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We love staycations in Manila, and this is our best staycation experience of 2018 so far!

Dubbed as “Manila’s Grand Icon,” OKADA Manila in Entertainment City is a 44-hectare oceanfront Japanese Integrated Resort with a steel and glass facade.

It’s the flagship Okada Manila resort and the largest integrated resort in Manila, integrating a 993-room Y-shaped hotel, 10 restaurants, 4522 square meters of ballroom and function rooms, Asia’s largest ultra-luxury indoor beach club and the world’s largest multicolor dancing water feature in one massive complex.

We celebrated Yugi’s 4th birthday weekend at Okada and here’s how to organize your own awesome family staycation:

New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Parañaque City
Telephone: +632 880 7555
Email[email protected]
FacebookOkada Manila
Website: www.okadamanila.com

These are the current prices of the rooms we stayed in during the staycation:
• Okada Deluxe Twin Room (1550) –  ₱ 14,000/night
Executive Suite Room (1565) – ₱ 25,000/night
Premium Double (1565) – ₱ 30,000/night

Pricing changes based on day and availability so best to check out Okada Manila’s low rates and availability here.

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OKADA Staycation Day 2-59.jpg

You’ll love the whimsical high-ceiling grand lobby with flowers of red and pink palatte that welcomes you during your stay at Okada.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-56.jpg

Some people just love to hang out even in the lobby lounge for a nightcap or reunion with friends.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-3.jpg

The staff is awesome and would go out of their way to be of service to you.


Deluxe Room (1550)

OKADA Staycation Day 2-48.jpg

Their basic deluxe rooms are quite spacious at 60 square meters with a maximum occupancy of 3.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-51.jpg

The rooms have their own jet tub overlooking the bay with separate bath and toilet areas.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-52.jpg

It has a walk-in closet and a pantry. And, yes, the room is in funky pink color.


Executive Suite (1565) & Premium Suite (1565)

OKADA Staycation Day 1-14.jpg

We stayed in an Executive Suite (200-250 sqm) which serves as the Master Bedroom.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-15.jpg

We have our own luxuriously spaced jet tub with a view.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-20.jpg

Yes, we have his and hers bathrooms situated on the left and right side of the room.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-10.jpg

The hotel toiletries, by Roberto Cavalli for Okada, are definitely plush.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-18.jpg

The bathrooms have separate toilet and bath for efficient access.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-21.jpg

There’s a spacious walk-in closet and make-up room ideal for preparing for an evening ball or a wedding reception.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-4.jpg

The parents’ room is connected to a Premium Suite Double (120-200 sqm) which serves as the kids’ rooms with an extra bed.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-44.jpg

Yugi was so happy sleeping with his Curly Mocha Okada Bears.

OKADA Staycation Yugi in Jacuzzi-3.jpg

Even if it is raining heavily outside, the kids can still enjoy swimming and hanging out safely in the jet tub.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-7.jpg

The bathroom has a large mirror and two sinks.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-9.jpg

The shower is also spacious, with marble tiles and seating set-up.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-11.jpg

The living room area serves as the reception for the room if you like to have more privacy during your hotel stays.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-30.jpg

All the windows and lighting are automatically controlled with a Digivalet unit.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-33.jpg

We designated one of the common rooms as the entertainment room where we connected the PlayStation.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-32.jpg

There is also a special massage room where you can enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your room.

OKADA Staycation Day 1-26.jpg

The Executive Suite has a long marble dining table where you can delight in some family time while enjoying the welcome fruit basket and chocolates in a cool flower set-up.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-192.jpg

Yugi had fun celebrating his birthday with the boys and the family.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-1.jpg

I enjoyed working from this table with a grand view of  Cove Manila dome, the Coral Wing and the magnificent Manila Bay.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-4.jpg

The rooms are located on the Pearl Wing of the hotel, with wide corridors and geometric patterned carpet.


