Henann Prime Beach Resort is a world-class resort located in Boracay's famous upscale Station 1. 

The beachfront resort gives guests access to the famed white sand beaches that have constantly won Boracay the title of the world's best island. It's perfect for families and friends who want to experience Boracay from the more laid back atmosphere of station 1.  

Henann Prime continues the brand's tradition of excellence and first class service. It's competitive room rates make it a great place to stay for your next trip to Boracay Island. 

Henann Prime Beach Resort
Station 1, Malay, Aklan, Boracay Island 
Telephone: +63 (36) 288-9200 to 03 
Manila Office: +632 247-0000 to 02 
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Facebook: @henannprimebeach
Instagram: henannprimebeach
Website: www.henann.com/henannprimebeach/

Prime Location


Boracay is consistently ranked as the world's best island. Its powdery white sand beaches are like no other on the face of the earth. The island also boasts of the world's best sunsets. 

Station 1 in Boracay is known for its secluded location and its well-kept beaches. This draws in tourists from around the world, who flock to the island in order to experience the natural beauty and paradise of the Philippines. 

What To Expect


Henann Prime has a total 104 rooms and is divided into two sections. The Beach Wing and the East Wing, which is across the main street. The two sections are connected by footbridge located on the second floor. 

The main entrance is accessible via Barangay Road, where you can check in at the main lobby. 


Each guest is greeted with a welcome drink to help beat the tropical heat.  


Grand Rooms


The Grand Rooms offer a nice beach side view via a balcony. These rooms are limited so be sure to book in advance.  



The bathroom of the Grand Rooms are well kept and spacious. We loved the marble tiles. 



The huge tube is perfect for a relaxing soak. 



Each room has a flat screen TV with local cable. 


Signature Poolside Rooms


The best rooms in our opinion are the signature Poolside Rooms.  The layout and stark contrast of blue against the bright white exterior is very pleasing to the eyes.  


The best part about the Poolside Rooms is the view!


This has to be one of  best ways to enjoy a cool refreshing cocktail on a hot sunny day.   




Sea Salt is a "Modern Asian Fusion" that serves up delicious meals that are perfect for the beach.

The restaurant has a tropical modern interior that blends naturally into the beach setting of the restaurant. The best part, Sea Salt leads directly to the famous white sand beach of Boracay's Station 1.

This place is perfect for a nice romantic sunset dinner or enjoying midday cocktails with friends. 

The breakfast buffet starts from 6AM to 10AM; Lunch is served from 10AM to 6PM (ala carte); Dinner Buffet or Ala Carte, 6:10PM to 10:00PM

Henann Prime Beach Menu: Menu #1, Menu #2, Menu #3, Menu #4



Opt for the Breakfast Buffet to sample traditional Filipino favorites or Western style items.   



Furikake Fries With Tonkatsu Dip (₱205)

The fries were inspired by the flavors of Osaka and made with a special in-house Furikake Mix. The fries are cooked perfectly crisp, and the Furikake mix is the right level of umami that is balanced perfectly with the sweet tonkatsu dip. 

We loved these! They make the perfect beach snack that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Must-try!



Henann Truffle Ceasar Salad (₱230) 

The Signature salad of Henann Prime. The bold salty flavors of a traditional Ceasar Salad are elevated by the earthiness of truffle.



Pasta El Nero (₱330)

Fresh squid ink and wine make the base of this rich and briny pasta. Perfect for seafood lovers.



Gamborini in White Wine And Garlic (₱315)

Simple and fresh, this is another favorite of ours! The shrimps are tossed with white wine and garlic. 

The simplicity is what makes this dish shine and the garlic doesn't overpower the sweetness of the fresh shrimp and the white wine. Must-try!  


Pancit Luglug (₱295)   

A play on classic Filipino flavors. 

The sauce is made from braised prawn heads and smoked fish. It is poured over the fried rice noodles which soften them. The play on textures and rich smoky flavors make this dish worth trying. 


Chicken Kabab (₱295)  

A blast of Mediterranian flavors. The grilled chicken kababs are cooked to perfection and paired well with the hummus. 


Final Thoughts  


Henann Prime has the same great service and world-class accommodations that Henann is known for. Its location makes for a calmer Boracay experience than The Henann Garden Resort, and we recommend it for those who like the quieter atmosphere and white sandy beaches of Station 1.

The poolside rooms are what Henann resorts are known for and the ones at Prime do not disappoint. Be sure to request one in advance as they tend to get fully booked quickly. 

Henann Prime is perfect for families and groups and is a nice new addition to Station 1.  


Henann Prime Beach Resort
Station 1, Malay, Aklan, Boracay Island 
Telephone: +63 (36) 288-9200 to 03 
Manila Office: +632 247-0000 to 02 
Email: [email protected][email protected]
Facebook: @henannprimebeach
Instagram: henannprimebeach
Website: www.henann.com/henannprimebeach/


Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of Henann Prime. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. There are a number of renovations and extensions going on at the resort. A new wing is being built that will open in 2018.