5/19/2019 Update: AQUA PLANET Pampanga Reboot: Better Food with Air-conditioned Cabanas!

Aqua Planet claims that it is one of the biggest water theme parks in Asia. Located in Clark, Pampanga, it’s the hottest water theme park destination this summer near Metro Manila.

Having been to the Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa and LEGOLAND Waterpark in Malaysia, we decided to validate this claim with the boys.

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Is it worth the drive all the way to Clark from Manila? Read this first before you go…

Bounded by J.P. Rizal Avenue, J.P. Laurel Avenue and Prince Balagtas Avenue, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @aquaplanetph
Website: http://www.aquaplanet.ph



They have a strict ONE ENTRY, ONE EXIT POLICY. I would suggest to plan your entire day for this and eat a heavy meal before going. Go on a weekday to avoid the long queues but if you really plan to visit on weekend, go very early when it opens.

If you have kids below 48 inches in height like our son Yugi (age 3), then he can only enjoy the Slide & Soak package (₱750) which gives them access to Kids Area, Wave Rider, and Wave Pool area.

Our son Raphael (age 8) and Joshua (age 10) were able to enjoy all the rides because they beat the height minimum of 48 inches. It costs ₱950 for the Drop & Splash package.

Note: If you lose the RFID wristband (which we did because Raphael’s was a bit loose), you pay ₱300.

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There are lockers for rent for ₱200 where you can put your valuables.

Make sure NOT to bring the following:

• Drones or any flying devices and even kites
• Outside food and drinks (but I guess you can sneak in some water and snacks for the kids)
• Pets except for certified service animals
• E-cigarettes and other TOBACCO products
• Weapons or Toy Guns. 

Aqua Planet-140.jpg

You can rent Cabanas if you have a big group of 15-25 pax.

Beach Cabanas are located in front of the Wave Pool and Boogie Bay area; (₱3,500 with 15 pax capacity) a great central place to hang out with your family and friends. Choose cabanas #1-6 in front of Wave Pool or #7-13 in front of the Boogie bay to get the best beachfront experience.

(see Beach Cabanas layout)

Bubblies Cabanas are located in front of the Bubblies Bay (Kiddie Area). (₱3,000 with 15 pax capacity) Get this if you have little ones below 48 inches in height. Book Cabanas E-H which are the closest to the kiddie area so that you can keep an eye on your little one.

(see Bubblies Cabanas layout)

Island Cabana is located at the Center Island with tables and chair for big groups. (₱5,000 with 25 pax capacity) Ideal for a big party celebration.

(see Island Cabana layout)

Palmera Cabana is located near the Octopus Racer with tables and chair for big groups. (₱5,000 with 25 pax capacity) The racer area is also a good place to hang out especially if you want to have team buildings or fun outdoor games.

(see Palmera Cabana layout)

Aqua Planet-139.jpg

Each cabana is equipped with ventilation, cozy cushion and most especially a heavy-duty safe box like the ones in hotels to keep important belongings.

Note: All guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis for now and the cabanas are availed on a first come first served basis.



Aqua Planet-9.jpg

The entrance of the park is on the left side and forces you to explore clockwise from left top. (a closer look at the Aqua Planet map)

The place is huge and definitely the biggest waterpark in the Philippines. But customer service is provincial standard and not very helpful which is a bit annoying. They don’t have any proper guide map and you are on your own.



Aqua Planet-57.jpg

This is the best water ride in the park which is a bit scary but a lot of fun where you feel like you are inside the eye of the tornado.

Assemble your group of 4 to ride the 4-person lifebuoy and good thing our young boys with a height of >48 inches can ride this.

(see Tornado Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-58.jpg

You are launched with a water drop into the tornado as you swing around multiple times.

Aqua Planet-40.jpg

You are flooded with emotions from scary from the time of the drop, then adrenaline fun as you swirl around the tornado, and winning thrill as you conquer the ride.

Note: the lines can be long so make sure to do this first.



Aqua Planet-69.jpg

This is the second best and a less scary than the Tornado. It’s two slides in one depending on the level of difficulty and fun.

(see Super Bowl Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-78.jpg

There are two separate lines for the Super Bowl and the Sky Shuttle.

It’s best to create your own group of 4 because you have to interlock your legs and share the experience with your family and friends.