Okada Breakfast.jpg

The breakfast at Medley was quite extensive and the same throughout our stay.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-17.jpg

The boys loved the Japanese section with tempura stations…

OKADA Staycation Day 2-11.jpg

…and eat-all-you-can sushi and sashimi.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-37.jpg

You can also start with the smoked and cured meats…

OKADA Staycation Day 2-13.jpg

…or start with a healthy serving of fruits and yogurt.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-39.jpg

There are lots of stations in the buffet set-up that you can tour first to check out what you want.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-19.jpg

We loved their bacon and sausage selections.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-27.jpg

You can check out this corner if you are craving for Korean for breakfast.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-29.jpg

They have a good selection of Chinese dim sum like pork and shrimp siomai, hakao, vegetable dumpling and siopao.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-30.jpg

There’s also a classic Filipino breakfast section at the end of the buffet for your silog fix.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-31.jpg

My favorite is the make your own noodles and soup section.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-34.jpg

Order the creamy laksa and specify if you like to have more spice and more balls added into it.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-25.jpg

There’s a good array of desserts and cakes.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-35.jpg

But I couldn’t resist the native treats like suman, kutchinta and pichi-pichi.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-6.jpg

There’s a large play area for kids and tv station where the boys can hangout while parents enjoy a lazy breakfast.


OKADA Staycation Day 2-61.jpg

The restaurant’s name is Korean inspired, derived from Goryeo—one of the Three Kingdoms in Korea: Gugoryeo, Silla and Baekje.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-126.jpg

Ala Carte Menu: Meat- Beef, Pork | A La Carte | Rice and Stew | Snack and Noodles | Desserts

With an interior of geometric designs with red, yellow and white patterns, its main highlight is the Korean Meat grill.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-80.jpg

Drinks Menu: Wine by the GlassChampagne, Sparkling, White Wine | Rose, Red Wine | Red, Sweet Wine | Classic Cocktails and Spirits |  Beer, Juice, Coffee, Tea

They have a good selection of drinks which is the same across all Okada restaurants.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-78.jpg

We loved this table with a backdrop of the declaration of Hangeul (language) in 1464.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-69.jpg

This acts like a chef’s table because you can see the action in the open kitchen.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-77.jpg

You can also reserve private rooms for your confidential meetings.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-71.jpg

Start with a banchan of Kimchi, Potato Salad, Seaweeds, Potato Mochim, Chives Kimchi and Anchovies.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-90.jpg
Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake) (₱ 700)

Crusty pizza-shaped pancakes with seafood bits and vegetables that even kids love.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-83.jpg

So-Galbi Jjim (Braised USDA prime beef short ribs) (₱ 1,400)

Beef is tender and full of flavor with sauce that you can top over the rice.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-85.jpg

Shin Ramen (Korean Ramen) (₱350)

Sometimes, I like to start with a spicy soup to stimulate the appetite.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-91.jpg

Ramen Bokki (Stir-fried Ramen) (₱550)

Spicy ramen noodle with lots of cheese cooked table-side.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-95.jpg

Dwaejigogi Modeum Gui (Assorted Special Pork Set) (₱2,000).
Samgyeupsal (pork belly), Moksal (pork neck), hanjhongsal (special pork neck), Jumuluk (pork belly)

You can order the meat sets for your Korean grill.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-103.jpg

The meat can be grilled in front of you and I like mine cooked medium rather than well done.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-104.jpg

You can enjoy the meat by itself or you can dip it in Sam Jang (soy bean paste), Yakiniku Salt or Pepper with Sesame Oil.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-94.jpg

Sogogi Modeum Gui (Assorted Special Beef Set) (₱2,900).
Galbi Sal (boneless short rib), Kkodeungsin (prime rib eye), Mapojumulleuk  (ansim beef tenderloin)

The beef set is the best option with a serving of the best meat that you can share with the family.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-118.jpg

I like their charcoal system; you won’t smell like Korean BBQ after eating here.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-100.jpg

My favorites are the Galbi Sal for beef and Samgyeupsal for the pork.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-117.jpg

Yangnyeom Galbi (Marinated bone-in short ribs) and Japanese Eel

You can also order a grilled duo of the galbi and the Japanese eel to have a variety of flavors.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-121.jpg

For dessert, don’t forget to order the Korean Bingsu to clean your palate and have a satisfying sweet ending.

