanese Favorites (Supporting Cast)

Homare also serves your Japanese comfort food, and you may order a few of your favorites to supplement the yakiniku.


Kani Mango Salad

Kani Mango Salad (Half – ₱150, ₱280).

Order a Japanese salad of kani mango that the kids would love for sure to start the meal.

Salmon Tataki Salad

Salmon Tataki Salad (Half – ₱200, Regular – ₱350)

Order the salmon tataki salad as a good alternative or for added variety.

Maki (Rolls)

Homare Roll

Homare Special Roll (₱450)  made with meaty crab sticks, fresh Japanese cucumbers, sweet tamago and ebi, and sushi rice wrapped in nori and a crisp batter, topped with soft and savory unagi and tobiko!

The makis were a bit heavy to start with, but sometimes you couldn’t resist the Homare Special Roll to tease the appetite.

Salmon California Maki (₱400)

Salmon California Maki (₱400).

The kids loved the California Maki, and the Homare version was wrapped with extra salmon for extra yum.



Tori Karaage (Fried Chicken)

Tori Karaage (Fried Chicken) (₱180)

Order the Japanese fried chicken to keep the little ones satisfied.

Unagi Kabayaki (Grilled Eel)

Unagi Kabayaki (Grilled Eel) – (₱800)

The grilled eel, served on a skewer, was a favorite and just the perfect appetizing compliment to the yakiniku.


Gyoza (Pork Dumplings) (₱200)

We shared one order of gyoza with the boys, just enough to tease the appetite.



Gindara (Cod Fish)

Gindara (Cod Fish) Teriyaki (₱800)

My mom loves seafood, and the creamy Gindara fish in sweet teriyaki sauce made her happy.


Nikujiru Tsuke Udon

Nikujiru Tsuke Udon (Beef – ₱400).

There are different varieties of Udon options if you want to start with soup.

The Japanese ramen is an off the menu item and was surprisingly good, satisfying the ramen lovers.

Order the tantanmen version for something spicy to start with.



Salmon, Tuna, Sea Urchin

Salmon, Tuna, Sea Urchin (₱500)

A seafood rice topping with the freshest tuna, salmon and umami from sea urchin (which my wife loves).


Katsudon (Pork)

Katsudon (Pork) (₱250)

Sometimes the kids need to have their Japanese Katsudon rice bowl to go with the yakiniku.




Anmitsu (₱200)

Slices of tangy fruits, coffee jelly and matcha ice cream to clean the grilled BBQ flavors off your palate.

Coffee Gelatin, Matcha Panna Cotta, Matcha Ice Cream

Coffee Gelatin (₱150), Matcha Panna Cotta (₱130), Matcha Ice Cream (₱120)

Honestly, you can skip the dessert. The kids were already happy with ice cream to complete the meal.

Dango (Mochi Dumplings)

Dango (Mochi Dumplings) (3 pcs. – ₱100)

If you want to end with a Japanese mochi emoji that’s not too sweet.

A birthday is not complete without a cake, a birthday song and blowing of candles to make wishes come true.


Final Thoughts

Overall, a Yakiniku experience is a special BBQ feast to celebrate special occasions and milestones in the family.

Definitely, order the Special Homare Yakiniku set with the Japanese A5 Wagyu and the Special Homare Roll for a special birthday meal. I love it when a Japanese restaurant offers a lot of variety to satisfy the Japanese cravings of kids, senior citizens, healthy eaters and ramen lovers. Budget about ₱1,500 per head.

Congratulations to the Homare team of Bellevue Manila for an awesome Japanese Yakiniku experience in Alabang!


2nd floor, The Bellevue Manila,
Northgate Cyberzone, North Bridgeway, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Monday – Sunday from 11 AM to 2.00 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM
Telephone: (+632) 8771-8181
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: The Bellevue Manila
Instagram: @bellevuemanila

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Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of The Bellevue Manila.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. There’s enough parking available in the basement of The Bellevue Manila hotel.