We’ve all been there – the time to renew passports. Over the past year or so, passport renewal in the Philippines has gotten a bad rep particularly for the lack of slots and the prolonged waiting times.

I recently had to have my passport renewed as I was already past the 6-month mark. In most situations, you wouldn’t be let out of the country if you have less than six (6) months remaining on your passport. In cases that they do let you leave, they give you a warning that you might not be able to enter the country you’re planning to visit, under the same 6-month restriction.

I’ll be upfront in saying that I did dread the renewal, as the news of the data breach came out literally a week before my scheduled appointment. But I had to do it since I do want to keep on traveling, and I can’t do that without a proper passport.

So, let me walk you through how to renew your passport:

Note: This article only covers Passport Renewal. For New Applications, visit the DFA’s Official Passport Appointment website.


Phase 1: Booking your Appointment

Visit the Official Passport Appointment System website (www.passport.gov.ph) and click on Schedule An Appointment.

The following do not need to book an appointment:

  1. SENIOR CITIZEN and one (1) travel companion
  2. PERSON WITH DISABILITY (PWDs) and one (1) travel companion
  3. SOLO PARENT and his/her minor children
  5. MINORS SEVEN (7) YEARS OLD AND BELOW and his/her parents and minor siblings
  6. OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS (land-based, or seafarers)

There is a designated OFW lane or COURTESY lane at DFA Aseana and other DFA Consular Offices.

Step 1

1. From the homepage, click on Schedule an Appointment.

Step 2

2. Read through the Terms and Conditions carefully on the next page, and choose whether you’re doing an Individual Appointment or a Group Appointment.

Step 3

3. Select your preferred DFA Site on the next page.

Step 4

4. After selecting your preferred branch, pick your schedule on the next page. Available dates and times are clearly indicated. The earliest time slot starts at 7:30 AM and the last is at 5:00 PM.


I did notice that there seem to be more open slots in the main DFA site (DFA Aseana) as compared to their satellite offices in malls. So if you’re in a rush to get your passport renewed, I suggest booking at the DFA Aseana location. However, if you want to take your chances, appointment slots are updated at 12:00 NN and 9:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays, except Holidays.

Step 5

5. Once you have confirmed your time slot, fill out all the requested information. The requested information is broken down into four categories: Personal, Family, Application (Old Passport Details), and Contact Information. This step shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes if you have all your details ready.

Step 6

6. You can then proceed to payment. You will be asked to choose between Regular (Php 950) or Express Processing (Php 1200).

Reminder: If you leave the webpage for more than 15 minutes, you will be redirected back to the first step.



Phase 2: Secure your Appointment

Previously, you paid for your passport at the DFA location after you’ve done all the steps. This time, you pay at designated payment centers within 24 hours after your online booking. Presumably, this is their solution to the problem of overbooking caused by fixers blocking the slots.

Step 7

Payment details will be sent to the e-mail you used for the application.

Step 8

Authorized Partners include:
Payment Centers: Bayad Center, ECPay, PERAHUB
Malls: Robinsons Business Center, Robinsons Department Store, Waltermart Department Store
Convenience Store: 7-Eleven
Remittance Center: USSC (Western Union)
Pawnshop: Villarica

Remember to pay for your slot within 24 hours. Otherwise, your slot will be forfeited and you have to make another online appointment.

Step 9

After paying, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a PDF attachment that contains your completed application form, and the Electronic Receipt. If it’s not in your inbox, check your JUNK or SPAM folder. You need to print this document and bring it with you to the DFA site.