(Note: The bingsu was a special treat during our visit and will be available soon)

OKADA Staycation Day 2-123.jpg

I like to have more toppings than shaved ice plus a slice of cheesecake.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-112.jpg

Thank you to Goryeo Chef Hak Jin Lee for the awesome Korean lunch!


OKADA Staycation Day 2-171.jpg

PLAY which stands for “Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young” is Okada Manila’s indoor playground and learning space.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-137.jpg

You can play in the Sports Zone which tends to be the busiest area.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-139.jpg

A 2-level play and slide area called Junguru.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-147.jpg

Mini Steps is where you step on items in an interactive projected map.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-167.jpg

Defeat the villains in Wiza, an interactive motion sensor game.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-153.jpg

Mini Me is a baby play area where the young ones can wait and enjoy.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-162.jpg

Little Town is a learning mini-village with a bank, grocery and house.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-157.jpg

Kids Snack bar (menu) where you can buy rice toppings, sandwiches and pasta.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-144.jpg

Game Play Stations.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-143.jpg

My Party Place is an open events area for birthday celebrations.


OKADA Staycation Day 2-183.jpg

The pool area is located on the ground floor of the Coral Wing facing the sea, which is a bit of a walk from the Pearl Wing.

Pool Bar-2.jpg

There’s a shallow pool area for kids and an infinity pool for adults with an unobstructed view of Manila’s Sunset.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-185.jpg

Pool Bar Food and Drinks Menu

You can enjoy the view with some snacks like Chef’s Salad (420), Tuna Wrap (300) and Marbled Cheesecake with Mango (160)…

OKADA Staycation Day 2-182.jpg

…over cocktails and drinks—Orange Juice (370), Watermelon (220) or Classic Cocktail (340).

OKADA Staycation Day 2-180.jpg

You can walk back to the 3/F Pearl Wing where The Spa and Salon are located.


The Spa Retreat Okada-3.jpg

This is the best spa and relaxation oasis in Manila with Signature Massage Therapies, Body-Mind Healing and Wellness Therapies and His & Hers Spa Journeys (The Spa Retreat Menu).

Best of all, it is open from 10.00 am until 4.00 am. We usually go to the spa after the kids are asleep at night.

The Spa Retreat Okada-32.jpg

They carefully use natural, organic and premium spa products like Ila Spa, SpaRitual and Deborah Lippmann.

The Spa Retreat Okada-8.jpg

Inside is The Retreat Spa pool that’s open daily from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm for in-house adult guests only who are 16 years old and above.

The Spa Retreat Okada-27.jpg

Best to arrive 30 minutes before your treatment so you can hangout in the mobile-free Relaxation Zone.

The Spa Retreat Okada-29.jpg

You can also exercise first in the 24-hour gym facility before your massage.

The Spa Retreat Okada-11.jpg

Check out the Wave Dream Lounge where you can relax with the sounds and projected images of rippling water.

It’s the first in Southeast Asia to use the Wave Dream technology invented by Swiss physicist Helmut Eigenmann.

The Spa Retreat Okada-23.jpg

We used the Lian Couples Room with a twin massage bed, jet tub, showers and bath amenities.

The Spa Retreat Okada-21.jpg

Our treatment started with a foot scrub and a relaxing backcial therapy.

The Spa Retreat Okada-22.jpg

Then you have to take a shower together to rekindle the romance and intimacy.

Okada Massage.jpg

Couples Connect (120 minutes). Spend time together, rekindle the romance and share a total spa experience with a scrub, backcial, massage and facial using exquisite oils for harmony and love.

The last hour of the treatment focuses on a relaxing massage, a refreshing facial and ends with a holding hand ritual.

The Spa Retreat Okada-14.jpg

After the pampering treatment and couple integration, you can’t help but eat the forbidden fruit from the tree.

The Spa Retreat Okada-26.jpg

Admittedly, we were a bit hungry and dehydrated so we hung out for a while to eat some snacks and replenish.