Aqua Planet-80.jpg

The Super Bowl feels like you are inside a washing machine or a whirlpool

Its larger-than-life setup is what makes it thrilling and you feel safe with the entire setup.

Aqua Planet-87.jpg

Make sure you get two rotations before you get sucked into a black hole into the catch pool.

This has the longest line — we waited for 30 minutes on a weekday so imagine the lines on weekends.



Aqua Planet-90.jpg

This is like a starter less thrilling slide for the 4-person lifebuoy rides.

You can start with this and gradually progress to the Super Bowl and Tornado rides.

Lines are also quite long but you don’t really have to ride this if you’ve done the harder ones.



Aqua Planet-68.jpg

This is one of the biggest wave pools I’ve seen with a big screen.

Aqua Planet-54.jpg

There is an abundant supply of life vest on every ride for every size from kids to adults.

They are just neatly arranged on the floor near the water attraction.

Aqua Planet-98.jpg

The waves run for 15 minutes with a pause in between cycles.

Aqua Planet-109.jpg

Besides the wave pool is Boogie Bay where you can ride the waves on your boogies.

This was so much fun and wished we can hang out here after we finished all the rides.



Aqua Planet-21.jpg

This is the first 2-person slide that you’ll encounter when you enter.

You can choose from 4 different slides so most people would go up 4 times to try each one.

(see Spiral Slide Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-15.jpg

It’s tempting to ride this immediately when you enter to and a good warm up ride and introduction to Aqua Planet.

Thing is, you have to carry your own 2-person lifebuoy all the way to the top.



Aqua Planet-138.jpg

This is the same as the Spiral Slide located on the opposite end beside Boogie Bay.

It’s a good parent and son bonding ride. At some point, we were lazy to line up and carry the life raft all the way to the top.

(see Hurricane Rider Requirements)



Aqua Planet-135.jpg

This is a classic water theme park ride especially for those who want to race with your family and friends.

(see Octopus Racer Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-64.jpg

It has a good loop launching mechanism to give you that additional boost to win the aqua race.



Aqua Planet-143.jpg

This is the scariest with an actual vertical drop into the slide that launches you into the loop. For adults with a height of 60 inches and above only.

(see Loop Rider Requirements)



Aqua Planet-146.jpg

This is located in the Center Island area for those who want to learn or practice their surfing skills.

(see Flow Rider Requirements)



Aqua Planet-24.jpg

This is the lazy river ride around Aqua Planet.

(see Wave River Requirements)

Aqua Planet-26.jpg

It has a great view of the Tornado ride and a great way to play around with your kids.



Aqua Planet-118.jpg

Orc Lagoon. This is a water playground for kids only less than 48 inches and similar to the ones in Sentosa.

Note: Be careful, the cement floor in this area is very slippery

(see Orc Lagoon Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-129.jpg

Mermaid Bay. A good place for a photo op and to just enjoy with your little ones.

(see Mermaid Bay Rider Requirements)

Aqua Planet-127.jpg

Bubble Base. This is a wave pool for babies.

(see Bubble Base Rider Requirements)



Aqua Planet-81.jpg

Overall, we love how it has a world-class vision in terms of design, quality and safety standards. Indeed, it is one of the biggest water theme parks in Asia. You’ll be proud that we have this kind of next level water park compared to other entertainment or water parks in the country.

Make sure to go organize weekday outing with your family and friends. Go as early as you can to enjoy all the water rides and to book the cabanas.

Service is slow, relaxed but friendly — best to go without any expectations. We did not bother to try the food and best to eat before and after going to the theme park. I hope they can showcase the best Kapampangan cuisine inside the park.

Good thing also is there are no parlor games or cheap betting games that other water parks have. The restroom and shower are clean and properly built.

Is it worth it?  Definitely, YES!

Pricing is twice than the normal water parks but the world-class quality justifies it. It’s worth driving all the way to Clark.

Highly recommended not to miss out on Aqua Planet this summer.


Bounded by J.P. Rizal Avenue, J.P. Laurel Avenue and Prince Balagtas Avenue, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @aquaplanetph
Website: http://www.aquaplanet.ph

Live an Awesome Life,
Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: We paid for our Aqua Planet Experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. I must admit, I got scared trying the Aqua Loop but hopefully, I can conquer my fear on the next trip.