Phase 3: The Renewal

Prepare all the required documents, as follows:


  1. Confirmed Online Appointment
  2. Accomplished Application Form
  3. Personal appearance
  4. Current ePassport with a photocopy of the data page
  5. Any of the Valid IDs listed below with one (1) Photocopy
  6. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name
    • Marriage Contract
    • Annotated Birth Certificate
    • Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court ordered instruction
    • Death Certificate of Spouse


  1. Confirmed Online Appointment (if applicable) – Children 7 years old and below do not need to have an online appointment. They are entitled to avail of the courtesy lane together with their parent/s and minor siblings.
  2. Accomplished Application Form
  3. Personal Appearance of the minor applicant and either parent or authorized adult companion
  4. Current ePassport with a photocopy of the data page
  5. Marriage Certificate is required if only one parent is accompanying the child.
    • If parents are unmarried, an Affidavit of Support and/or Consent executed by the Mother will be required if she is not accompanying the child.
    • If Affidavit of Support and/or Consent is executed abroad, it must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate.
  6. Original and photocopy of proof of filiation and/or guardianship
  7. Passport or Valid Government issued ID of either parent with one (1) Photocopy
  8. School ID (if applicable)


  1. Social Security System (SSS) / Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card
  2. Land Transportation Office (LTO) Driver’s License. Student Permit may be accepted if in card format.
  3. Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
  4. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) / Integrated Department of Labor and Employment (iDOLE) card
  5. Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Election Officer with Dry Seal
  6. Philippine National Police (PNP) Firearms License
  7. Senior Citizen ID
  8. Airman License (issued August 2016 onwards)
  9. School ID (if applicable)
  10. Current Valid ePassport (For Renewal of ePassport)
  11. For applicants based overseas, they may use their host government-issued IDs showing their Philippine citizenship. (Example: Residence Card)

Note: For special cases such as Lost Passport, Mutilated Passport, Dual Citizens, etc., please refer to the Official Renewal Guidelines issued by the DFA.


You may ask: What about the data breach? I heard we have to bring original copies of the birth certificate again.
Answer: No, you do not need to bring an original copy of your birth certificate to renew your passport. The Palace has released a statement on this.

Once you have all the requirements ready, it’s time to head to your DFA location.


  1. Go to DFA 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
    Note 1: Do not go way ahead of schedule. If your appointment is at 10 AM, don’t come in at 8 AM. You will be turned away by the security and be requested to return 30 minutes before your appointment.
    Note 2: Strictly no companions. Unless you absolutely need to (Senior and PWD), do not bring a companion. They will be turned away at the gates and will have to wait for you elsewhere.
    While waiting for the batch ahead of you, you will be asked to sit down at the waiting area along with the others who booked the same time slot. I suggest keeping yourself entertained in the waiting area with some tunes, Netflix, or a book.
  2. Once you’re inside, the first step is Verification. An officer double checks whether you have all the documents needed.
  3. Next, you’re ushered to the Processing area. The officer checks your old passport and forfeits its validity.
  4. The last step is your Passport Photo.
    Remove your jewelry and colored contact lenses ahead of time so you don’t fumble around right before getting your photo taken. If you plan to wear makeup, keep it light. They may ask you to remove heavy makeup.
    Author’s Note: This step felt the most rushed for me. I know that the DFA is trying to speed up the process and not hold the line, but it wouldn’t hurt to give the applicant a few seconds to freshen up. A small desk mirror wouldn’t hurt too. After all, we’ll be stuck with the same photo for 10 years now instead of five. 
  5. A receipt will be handed which you have to present when you claim your new passport. The date of your next visit will depend on whether you chose Regular or Express Processing. That’s it, you’re done!
  6. UNLESS you choose to have your passport shipped. Then, you have to head to the payment counter to pay for your shipping fee. This is an additional Php 350.

From my experience, Verification to Passport Photo took less than 15 minutes.



Phase 4: Claiming your Passport

  1. Bring the receipt from your last visit, along with your old passport or a Valid ID and present it to the collecting officer.
  2. Wait for your name to be called before you head to the counter.
  3. Claim your passport and sign the form that verifies that you’ve collected your new passport.

That’s it! Happy travels!

Renewing your passport is no longer as stressful as it was before. You also don’t need to deal with long lines anymore as the schedules have become really streamlined. And with the new 10-year validity in place, you wouldn’t have to think about this process for a long time.


Live an Awesome Life,

Monique of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: I paid for my passport renewal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. You should renew your passport 1 year before it expires because you can technically can’t travel 6 months before the passport expiry date.