Yugi's First Haircut 2.jpg

Before you go, check out their Hair, Make-up and Nail services (Salon and Barber Menu).

This was the perfect barbershop to have Yugi’s first ever haircut after 4 years!


OKADA Staycation Day 2-196.jpg

Enbu is one of the coolest Japanese places in Okada because of the good Japanese food, the 2,164-lantern ambiance and the private deck from which to view the Okada fountain.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-198.jpg

The kids loved the bowl of a thousand paper cranes from which they could get some so they could play with these cute mini origami creations.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-199.jpg

Enbu Menu: Appetizers | Salad, Fried Dishes | Sashimi | Sushi | Robatayaki | Vegetable | Hot Dishes | Rice & Noodles | Desserts

Enbu means dancing fire, and it’s fun to just sit on the bar with the red lanterns above you. 

OKADA Staycation Day 2-212.jpg

Grilled Toro Mackerel (₱480)

The robatayaki menu is good, and you can get freshly grilled seafood.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-213.jpg

Tempura and Noodles (Prawns, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Mushroom) (₱550)

If you are looking for good value then you can enjoy the udon noodles in a clear broth…

OKADA Staycation Day 2-215.jpg

… served with shrimp tempura with fried pumpkin, sweet potato and mushroom.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-218.jpg

Chicken Leg Teriyaki with Japanese Sansyo Sauce (₱680)

Never fails to make the kids happy with its sweet teriyaki sauce.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-220.jpg

Aradaki (Simmered Salmon Head with Vegetables) (₱780)

This is a good healthy pulutan or a light dinner if that’s what you want.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-208.jpg

Enbu Drinks (Sake | Wine by the Glass | Cocktails with a Twist | Classic Cocktails | Whisky | Spirits | Coffee & Tea | Beer & Juice

A good place to wind down and drink with friends.

OKADA Staycation Day 2-203.jpg

The best way to enjoy the Okada Fountain is by viewing it from the private terrace of Enbu (or La Piazza on the other side).

OKADA Staycation Day 2-204.jpg

The Fountain at Okada Manila is the biggest in terms of size (50 Olympic-size swimming pools), with over 700 high power jets and more than 2,000 multicolored lights that can rival Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Las Vegas’ Bellagio.

Fountain Schedule:
Mon to Thu, one song at the top of each hour (6:00 PM to 10:00 PM)
Fri to Sat, two songs at the top of each hour (6:00 PM to 12:00 AM)
Sun, two songs at the top of each hour (6:00 PM to 11:00 PM)



OKADA Staycation Day 1-36.jpg

Okada Manila is one of our family’s best staycations ever because they have the best rooms, the best spa, the best restaurants, not to mention an amazing fountain.

We enjoyed relaxing in the room in between the food trips in their restaurants. The Casino areas are off limits for the kids so make sure to have a conversation with them explaining why.

This is an awesome place to create lasting memories celebrating life’s milestones and special occasions in Manila.


M A N I L A ’ S  G R A N D   I C O N

Carved on 44 hectares of picturesque oceanfront, Okada Manila is Entertainment City’s iconic integrated resort. Stay, play, dine, shop and relax—all amid the luxurious comforts of a one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece. An exclusive retreat where one can enjoy tasteful sophistication.

Okada Manila offers its guests the kind of service and attention rarely found elsewhere. An astounding vision in steel and glass, the $2.4-billion integrated resort rightfully elevates the country’s stature as a destination of choice and the place to be!

New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Parañaque City
Telephone: +632 880 7555
Email[email protected]
FacebookOkada Manila
Website: www.okadamanila.com

These are the current prices of the rooms we stayed in during the staycation:
• Okada Deluxe Twin Room (1550) –  ₱ 14,000/night
Executive Suite Room (1565) – ₱ 25,000/night
Premium Double (1565) – ₱ 30,000/night

Pricing changes based on day and availability so best to check out Okada Manila’s low rates and availability here.

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Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: We paid for our meal at Enbu and our staycation was courtesy of Okada Manila.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. The best thing is that you can party all night at Cove Manila during your Okada Staycation!

Cove Manila