Sheraton Manila is back and currently on soft opening, with the basic rooms and amenities opened. It’s a business hotel but with emphasis on Filipino Food and Family Fun while on business.

We celebrated Yugi’s 5th birthday at Sheraton Manila as requested by the little one. Here is a guide for those going on a celebration staycation experience at Sheraton…


Sheraton Hotel Manila (Across Naia 3)
Address: 80 Andrews Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 902-1800
Facebook: Sheraton-Manila-Hotel

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Airport or Swimming Pool Side?

Sheraton Manila’s main facade faces NAIA Terminal 3.

(Note: The back lobby facing Newport Mall is a casino and kids are not allowed to pass through.)

The deluxe rooms are big studio rooms. We stayed in separate rooms—one room for the kids and another for Rache and me—since the suite rooms were not yet open.

Make sure to specify a room with a view of the resort-type swimming pool, the hotel’s centerpiece.

Our other room had a view of the airport, and it was a bit relaxing watching the planes take off.


Filipino Breakfast

I actually loved the view of the airport while having breakfast, especially on a rainy day.

They had the best tocino we’ve tasted in any hotel in the metro. Don’t miss it.

You can also go down to S Kitchen for a lazy, high-ceiling breakfast, and make sure to get the table with the lounge chairs.

They always have a good selection of cheese that you can start off your breakfast with.

Hidden in the corner were the cured meats with soy chicken, century egg, pork asado and chili sauce.

We love hotel breakfast buffets because of the dimsum and hot soup to start the meal.

We loved the assortment of fresh and healthy juices specially mango!

You can enjoy your fruits as is. I loved that they had dalandan in the fruits counter.

Try their French Toast to end your breakfast.


Swimming Sessions

You’ll love the big resort pool centerpiece which becomes a big aqua playground for the boys.

It is heated so that you can enjoy it at night, and it does not feel crowded any time during the day.

You’ll love to relax on the comfortable swimming pool lounge chairs, whether under the sun or the stars.

The boys loved playing with their brothers and cousins, chasing each other around the pool.

You can also have the kids play first in the Kid’s Club before going to the pool.


Filipino Tea Time

For something different, check out the Filipino Tea Time version with Filipino-inspired mini-snacks.

Order the TWG Raspberry tea with option to put the sugar syrup or not upon serving.

Tuna sandwich, Ilonggo longganisa and inasal crepe.

Beef kaldereta with malunggay bread and grilled eggplant sandwich.

Mango turon and ube leche flan.

Maja cheese with red munggo buchi.

Make sure to order their coconut cocktail special with lambanog.


S Kitchen Dinner

You’ll be greeted by S Kitchen’s open kitchen with an array of Japanese food, salad, cured meats and cheese, seafood, meat and pizza stations.

Roasted Lechon is always available for your celebrations even on Monday nights.

Go for the lechon first, especially for its crisp skin, to start your meal.

Their Laksa, with milky coconut cream goodness, was quite good. Yum!

Eat-all-you-can hakaw and spareribs were the best appetizers!

The main highlight was the seafood station where you can have your shrimp, mussels and crab grilled as is or with cheese or garlic.

Make sure to get a slice of steak to make the buffet worth it.

They had a wide selection of desserts starting with tempura ice cream.

My favorite is always the halo-halo station with all the right ingredients.

The boys always love ice cream to death for their desserts.

Happy Birthday Yugi boy from your brothers and cousin!


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that the Filipino Food, made by former-Marriot Chefs, was quite good. I personally loved the view of the NAIA 3 Airport, which gave a sense of the excitement of travel during the stay.  The boys couldn’t get enough of the big resort pool, the centerpiece of the property.

I can’t wait for the Sheraton experience to be completed before the year ends.

Sheraton Hotel Manila (Across Naia 3)
Address: 80 Andrews Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 902-1800
Facebook: Sheraton-Manila-Hotel

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Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of Sheraton.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. One thing though, you can’t easily cross across Resorts World Manila yet because the kids can’t pass through the casino.


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